Application for Fixed Satellite Service by CENTRAL WYOMING COLLEGE dba Wyoming Public Television, KCWC-

SES-LIC-INTR2019-03073 / SESLICINTR201903073

Filed By Anne Goodwin Crump

Domestic satellite service, temporary−fixed earth station for transmitting news and events coverage, including MPEG−2 video audio and data primarily in Wyoming and adjacent states.

Filing: SESSatellite Earth Station
Filing: LICLicense
Nature of ServiceFixed Satellite Service
StatusInternet Not Processed
Status Date2019-08-22
Date Filed2019-08-22
Red LightN
Environmental ImpactN
CENTRAL WYOMING COLLEGE dba Wyoming Public Television, KCWC-
2660 Peck Ave.
Riverton, WY 82501 USA
Anne Goodwin Crump
Fletcher, Heald & Hildreth, P.L.C.
1300 N. 17th Street
Eleventh Floor
Arlington, VA 22209 USA
2660 Peck Ave., Riverton, WY 82501 USA
1300 N. 17th Street, Eleventh Floor, Arlington, VA 22209 USA

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