Application for Fixed Satellite Service by Legacy Communications, LLC

SES-ASG-INTR2020-01879 / SESASGINTR202001879

Filed By Stephen T. Lovelady

Application to assign receive-only earth station registration for E191505. This earth station supports programming delivery to broadcast radio station KUVR (AM), Holdrege, Nebraska.

Filing: SESSatellite Earth Station
Filing: ASGAssignment
Nature of ServiceFixed Satellite Service
StatusInternet Not Processed
Status Date2020-07-16
Date Filed2020-07-16
Red LightN
Environmental ImpactN
Legacy Communications, LLC
3205 North West Front Street
Grand Island, NE 68802 USA
Stephen T. Lovelady
Fletcher, Heald and Hildreth, PLC
1300 N 17th Street
Arlington, VA 22209 USA
3205 North West Front Street, Grand Island NE 68802 USA
1300 N 17th Street, Arlington, VA 22209 USA


Legacy Communications, LLC
3502 West North Front Street
Grand Island, NE 32382 USA

Nebraska Rural Radio Association
P.O. Box 880
Lexington, NE 688500880 USA
3502 West North Front Street, Grand Island NE 32382 USA,
Lexington NE 68850 USA,


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