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Applications for Satellite Earth Station licenses or registration (Part 25) Assignment of License

Latest Satellite Earth Station : Assignment Filings by Status Update

Last UpdateFile NumberApplicantCallsignStatus
2020-08-07SES-ASG-INTR2020-02118 KHOU-TV, Inc. Internet Not Processed
2020-08-07SES-ASG-20200807-00843 KHOU-TV, Inc.E200741 System Entry
2020-08-06SES-ASG-INTR2020-02109 Vyve Broadband A Internet Not Processed
2020-08-06SES-ASG-20200806-00838 Spectrum Sunshine State, LLCE181403 System Entry
2020-08-06SES-ASG-20200806-00839 Vyve Broadband AE200885 System Entry
2020-08-06SES-ASG-INTR2020-02111 Spectrum Pacific West, LLC Internet Not Processed
2020-08-06SES-ASG-20200806-00840 Spectrum Pacific West, LLCE880707 System Entry
2020-08-05SES-ASG-20200709-00729 Charter Communications Operating, LLCE181232 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-08-05SES-ASG-20200709-00730 Spectrum Sunshine State, LLCE181406 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-08-05SES-ASG-20200709-00731 Falcon Video Communications, L.P.E181391 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-08-05SES-ASG-20200709-00732 Spectrum Pacific West, LLCE170111 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-08-05SES-ASG-20200709-00733 Spectrum Mid-America, LLCE980458 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-08-05SES-ASG-20200714-00744 Eureka Broadcasting Co., Inc.E191180 Action Complete
2020-08-05SES-ASG-20200715-00745 Marquee Broadcasting Georgia, Inc.E180219 Action Complete
2020-08-05SES-ASG-20200716-00752 Legacy Communications, LLCE191505 Action Complete
2020-08-05SES-ASG-20200717-00785 Mid-Way Radio, Inc.E181613 Action Complete
2020-08-05SES-ASG-20200717-00786 MID-WEST MANAGEMENT, INC.E181490 Action Complete
2020-08-05SES-ASG-20200721-00788 Elliott B BlockE180990 Action Complete
2020-08-05SES-ASG-INTR2020-02088 Lightning Broadcasting LLC Internet Not Processed
2020-08-05SES-ASG-20200805-00833 Lightning Broadcasting LLCE201432 System Entry
2020-08-03SES-ASG-20200731-00815 WSET Licensee, LLCE980337 System Entry
2020-07-31SES-ASG-INTR2020-02032 WSET Licensee, LLC Filed - payment received
2020-07-29SES-ASG-20191107-01454 Live Mobile Group LLCE980488 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-07-29SES-ASG-20200514-00539 Pacific Satellite Connection, Inc.E050153 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2020-07-29SES-ASG-20200605-00597 Pacific Satellite Connection, Inc.E950346 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2020-07-29SES-ASG-20200702-00688 Vision Alaska of Anchorage LLCE181170 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-07-29SES-ASG-20200702-00689 VISION ALASKA II LLCE181367 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-07-29SES-ASG-20200702-00701 Cox Media Group Northeast, LLCE190826 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-07-29SES-ASG-20200702-00708 Cox Radio, Inc.E170210 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-07-29SES-ASG-20200702-00709 Cox Radio, Inc.E180014 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-07-29SES-ASG-20200702-00711 Cox Radio, Inc.E170209 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-07-29SES-ASG-20200701-00722 Coastal Television of Anchorage LLCE181380 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-07-29SES-ASG-20200709-00728 Falcon Cable Media, a California Limited PartnershipE181390 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-07-29SES-ASG-20200720-00756 MCI Communications Services, LLCE000306 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-07-29SES-ASG-20200716-00784 Pacific Satellite Connection, Inc.E970402 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-07-27SES-ASG-INTR2020-01995 Pacific Satellite Connection, Inc. Internet Not Processed
2020-07-24SES-ASG-20200723-00792 Powhatan Point Cable Co., Inc.E181039 System Entry
2020-07-24SES-ASG-20200723-00793 Centre TV, Inc.E181026 System Entry
2020-07-24SES-ASG-20200723-00794 Bellaire Television Cable Co. IncE191369 System Entry
2020-07-23SES-ASG-INTR2020-01966 Bellaire Television Cable Co. Inc Internet Not Processed
2020-07-23SES-ASG-INTR2020-01969 Centre TV, Inc. Internet Not Processed
2020-07-23SES-ASG-INTR2020-01971 Powhatan Point Cable Co., Inc. Internet Not Processed
2020-07-22SES-ASG-INTR2020-01951 Turner Media Group Inc Internet Not Processed
2020-07-22SES-ASG-20200722-00790 Turner Media Group IncE190833 System Entry
2020-07-21SES-ASG-INTR2020-01824 Pacific Satellite Connection, Inc. Filed - payment received
2020-07-21SES-ASG-INTR2020-01876 MID-WEST MANAGEMENT Filed - payment received
2020-07-21SES-ASG-INTR2020-01877 Mid-Way Radio, Inc. Filed - payment received
2020-07-21SES-ASG-INTR2020-01948 Elliott B Block Filed - payment received
2020-07-20SES-ASG-INTR2020-01891 MCI Communications Services, LLC Internet Not Processed
2020-07-16SES-ASG-INTR2020-01861 Sandhills Broadcasting Group, LLC Internet Not Processed
2020-07-16SES-ASG-20200716-00751 Sandhills Broadcasting Group, LLCE200443 System Entry
2020-07-16SES-ASG-INTR2020-01879 Legacy Communications, LLC Internet Not Processed
2020-07-15SES-ASG-20200708-00723 Gogo CA Licenses LLCE120106 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-07-15SES-ASG-INTR2020-01834 Marquee Broadcasting Georgia, Inc. Action Complete
2020-07-14SES-ASG-INTR2020-01825 Eureka Broadcasting Co., Inc. Internet Not Processed
2020-07-10SES-ASG-20200709-00734 Bresnan Communications, LLC (INACTIVE FRN - DO NOT USE)E100094 System Entry
2020-07-09SES-ASG-INTR2020-01753 Gogo CA Licenses LLC Filed - payment received
2020-07-09SES-ASG-INTR2020-01768 Bresnan Communications, LLC (INACTIVE FRN - DO NOT USE) Internet Not Processed
2020-07-09SES-ASG-INTR2020-01769 Charter Communications Operating, LLC Internet Not Processed
2020-07-09SES-ASG-INTR2020-01770 Falcon Cable Media, a California Limited Partnership (INACTIVE FRN - DO NOT USE) Internet Not Processed
2020-07-09SES-ASG-INTR2020-01771 Falcon Video Communications, L.P. (INACTIVE FRN - DO NOT USE) Internet Not Processed
2020-07-09SES-ASG-INTR2020-01772 Spectrum Sunshine State, LLC Internet Not Processed
2020-07-09SES-ASG-INTR2020-01773 Spectrum Mid-America, LLC Internet Not Processed
2020-07-09SES-ASG-INTR2020-01774 Spectrum Pacific West, LLC Internet Not Processed
2020-07-08SES-ASG-INTR2020-01681 Coastal Television of Anchorage LLC Filed - payment received
2020-07-02SES-ASG-INTR2020-01688 Vision Alaska of Anchorage LLC Internet Not Processed
2020-07-02SES-ASG-INTR2020-01689 VISION ALASKA II LLC Internet Not Processed
2020-07-02SES-ASG-INTR2020-01705 Cox Media Group Northeast, LLC Internet Not Processed
2020-07-02SES-ASG-INTR2020-01716 Cox Radio, Inc. Internet Not Processed
2020-07-02SES-ASG-INTR2020-01717 Cox Radio, Inc. Internet Not Processed
2020-07-02SES-ASG-INTR2020-01718 Cox Radio, Inc. Internet Not Processed
2020-06-24SES-ASG-20200428-00451 HNS License Sub, LLCE160052 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-06-24SES-ASG-20200522-00557 Spectrum Gulf Coast, LLCE120088 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-06-24SES-ASG-20200522-00558 Spectrum Mid-America, LLCE020130 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-06-24SES-ASG-20200522-00559 Spectrum New York Metro, LLCE010308 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-06-24SES-ASG-20200522-00563 Spectrum Northeast, LLCE020046 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-06-24SES-ASG-20200522-00565 Spectrum Southeast, LLCE020012 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-06-24SES-ASG-20200522-00566 Spectrum Oceanic, LLCE080200 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-06-24SES-ASG-20200526-00567 Spectrum Sunshine State, LLCE060061 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-06-24SES-ASG-20200601-00584 MCI Communications Services, Inc.E170071 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-06-24SES-ASG-20200601-00585 DIRECTV Enterprises, LLCE201138 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-06-24SES-ASG-20200601-00586 MCI Communications Services, Inc.E070068 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-06-24SES-ASG-20200610-00607 Lilly Broadcasting of Pennsylvania License Subsidiary, LLCE201097 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-06-24SES-ASG-20200618-00655 SJL OF PENNSYLVANIA LICENSE SUBSIDIARY, LLCE201350 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-06-10SES-ASG-20200522-00562 Intelsat License LLCE010334 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-06-10SES-ASG-20200526-00568 Intelsat License LLCE000048 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-06-10SES-ASG-20200526-00569 Intelsat License LLCE070234 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-06-10SES-ASG-20200526-00570 Intelsat License LLCE050169 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-06-10SES-ASG-INTR2020-01463 Lilly Broadcasting of Pennsylvania License Subsidiary, LLC Internet Not Processed
2020-06-05SES-ASG-INTR2020-01405 Pacific Satellite Connection, Inc. Filed - payment received
2020-06-01SES-ASG-INTR2020-01363 MCI Communications Services, Inc. Filed - payment received
2020-06-01SES-ASG-INTR2020-01364 MCI Communications Services, Inc. Filed - payment received
2020-06-01SES-ASG-INTR2020-01367 DIRECTV Enterprises, LLC Internet Not Processed
2020-05-27SES-ASG-INTR2020-01293 Intelsat License LLC Filed - payment received
2020-05-27SES-ASG-INTR2020-01294 Intelsat License LLC Filed - payment received
2020-05-27SES-ASG-INTR2020-01295 Intelsat License LLC Filed - payment received
2020-05-26SES-ASG-INTR2020-01285 Spectrum Sunshine State, LLC Filed - payment received
2020-05-22SES-ASG-INTR2020-01276 Spectrum New York Metro, LLC Filed - payment received
2020-05-22SES-ASG-INTR2020-01280 Spectrum Gulf Coast, LLC Filed - payment received
2020-05-22SES-ASG-INTR2020-01281 Spectrum Mid-America, LLC Filed - payment received
2020-05-22SES-ASG-INTR2020-01282 Spectrum Northeast, LLC Filed - payment received
2020-05-22SES-ASG-INTR2020-01283 Spectrum Oceanic, LLC Filed - payment received
2020-05-22SES-ASG-INTR2020-01284 Spectrum Southeast, LLC Filed - payment received
2020-05-22SES-ASG-INTR2020-01296 Intelsat License LLC Internet Not Processed
2020-05-21SES-ASG-INTR2020-01252 SMG-Monterey, LLC Internet Not Processed
2020-05-21SES-ASG-20200521-00546 SMG-Monterey, LLCE190616 System Entry
2020-05-20SES-ASG-20200326-00284 Unisys Corp.E960031 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-05-20SES-ASG-20200420-00424 Tower Road Media, Inc.E191560 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-05-20SES-ASG-20200422-00434 SMG-Medford, LLCE190613 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-05-20SES-ASG-20200429-00454 CCO SoCal I, LLCE181392 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-05-20SES-ASG-20200429-00455 Interlink Communications Partners, LLCE181400 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-05-20SES-ASG-20200429-00456 Bresnan Communications, LLCE181397 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-05-20SES-ASG-20200429-00464 Bresnan Communications, LLCE181396 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-05-20SES-ASG-20200501-00467 Frontier Communications Corporation, Debtor-in-PossessionE181287 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-05-20SES-ASG-20200501-00468 Frontier North Inc., Debtor-in-PossessionE050135 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-05-20SES-ASG-20200512-00515 NRJ TV Houston License Co, LLCE200887 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-05-20SES-ASG-20200512-00516 NRJ TV LA License Co, LLCE200933 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-05-20SES-ASG-20200513-00532 Northland Cable Ventures LLCE200215 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-05-14SES-ASG-INTR2020-01173 Pacific Satellite Connection, Inc. Filed - payment received
2020-05-13SES-ASG-20200504-00482 SpeedCast Communications IncE030159 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-05-13SES-ASG-20200504-00483 SpeedCast Communications IncE010082 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-05-13SES-ASG-20200504-00484 Newcom International, Inc.E040267 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-05-13SES-ASG-INTR2020-01149 Northland Cable Ventures LLC Filed - payment received
2020-05-12SES-ASG-INTR2020-01135 NRJ TV Houston License Co, LLC Internet Not Processed
2020-05-12SES-ASG-INTR2020-01136 NRJ TV LA License Co, LLC Internet Not Processed
2020-05-06SES-ASG-20200107-00010 Charter Communications Operating, LLCE170111 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-05-06SES-ASG-20200304-00215 Charter Communications Operating, LLCE181400 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-05-06SES-ASG-20200318-00251 NBC Telemundo License LLCE190864 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-05-06SES-ASG-20200319-00252 WXMI, LLCE200091 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-05-06SES-ASG-20200329-00285 NRJ TV VI LLCE181173 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-05-06SES-ASG-20200330-00324 Bright House Networks, LLCE170111 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-05-06SES-ASG-20200402-00356 Spectrum Pacific West, LLCE880792 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-05-06SES-ASG-20200402-00357 Virginia Broadcasting, LLCE190818 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-05-06SES-ASG-20200402-00358 Charter Communications Operating, LLCE8309 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-05-06SES-ASG-20200413-00402 Radio License Holdings LLCE190468 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-05-06SES-ASG-20200415-00409 Long Island UniversityE060164 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-05-06SES-ASG-20200423-00439 Charter Communications Operating, LLCE201011 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-05-04SES-ASG-INTR2020-01061 SpeedCast Communications Inc Filed - payment received
2020-05-04SES-ASG-INTR2020-01062 SpeedCast Communications Inc Filed - payment received
2020-05-04SES-ASG-INTR2020-01064 Newcom International, Inc. Filed - payment received
2020-05-01SES-ASG-INTR2020-01024 Frontier Communications Corporation, Debtor-in-Possession Internet Not Processed
2020-05-01SES-ASG-INTR2020-01025 Frontier North Inc., Debtor-in-Possession Internet Not Processed
2020-04-29SES-ASG-20200128-00080 ConocoPhillips Communications Inc.E040147 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-04-29SES-ASG-INTR2020-01004 CCO SoCal I, LLC / INACTIVE FRN / DO NOT USE Internet Not Processed
2020-04-29SES-ASG-INTR2020-01005 Bresnan Communications, LLC Internet Not Processed
2020-04-29SES-ASG-INTR2020-01006 Bresnan Communications, LLC Internet Not Processed
2020-04-29SES-ASG-INTR2020-01007 Interlink Communications Partners, LLC / INACTIVE FRN / DO NOT USE Internet Not Processed
2020-04-28SES-ASG-INTR2020-00994 UltiSat, Inc. Filed - payment received
2020-04-23SES-ASG-INTR2020-00970 Charter Communications Operating, LLC Internet Not Processed

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