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Applications for Satellite Earth Station licenses or registration (Part 25) License to operate

Latest Satellite Earth Station : License Filings by Status Update

Last UpdateFile NumberApplicantCallsignStatus
2020-04-03SES-LIC-INTR2020-00749 SpaceX Services, Inc. Filed - payment received
2020-04-03SES-LIC-INTR2020-00751 SpaceX Services, Inc. Filed - payment received
2020-04-03SES-LIC-INTR2020-00752 SpaceX Services, Inc. Filed - payment received
2020-04-03SES-LIC-INTR2020-00755 SpaceX Services, Inc. Filed - payment received
2020-04-03SES-LIC-INTR2020-00756 SpaceX Services, Inc. Filed - payment received
2020-04-03SES-LIC-20200402-00364 SpaceX Services, Inc.E201368 System Entry
2020-04-03SES-LIC-20200402-00365 SpaceX Services, Inc.E201369 System Entry
2020-04-03SES-LIC-20200402-00366 SpaceX Services, Inc.E201370 System Entry
2020-04-03SES-LIC-20200402-00367 SpaceX Services, Inc.E201371 System Entry
2020-04-03SES-LIC-20200402-00368 SpaceX Services, Inc.E201372 System Entry
2020-04-01SES-LIC-20191022-01364 Swarm Technologies, Inc.E190858 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2020-03-31SES-LIC-20200327-00325 SpaceX Services, Inc.E201193 System Entry
2020-03-31SES-LIC-20200327-00326 SpaceX Services, Inc.E201194 System Entry
2020-03-31SES-LIC-20200327-00327 Intelsat License LLCE201195 System Entry
2020-03-30SES-LIC-INTR2020-00661 SpaceX Services, Inc. Filed - payment received
2020-03-30SES-LIC-INTR2020-00665 SpaceX Services, Inc. Filed - payment received
2020-03-27SES-LIC-INTR2020-00670 Intelsat License LLC Filed - payment received
2020-03-25SES-LIC-20110505-00557 Motor Racing Network, Inc.E110080 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-03-25SES-LIC-20071017-01427 Motor Racing Network, Inc.E070242 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-03-25SES-LIC-20050411-00419 Motor Racing Network, Inc.E050101 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-03-25SES-LIC-20190627-00861 Kepler Communications Inc.E190555 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2020-03-25SES-LIC-20200129-00095 Carolina Christian Broadcasting, Inc.E200373 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-03-19SES-LIC-INTR2020-00591 Swarm Technologies, Inc. Filed - payment received
2020-03-19SES-LIC-INTR2020-00592 Swarm Technologies, Inc. Filed - payment received
2020-03-19SES-LIC-20200318-00253 Swarm Technologies, Inc.E201088 System Entry
2020-03-19SES-LIC-20200318-00254 Swarm Technologies, Inc.E201089 System Entry
2020-03-18SES-LIC-20050228-00236 Westar Satellite Services LPE050050 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-03-18SES-LIC-20190211-00151 SpaceX Services, Inc.E190066 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-03-18SES-LIC-20191016-01311 GCI Communication Corp.E190862 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2020-03-18SES-LIC-20191016-01316 The Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam, Inc. USAE190855 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-03-18SES-LIC-20191203-01606 UNIVERSITY OF ALASKA DBAE191335 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2020-03-11SES-LIC-20170807-00878 HNS License Sub, LLCE170153 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-03-11SES-LIC-20170807-00879 HNS License Sub, LLCE170154 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-03-11SES-LIC-20170807-00880 HNS License Sub, LLCE170155 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-03-11SES-LIC-20170807-00881 HNS License Sub, LLCE170156 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-03-11SES-LIC-20170807-00883 HNS License Sub, LLCE170158 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-03-11SES-LIC-20170807-00885 HNS License Sub, LLCE170160 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-03-11SES-LIC-20170807-00886 HNS License Sub, LLCE170161 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-03-11SES-LIC-20170807-00887 HNS License Sub, LLCE170162 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-03-11SES-LIC-20170807-00889 HNS License Sub, LLCE170164 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-03-11SES-LIC-20170807-00890 HNS License Sub, LLCE170165 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-03-11SES-LIC-20170807-00892 HNS License Sub, LLCE170167 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-03-11SES-LIC-20170807-00895 HNS License Sub, LLCE170170 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-03-11SES-LIC-20170807-00884 HNS License Sub, LLCE170159 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-03-11SES-LIC-20190906-01170 SpaceX Services, Inc.E190724 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-03-11SES-LIC-20200310-00226 Fox Television Stations, LLCE200945 System Entry
2020-03-11SES-LIC-20200310-00227 Fox Television Stations, LLCE200946 System Entry
2020-03-11SES-LIC-20200310-00228 Fox Television Stations, LLCE200947 System Entry
2020-03-11SES-LIC-20200310-00229 Astro Digital US, Inc.E200948 System Entry
2020-03-10SES-LIC-INTR2020-00463 Astro Digital US, Inc. Filed - payment received
2020-03-10SES-LIC-INTR2020-00552 Fox Television Stations, LLC Filed - payment received
2020-03-10SES-LIC-INTR2020-00553 Fox Television Stations, LLC Filed - payment received
2020-03-10SES-LIC-INTR2020-00554 Fox Television Stations, LLC Filed - payment received
2020-03-06SES-LIC-20200305-00216 WMMP Licensee L.P.E200877 System Entry
2020-03-05SES-LIC-INTR2020-00528 WMMP Licensee L.P. Filed - payment received
2020-03-04SES-LIC-20170807-00876 HNS License Sub, LLCE170151 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-03-04SES-LIC-20190906-01171 SpaceX Services, Inc.E190725 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2020-02-26SES-LIC-20170807-00877 HNS License Sub, LLCE170152 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-02-26SES-LIC-20170807-00882 HNS License Sub, LLCE170157 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-02-26SES-LIC-20170807-00888 HNS License Sub, LLCE170163 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-02-26SES-LIC-20170807-00891 HNS License Sub, LLCE170166 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-02-26SES-LIC-20170807-00893 HNS License Sub, LLCE170168 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-02-26SES-LIC-20170807-00894 HNS License Sub, LLCE170169 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-02-26SES-LIC-20190919-01168 ViaSat, Inc.E190723 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2020-02-26SES-LIC-INTR2020-00446 Tribune Media Company Filed - payment received
2020-02-26SES-LIC-20200225-00202 Tribune Media CompanyE200691 System Entry
2020-02-25SES-LIC-INTR2020-00451 X2nSat Filed - payment received
2020-02-25SES-LIC-20200224-00200 X2nSatE200663 System Entry
2020-02-21SES-LIC-INTR2020-00430 Infosec Dev Corps Internet Not Processed
2020-02-21SES-LIC-20200221-00177 Infosec Dev CorpsE200627 System Entry
2020-02-19SES-LIC-20190213-01778 NEP Connect Limited Action Taken Public Notice
2020-02-19SES-LIC-20200210-00149 SpaceX Services, Inc.E200454 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-02-12SES-LIC-20191217-01740 Cordova Telephone Cooperative IncE191660 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2020-02-12SES-LIC-20200210-00148 SpaceX Services, Inc.E200453 System Entry
2020-02-12SES-LIC-20200210-00150 SpaceX Services, Inc.E200455 System Entry
2020-02-11SES-LIC-INTR2020-00313 SpaceX Services, Inc. Filed - payment received
2020-02-11SES-LIC-INTR2020-00314 SpaceX Services, Inc. Filed - payment received
2020-02-11SES-LIC-INTR2020-00315 SpaceX Services, Inc. Filed - payment received
2020-02-05SES-LIC-20191112-01452 Cobham SATCOME191085 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-02-05SES-LIC-20191112-01453 Cobham SATCOME191086 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-01-30SES-LIC-INTR2020-00228 Carolina Christian Broadcasting, Inc. Filed - payment received
2020-01-29SES-LIC-20191003-01268 Live Mobile Group LLCE190776 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-01-29SES-LIC-20191023-01383 WML Services, LLCE190886 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-01-29SES-LIC-20191210-01683 KHOU-TV, Inc.E191482 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-01-22SES-LIC-20191023-01379 WML Services, LLCE190883 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-01-22SES-LIC-20191023-01380 WML Services, LLCE190884 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-01-22SES-LIC-20191023-01382 WML Services, LLCE190885 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-01-22SES-LIC-20191024-01388 WML Services, LLCE190891 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-01-22SES-LIC-20191024-01389 WML Services, LLCE190892 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-01-21SES-LIC-20041109-01661 National Public RadioE040430 Administrative Correction
2020-01-15SES-LIC-20040716-01003 SES Americom, Inc.E040302 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-01-15SES-LIC-20190411-00503 ViaSat, Inc.E190201 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-01-15SES-LIC-20190611-00756 SES Americom, Inc.E190489 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2020-01-15SES-LIC-20190612-00769 Swarm Technologies, Inc.E190490 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-01-15SES-LIC-20191022-01365 Swarm Technologies, Inc.E190859 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-01-15SES-LIC-20191023-01384 WML Services, LLCE190887 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-01-15SES-LIC-20191023-01385 WML Services, LLCE190888 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-01-15SES-LIC-20191023-01386 WML Services, LLCE190889 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-01-15SES-LIC-20191023-01387 WML Services, LLCE190890 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-01-15SES-LIC-20191210-01684 Hawaii Pacific Teleport, L.P.E191483 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2020-01-08SES-LIC-20191120-01534 Windy City CellularE191245 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-12-30SES-LIC-20181108-05233 ALTENNGA BROADCASTING, LLCE191613 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-12-20SES-LIC-20191217-01739 Hiber Inc.E191659 System Entry
2019-12-19SES-LIC-INTR2019-04283 Hiber Inc. Filed - payment received
2019-12-19SES-LIC-INTR2019-04285 Cordova Telephone Cooperative Inc Filed - payment received
2019-12-19SES-LIC-20181011-05221 Top O Texas Educational Broadcasting FoundationE191600 System Entry
2019-12-19SES-LIC-20181030-05232 New Life Studios, Inc.E191612 System Entry
2019-12-19SES-LIC-20181017-05240 golden valley cable and communicationsE191617 System Entry
2019-12-19SES-LIC-20181017-05242 Pottsville Broadcasting Company, Inc.E191619 System Entry
2019-12-19SES-LIC-20181017-05244 Ozark Media, Inc.E191620 System Entry
2019-12-19SES-LIC-20181017-05245 Nelson County Cablevision CorpE191621 System Entry
2019-12-19SES-LIC-20181018-05243 Melia Communications, Inc.E191618 System Entry
2019-12-19SES-LIC-20181018-05246 Southwind Broadcasting LLCE191622 System Entry
2019-12-19SES-LIC-20181020-05237 Scranton Broadcasting, LLCE191616 System Entry
2019-12-19SES-LIC-20181025-05235 Beaver Creek Cooperative Telephone CompanyE191614 System Entry
2019-12-19SES-LIC-20181030-05236 Kansas Radio, Inc.E191615 System Entry
2019-12-19SES-LIC-20181031-05247 Brazos Communications West, LLCE191623 System Entry
2019-12-19SES-LIC-20181010-05258 Merchant Broadcasting Inc.E191630 System Entry
2019-12-19SES-LIC-20181011-05272 Fond du Lac Band of Lake Superior ChippewaE191644 System Entry
2019-12-19SES-LIC-20181012-05257 Evangelist Communications, Inc.E191629 System Entry
2019-12-19SES-LIC-20181012-05259 MBM TEXAS VALLEY LLCE191631 System Entry
2019-12-19SES-LIC-20181012-05264 Service Electric Cable TV, Inc.E191636 System Entry
2019-12-19SES-LIC-20181012-05265 Neuhoff Media Decatur, LLCE191637 System Entry
2019-12-19SES-LIC-20181012-05267 Wireless Communications Corp.E191639 System Entry
2019-12-19SES-LIC-20181014-05262 GCI Communication Corp.E191634 System Entry
2019-12-19SES-LIC-20181014-05268 Enchanted Air, Inc.E191640 System Entry
2019-12-19SES-LIC-20181015-05260 Pecos Radio Company, Inc.E191632 System Entry
2019-12-19SES-LIC-20181015-05263 LAURENCE R HUNTE191635 System Entry
2019-12-19SES-LIC-20181015-05269 PardayE191641 System Entry
2019-12-19SES-LIC-20181015-05271 Media East, LLCE191643 System Entry
2019-12-19SES-LIC-20181016-05256 Colorado West Broadcasting, IncorporatedE191628 System Entry
2019-12-19SES-LIC-20181016-05270 ADVOCATE COMMUNICATIONS, INC.E191642 System Entry
2019-12-19SES-LIC-20181017-05249 Cincinnati Bell Extended Territories, LLCE191625 System Entry
2019-12-19SES-LIC-20181017-05254 HC2 LPTV Holdings, Inc.E191626 System Entry
2019-12-19SES-LIC-20181017-05261 Longport Media, LLCE191633 System Entry
2019-12-19SES-LIC-20181018-05248 Rocking M Media, LLCE191624 System Entry
2019-12-19SES-LIC-20181023-05255 Burt Broadcasting, Inc.E191627 System Entry
2019-12-19SES-LIC-20181029-05266 Progressive Broadcasting, Inc.E191638 System Entry
2019-12-19SES-LIC-20181012-05274 Neuhoff Media Lafayette, LLCE191646 System Entry
2019-12-19SES-LIC-20181012-05275 Bethel Fellowship, Inc.E191647 System Entry
2019-12-19SES-LIC-20181012-05276 Pillar of FireE191648 System Entry
2019-12-19SES-LIC-20181014-05277 NORTHEAST COLORADO BROADCASTING LLCE191649 System Entry
2019-12-19SES-LIC-20181015-05273 Walco Enterprises LLCE191645 System Entry
2019-12-19SES-LIC-20181015-05281 Flinn Broadcasting CorporationE191653 System Entry
2019-12-19SES-LIC-20181015-05282 Flinn Broadcasting CorporationE191654 System Entry
2019-12-19SES-LIC-20181015-05283 Flinn Broadcasting CorporationE191655 System Entry
2019-12-19SES-LIC-20181015-05284 Flinn Broadcasting CorporationE191656 System Entry
2019-12-19SES-LIC-20181015-05285 Wilson Communication Company, Inc.E191657 System Entry
2019-12-19SES-LIC-20181016-05279 WEBQ, LLCE191651 System Entry
2019-12-19SES-LIC-20181016-05280 Bois Forte ReservationE191652 System Entry

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