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Applications for Satellite Earth Station licenses or registration (Part 25) Registration of a receive-only earth station

Latest Satellite Earth Station : Earth Station Registration Filings by Status Update

Last UpdateFile NumberApplicantCallsignStatus
2019-08-16SES-REG-20180718-02492 Citizens Telephone Company of Higginsville MissouriE181606 Action Complete
2019-08-16SES-REG-20180719-02485 KTC Broadcasting IncE181599 Action Complete
2019-08-16SES-REG-20180810-03849 Cox Communications California, LLCE190180 Action Complete
2019-08-16SES-REG-20180822-03973 FM Radio Licenses, LLCE190279 Action Complete
2019-08-16SES-REG-20180822-03974 FM Radio Licenses, LLCE190280 Action Complete
2019-08-16SES-REG-20180822-03975 FM Radio Licenses, LLCE190281 Action Complete
2019-08-16SES-REG-20180822-03976 FM Radio Licenses, LLCE190282 Action Complete
2019-08-16SES-REG-20180822-03977 FM Radio Licenses, LLCE190283 Action Complete
2019-08-16SES-REG-20180822-03978 FM Radio Licenses, LLCE190284 Action Complete
2019-08-16SES-REG-20180822-03981 Cox Radio, Inc.E190287 Action Complete
2019-08-16SES-REG-20180823-03982 Tekstar Communications, Inc.E190288 Action Complete
2019-08-16SES-REG-20180910-04289 Buford Satellite Systems. L.P.E190622 System Entry
2019-08-16SES-REG-20180910-04304 Buford Satellite Systems. L.P.E190623 System Entry
2019-08-16SES-REG-20180910-04305 Buford Satellite Systems. L.P.E190624 System Entry
2019-08-16SES-REG-20180910-04306 Buford Satellite Systems. L.P.E190625 System Entry
2019-08-16SES-REG-20180910-04307 Buford Satellite Systems. L.P.E190626 System Entry
2019-08-16SES-REG-20180910-04308 Buford Satellite Systems. L.P.E190627 System Entry
2019-08-16SES-REG-20180911-04309 Consolidated Communications Enterprise Services, Inc.E190628 System Entry
2019-08-16SES-REG-20180911-04310 Michigan Cable Partners, Inc.E190629 System Entry
2019-08-16SES-REG-20180911-04311 WDFX License Subsidiary, LLCE190630 System Entry
2019-08-16SES-REG-20180911-04312 Consolidated Communications Enterprise Services, Inc.E190631 System Entry
2019-08-16SES-REG-20180911-04313 Consolidated Communications Enterprise Services, Inc.E190632 System Entry
2019-08-16SES-REG-20180911-04314 Blakeney Communications, Inc.E190633 System Entry
2019-08-16SES-REG-20180911-04315 Consolidated Communications Enterprise Services, Inc.E190634 System Entry
2019-08-16SES-REG-20180911-04316 Hearst Properties Inc.E190635 System Entry
2019-08-16SES-REG-20180911-04317 Hearst Properties Inc.E190636 System Entry
2019-08-16SES-REG-20180912-04318 Lake Superior Community Broadcasting CorporationE190637 System Entry
2019-08-16SES-REG-20180912-04319 Baldwin Nashville Telephone Company, Inc.E190638 System Entry
2019-08-16SES-REG-20180912-04320 Multimedia KSDK, LLCE190639 System Entry
2019-08-16SES-REG-20180912-04321 Rome Radio Partners, LLCE190640 System Entry
2019-08-16SES-REG-20180912-04322 WBRM, Inc.E190641 System Entry
2019-08-16SES-REG-20180912-04323 Southern Wisconsin Broadcasting LLCE190642 System Entry
2019-08-16SES-REG-20180912-04324 Crown Broadcasting Corp.E190643 System Entry
2019-08-16SES-REG-20180912-04325 FARMERS MUTUAL COOP. TELE. COMPANYE190644 System Entry
2019-08-16SES-REG-20180912-04326 Music Express Broadcasting Corp. of Northeast OhioE190645 System Entry
2019-08-16SES-REG-20180912-04327 WWL-TV, Inc.E190646 System Entry
2019-08-16SES-REG-20180912-04328 WYCQ, Inc.E190647 System Entry
2019-08-15SES-REG-20180820-03960 Tribune Broadcasting Indianapolis, LLCE190266 Action Complete
2019-08-15SES-REG-20180810-04052 Calvary Chapel of Twin Falls, Inc.E190357 Action Complete
2019-08-15SES-REG-20181010-04279 Mapleton License of Alexandria, LLCE190612 System Entry
2019-08-15SES-REG-20181010-04280 Mapleton License of Medford, LLCE190613 System Entry
2019-08-15SES-REG-20181010-04281 Mapleton License of Monroe, LLCE190614 System Entry
2019-08-15SES-REG-20180910-04286 Elk RIVER BROADCASTING, INC.E190619 System Entry
2019-08-15SES-REG-20180910-04287 Northern Broadcast Ministries, Inc.E190620 System Entry
2019-08-15SES-REG-20180910-04288 Buford Satellite Systems. L.P.E190621 System Entry
2019-08-15SES-REG-20180911-04284 Mapleton License of Redding, LLCE190617 System Entry
2019-08-15SES-REG-20180911-04285 Mapleton License of Chico, LLCE190618 System Entry
2019-08-15SES-REG-20181012-04282 Mapleton License of Merced, LLCE190615 System Entry
2019-08-15SES-REG-20181015-04283 Mapleton License of Monterey, LLCE190616 System Entry
2019-08-14SES-REG-20180810-03843 Consolidated Communications Enterprise Services, Inc.E190174 Action Complete
2019-08-14SES-REG-20181101-03925 Intelsat License LLCE190237 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-08-14SES-REG-20181101-03926 Intelsat License LLCE190238 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-08-14SES-REG-20180816-03955 Consolidated Communications Enterprise Services, Inc.E190261 Action Complete
2019-08-14SES-REG-20180817-03956 Consolidated Communications Enterprise Services, Inc.E190262 Action Complete
2019-08-14SES-REG-20180820-04057 The Moody Bible Institute of ChicagoE190362 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-08-14SES-REG-20180906-04069 Washington State UniversityE190374 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-08-14SES-REG-20180913-04063 Board Of Regents, Univ. Of Wisconsin SystemE190368 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-08-14SES-REG-20180927-04075 Davenport Educational AssociationE190380 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-08-14SES-REG-20180928-04072 Mississippi Authority for Educational TelevisionE190377 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-08-14SES-REG-20180928-04074 New Jersey Public Broadcasting AuthorityE190379 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-08-14SES-REG-20180901-04077 Patrick Community Media, Inc.E190382 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-08-14SES-REG-20180913-04086 Bible Broadcasting Network, Inc.E190392 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-08-14SES-REG-20180918-04079 RED-C Apostolate: Religious Education for the Domestic ChurchE190384 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-08-14SES-REG-20180918-04081 RED-C Apostolate: Religious Education for the Domestic ChurchE190387 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-08-14SES-REG-20180918-04082 WNLB Radio IncE190388 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-08-14SES-REG-20180927-04084 Chehalis Valley Educational FoundationE190390 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-08-14SES-REG-20181011-03943 Carter Broadcasting CorporationE190247 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-08-14SES-REG-20181014-03938 NORTHEAST COLORADO BROADCASTING LLCE190242 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-08-14SES-REG-20180815-04016 Wright Broadcasting Systems Inc.E190322 Action Complete
2019-08-14SES-REG-20180828-04111 Liberman Broadcasting of Dallas License LLCE190418 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-08-14SES-REG-20180828-04113 Burbach of DE, LLCE190420 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-08-14SES-REG-20180829-04133 Black Diamond Broadcast Group, LLCE190440 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-08-14SES-REG-20180830-04137 Consolidated Communications Enterprise Services, Inc.E190444 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-08-14SES-REG-20180830-04139 Consolidated Communications Enterprise Services, Inc.E190446 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-08-14SES-REG-20180830-04140 Consolidated Communications Enterprise Services, Inc.E190447 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-08-14SES-REG-20180830-04141 Consolidated Communications Enterprise Services, Inc.E190448 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-08-14SES-REG-20180910-04155 Cumulus Licensing LLCE190462 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-08-14SES-REG-20180910-04156 Cumulus Licensing LLCE190463 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-08-14SES-REG-20180910-04159 Radio License Holding CBC, LLCE190466 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-08-14SES-REG-20180910-04160 Radio License Holding SRC LLCE190467 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-08-14SES-REG-20180910-04161 Radio License Holdings LLCE190468 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-08-14SES-REG-20181031-04158 Cumulus Licensing LLCE190465 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-08-14SES-REG-20180927-04183 City of Russellville Electric Plant BoardE190500 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-08-14SES-REG-20180906-04207 MIDWEST RADIO CORPORATIONE190527 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-08-14SES-REG-20180906-04212 SEK Media, LLCE190532 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-08-14SES-REG-20180906-04217 Scripps Broadcasting Holdings LLCE190537 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-08-14SES-REG-20180827-04018 Entravision Holdings, LLCE190324 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-08-14SES-REG-20180827-04020 Entravision Holdings, LLCE190326 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-08-14SES-REG-20180827-04021 Entravision Holdings, LLCE190327 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-08-14SES-REG-20180827-04023 Entravision Holdings, LLCE190329 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-08-14SES-REG-20180827-04024 Entravision Holdings, LLCE190330 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-08-14SES-REG-20180827-04025 Entravision Holdings, LLCE190331 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-08-14SES-REG-20180827-04028 Entravision Holdings, LLCE190334 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-08-14SES-REG-20180827-04030 Entravision Holdings, LLCE190336 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-08-14SES-REG-20180827-04031 Entravision Holdings, LLCE190337 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-08-14SES-REG-20180907-04229 Public Utility District No. of Douglas CountyE190549 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2019-08-14SES-REG-20180907-04230 Consolidated Communications Enterprise Services, Inc.E190550 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2019-08-14SES-REG-20180907-04231 Great Eastern Radio, LLCE190551 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2019-08-14SES-REG-20180907-04232 Joseph W ShafferE190552 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2019-08-14SES-REG-20180908-04233 MEGA MEDIA, LTD.E190553 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2019-08-14SES-REG-20181002-03920 GCI Communication Corp.E190233 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2019-08-14SES-REG-20190605-01008 Production & Satellite Services, Inc.E190583 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2019-08-14SES-REG-20180910-04264 Buford Satellite Systems. L.P.E190595 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2019-08-14SES-REG-20180910-04268 Sound Ideas Media, LLCE190599 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2019-08-14SES-REG-20180910-04272 Gray Television Licensee, LLCE190603 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2019-08-12SES-REG-20181031-04278 Brantley Broadcast Associates, LLCE190611 Administrative Correction
2019-08-08SES-REG-20181016-04277 S-R Broadcasting Co. Inc.E190608 System Entry
2019-08-07SES-REG-20180810-02640 Comcast Cable Communications Management, LLCE181696 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-08-07SES-REG-20180816-02895 Scripps Broadcasting Holdings LLCE181836 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2019-08-07SES-REG-20180921-04180 Educational Media FoundationE190497 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2019-08-07SES-REG-20180904-04189 Black Diamond Broadcast Holdings, LLCE190507 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2019-08-07SES-REG-20180904-04190 Progressive Broadcasting System, Inc.E190508 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2019-08-07SES-REG-20180904-04191 QUEENB TELEVISION OF TEXAS, LLCE190509 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2019-08-07SES-REG-20180904-04192 WYTI INCE190510 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2019-08-07SES-REG-20180904-04193 Television Wisconsin, Inc. dba: WISC-TVE190511 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2019-08-07SES-REG-20180904-04194 QUEENB TELEVISION OF KANSAS/MISSOURI, LLCE190512 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2019-08-07SES-REG-20180904-04195 Chester Communications, LLCE190513 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2019-08-07SES-REG-20180906-04209 Scripps Broadcasting Holdings LLCE190529 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2019-08-07SES-REG-20180906-04210 Frank Keeton Aircasters, Inc.E190530 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2019-08-07SES-REG-20180906-04211 Scripps Broadcasting Holdings LLCE190531 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2019-08-07SES-REG-20180906-04214 Scripps Broadcasting Holdings LLCE190534 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2019-08-07SES-REG-20180906-04215 Scripps Broadcasting Holdings LLCE190535 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2019-08-07SES-REG-20180906-04218 Scripps Broadcasting Holdings LLCE190538 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2019-08-07SES-REG-20180906-04221 Scripps Broadcasting Holdings LLCE190541 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2019-08-07SES-REG-20180906-04222 KCD Enterprises, Inc.E190542 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2019-08-07SES-REG-20180907-04223 Great Eastern Radio, LLCE190543 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2019-08-07SES-REG-20180907-04225 Consolidated Communications Enterprise Services, Inc.E190545 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2019-08-07SES-REG-20181016-04241 Universal Cable Holdings, Inc.E190567 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2019-08-07SES-REG-20181016-04245 Quinnipiac UniversityE190574 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2019-08-07SES-REG-20181017-04250 Cowles Montana Media CompanyE190573 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2019-08-07SES-REG-20181018-04251 Three Notch Communications, LLCE190578 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2019-08-07SES-REG-20180910-04253 Gray Television Licensee, LLCE190584 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2019-08-07SES-REG-20180910-04255 Buford Satellite Systems. L.P.E190586 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2019-08-07SES-REG-20180910-04256 Buford Satellite Systems. L.P.E190587 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2019-07-31SES-REG-20180809-03834 Comcast Cable Communications Management, LLCE190154 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-07-31SES-REG-20180810-03839 Ft. Wayne TV License Company, LLCE190159 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-07-31SES-REG-20180810-03840 Hearst Stations Inc.E190160 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-07-31SES-REG-20181015-03939 Conway CorporationE190243 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2019-07-31SES-REG-20180903-04173 RCN Telecom Services of Massachusetts, LLCE190485 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2019-07-31SES-REG-20180904-04174 Apple Valley Broadcasting, Inc.E190486 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2019-07-31SES-REG-20180827-04017 Entravision Holdings, LLCE190323 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-07-31SES-REG-20180827-04019 Entravision Holdings, LLCE190325 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-07-31SES-REG-20180827-04022 Entravision Holdings, LLCE190328 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-07-31SES-REG-20180905-04201 Gray Television Licensee, LLCE190519 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2019-07-31SES-REG-20180905-04202 Gray Television Licensee, LLCE190520 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2019-07-31SES-REG-20180905-04203 Gray Television Licensee, LLCE190521 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2019-07-31SES-REG-20180905-04204 Crosslake Telephone d/b/a Tri-Co Technologies, LLCE190522 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2019-07-31SES-REG-20180910-04205 Buford Satellite Systems. L.P.E190523 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2019-07-31SES-REG-20180906-04206 Scripps Broadcasting Holdings LLCE190526 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2019-07-31SES-REG-20180906-04208 Scripps Broadcasting Holdings LLCE190528 Accepted for Filing Public Notice

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