Application for Fixed Satellite Service by Mountain Lakes Broadcasting Corp.

SES-REG-20181016-07119 / SESREG2018101607119

Filed By Bob Knight

We are providing coordinates in WGS84 format

Filing: SESSatellite Earth Station
Filing: REGEarth Station Registration
Nature of ServiceFixed Satellite Service
Last ActionDismissed by Delegated Authority
Last Action Date2020-04-17
StatusAction Taken Public Notice
Status Date2020-04-22
Date Filed2018-10-16
Adopted Date2020-04-21
Released Date2020-04-21
Action Taken Public Notice2020-04-22
Red LightN
Environmental ImpactN
Mountain Lakes Broadcasting Corp.
P.O. Box 2010
Mountain Home, AR 72654 USA
Bob Knight
Mountain Lakes Broadcasting Corp.
P.O. Box 2010
Mountain Home, AR 72654-2010 USA
Mountain Home, AR 72654 USA
Mountain Home, AR 72654-2010 USA

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Public Notices

ServiceTypeReport NoDate
Satellite Earth StationAction Taken Public NoticeSES02261 2020-04-22

Ground Station Site Info

Site: Site 1

  • Location: 620 Highway 5 North  Mountain Home Baxter AR 72653
  • Coordinates: 36° 20' 45.61 N, 92° 23' 36.79 W
  • Elevation: 6

Ground Site Antennas

Site ID: Site 1Antenna ID: WWO
Manufacturer: UnknownDiameter (meters): 3.7
Model: UnknownDiameter Minor (m): 3.7
Building Height AGL (m): 12Diameter Major (m): 3.7
Max Antenna Height AGL (m): 6Quantity: 2
Max Antenna Height AMSL (m): 6Total Power (Watts): 0
Max Antenna Height Above Rooftop (m): 0Total EIRP (dBW): 0
Antenna Gain (dBi)@ (Ghz)
PolarizationMax EIRP/Carrier (dBW)Max EIRP Density/Carrier (dBW)Emission DesignatorFrequency Lower (MHz)Frequency Upper (MHz)T/R Mode
Z  36M0G7W3700.00004200.0000R
Azimuth Angle Eastern LimitAzimuth Angle Western LimitAntenna Elevation Angle Eastern LimitAntenna Elevation Angle Western LimitLower Fre- quency LimitUpper Fre- quency LimitMax EIRP Density (dBW/ 4KHz)Satellite Arc Eastern LimitSatellite Arc Western LimitSatellite Orbit Type
133.7240.836.225.83700.00004200.0000 60 W143 WG
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