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Applications for Satellite Earth Station licenses or registration (Part 25) Assignment of License

Latest Satellite Earth Station : Assignment Filings by Status Update

Last UpdateFile NumberApplicantCallsignStatus
2021-01-21SES-ASG-20201022-01156 Global Eagle Telecom Licensing Subsidiary LLC, Debtor-in-PossessionE010332 Action Taken Public Notice
2021-01-21SES-ASG-20201022-01157 Global Eagle Telecom Licensing Subsidiary LLC, Debtor-in-PossessionE050308 Action Taken Public Notice
2021-01-21SES-ASG-20210113-00046 Hawaii Pacific Teleport, L.P.E000127 Action Taken Public Notice
2021-01-13SES-ASG-20201106-01229 TV-49, Inc.E201401 Action Taken Public Notice
2021-01-13SES-ASG-20201106-01230 TV-49, Inc.E201409 Action Taken Public Notice
2021-01-13SES-ASG-20201019-01439 iHM Licenses, LLCE970452 Action Taken Public Notice
2021-01-13SES-ASG-INTR2021-00127 Hawaii Pacific Teleport, L.P. Filed - payment received
2021-01-05SES-ASG-INTR2020-03076 Citicasters Licenses, Inc. Filed - payment received
2020-12-29SES-ASG-20200824-00908 Liberman Media Group LLCE120153 Action Complete
2020-12-29SES-ASG-20200824-00909 Liberman Media Group LLCE080079 Action Complete
2020-12-21SES-ASG-20200716-00971 Pacific Satellite Connection, Inc.E970402 Unblocked
2020-12-16SES-ASG-20200813-00881 Service Electric Cable Television of New Jersey, Inc.E190754 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-12-16SES-ASG-20201124-01265 Scripps Broadcasting Holdings LLCE200336 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-12-16SES-ASG-20201130-01277 Entercom License, LLCE030078 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2020-12-16SES-ASG-20201130-01278 Entercom License, LLCE960293 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2020-12-16SES-ASG-INTR2020-03821 NewCom International, Inc., as a debtor-in-possession Internet Not Processed
2020-12-16SES-ASG-INTR2020-03827 Speedcast Communications, Inc., as a debtor-in-possession Internet Not Processed
2020-12-16SES-ASG-INTR2020-03828 Speedcast Communications, Inc., as a debtor-in-possession Internet Not Processed
2020-12-09SES-ASG-20200923-01048 Scripps Media, Inc.E040317 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-12-09SES-ASG-20201001-01060 Vermont ETV, INC.E140106 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-12-09SES-ASG-20201110-01235 Dave Hacker HackE201739 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-11-30SES-ASG-INTR2020-03606 Entercom License, LLC Filed - payment received
2020-11-30SES-ASG-INTR2020-03607 Entercom License, LLC Filed - payment received
2020-11-30SES-ASG-INTR2020-03610 MOBILE SATELLITE CONNECTION,LLC Internet Not Processed
2020-11-25SES-ASG-20201008-01109 World Religious Relief, Inc., dba The Word NetworkE130216 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-11-25SES-ASG-20201026-01174 KLSU/Louisiana State UniversityE060203 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-11-25SES-ASG-20201028-01180 Riverfront Broadcasting of Iowa LLCE191170 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-11-25SES-ASG-20201028-01182 Duhamel Broadcasting EnterprisesE181863 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-11-25SES-ASG-20201028-01183 Riverfront Broadcasting of Iowa LLCE191171 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-11-25SES-ASG-20201028-01184 Connoisseur Media Licenses, LLCE181773 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-11-25SES-ASG-20201028-01185 Mid-America Radio Group of Logansport-Peru, Inc.E190827 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-11-25SES-ASG-20201102-01205 Riverfront Broadcasting of Iowa LLCE191166 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-11-25SES-ASG-20201104-01208 Riverfront Broadcasting of Keokuk, Inc.E191153 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-11-25SES-ASG-20201105-01218 Compass Broadcasting, Inc.E200169 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-11-25SES-ASG-20201105-01222 Subarctic Media, LLCE181106 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-11-25SES-ASG-20201105-01223 Alpha Media Licensee LLCE191368 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-11-25SES-ASG-20201105-01224 Subarctic Media, LLCE181107 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-11-24SES-ASG-INTR2020-03579 Scripps Broadcasting Holdings LLC Internet Not Processed
2020-11-20SES-ASG-20200818-00891 WorldVu Satellites LimitedE180620 Action Complete
2020-11-18SES-ASG-20201008-01135 Alpha Media Licensee LLCE191385 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-11-18SES-ASG-20201023-01172 JAX BROADCASTING, LLCE201455 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-11-12SES-ASG-20200826-00925 Live Mobile Group LLCE050075 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-11-12SES-ASG-20201028-01181 Riverfront Broadcasting of Iowa LLCE191153 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-11-10SES-ASG-INTR2020-03432 Dave Hacker Hack Internet Not Processed
2020-11-06SES-ASG-INTR2020-03408 HC2 Station Group, Inc. Internet Not Processed
2020-11-06SES-ASG-INTR2020-03409 HC2 Network Inc. Internet Not Processed
2020-11-05SES-ASG-INTR2020-03385 Compass Broadcasting, Inc. Internet Not Processed
2020-11-05SES-ASG-INTR2020-03393 KMHL BROADCASTING COMPANY. Internet Not Processed
2020-11-05SES-ASG-INTR2020-03396 Alpha Media Licensee LLC Internet Not Processed
2020-11-04SES-ASG-20200821-00904 WXXA-TV LLCE200365 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-11-04SES-ASG-INTR2020-03378 Riverfront Broadcasting of Keokuk, Inc. Internet Not Processed
2020-11-02SES-ASG-INTR2020-03335 Riverfront Broadcasting of Iowa LLC Internet Not Processed
2020-10-28SES-ASG-20200821-00903 WXXA-TV LLCE020015 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-10-28SES-ASG-20201005-01072 Cable One, Inc.WE29 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-10-28SES-ASG-20201006-01075 Connoisseur Media Licenses, LLCE190258 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-10-28SES-ASG-20201009-01108 300 New LLCE191386 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-10-28SES-ASG-20201015-01129 Gray Television Licensee, LLCE201281 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-10-28SES-ASG-20201019-01138 Capstar TX, LLCE181774 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-10-28SES-ASG-20201020-01151 Michiana Public Broadcasting CorpE050326 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-10-28SES-ASG-20201021-01152 NRG License Sub, LLCE200349 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-10-28SES-ASG-20200911-01170 Radio Partners, LLCE191198 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-10-28SES-ASG-INTR2020-03266 Riverfront Broadcasting of Iowa LLC Internet Not Processed
2020-10-28SES-ASG-INTR2020-03267 Riverfront Broadcasting of Iowa LLC Internet Not Processed
2020-10-28SES-ASG-INTR2020-03268 Riverfront Broadcasting of Iowa LLC Internet Not Processed
2020-10-28SES-ASG-INTR2020-03278 Connoisseur Media Licenses, LLC Internet Not Processed
2020-10-28SES-ASG-INTR2020-03280 Mid-America Radio Group of Logansport-Peru, Inc. Internet Not Processed
2020-10-23SES-ASG-INTR2020-02572 Radio Partners, LLC Filed - payment received
2020-10-23SES-ASG-INTR2020-03205 JAX BROADCASTING, LLC Internet Not Processed
2020-10-22SES-ASG-INTR2020-03142 Global Eagle Telecom Licensing Subsidiary LLC, Debtor-in-Possession Filed - payment received
2020-10-22SES-ASG-INTR2020-03143 Global Eagle Telecom Licensing Subsidiary LLC, Debtor-in-Possession Filed - payment received
2020-10-21SES-ASG-INTR2020-03121 NRG License Sub, LLC Internet Not Processed
2020-10-20SES-ASG-INTR2020-03106 Michiana Public Broadcasting Corp Internet Not Processed
2020-10-19SES-ASG-INTR2020-03080 Capstar TX, LLC Internet Not Processed
2020-10-16SES-ASG-INTR2020-02952 Alpha Media Licensee LLC Filed - payment received
2020-10-15SES-ASG-20200825-00916 Charter Communications Operating, LLCE201515 Unblocked
2020-10-15SES-ASG-INTR2020-03045 Gray Television Licensee, LLC Internet Not Processed
2020-10-09SES-ASG-INTR2020-02972 300 New LLC Internet Not Processed
2020-10-08SES-ASG-INTR2020-02932 World Religious Relief, Inc., dba The Word Network Internet Not Processed
2020-10-07SES-ASG-20191202-01601 VILLAGE VIDEO PRODUCTIONS INC.E050245 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-10-07SES-ASG-20200904-00972 TWILIGHT BROADCASTING, INC.E181901 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-10-07SES-ASG-20200912-01014 Southeast Michigan Media, Inc.E190999 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-10-07SES-ASG-20200914-01017 Luck BroadcastingE190959 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-10-07SES-ASG-20200927-01041 Church of the WordE180415 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-10-06SES-ASG-INTR2020-02897 Connoisseur Media Licenses, LLC Internet Not Processed
2020-10-05SES-ASG-INTR2020-02881 Cable One, Inc. Internet Not Processed
2020-10-01SES-ASG-INTR2020-02828 Vermont ETV, INC. Internet Not Processed
2020-09-30SES-ASG-20191107-01454 The Satellite Center, Inc.E980488 Action Complete
2020-09-27SES-ASG-INTR2020-02786 Church of the Word Internet Not Processed
2020-09-22SES-ASG-INTR2020-02708 Scripps Media, Inc. Internet Not Processed
2020-09-16SES-ASG-20200722-00790 Turner Media Group IncE190388 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-09-16SES-ASG-20200908-00977 Kudzu Communications Inc.E201581 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-09-16SES-ASG-20200910-00985 BHTV License LLCE201689 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-09-16SES-ASG-20200911-00997 Armada Media - Watertown, Inc.E200549 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-09-16SES-ASG-20200911-00998 My Country Radio LLCE180815 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-09-16SES-ASG-20200911-00999 D&Z Media, LLCE180830 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-09-16SES-ASG-20200911-01000 Gray Television Licensee, LLCE190487 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-09-16SES-ASG-20200911-01001 DEAD-SHORT BROADCASTING, LLCE191016 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-09-16SES-ASG-20200911-01002 Community Broadcasters, LLCE191137 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-09-16SES-ASG-20200911-01010 Vidalia Communications CorporationE201663 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-09-16SES-ASG-20200911-01011 Milner Broadcasting Enterprises, LLCE181037 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-09-16SES-ASG-20200911-01012 Stereo Broadcasting, Inc.E190934 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-09-14SES-ASG-INTR2020-02594 Luck Broadcasting Filed - payment received
2020-09-12SES-ASG-INTR2020-02588 Southeast Michigan Media, Inc. Internet Not Processed
2020-09-11SES-ASG-INTR2020-02562 Armada Media - Watertown, Inc. Internet Not Processed
2020-09-11SES-ASG-INTR2020-02563 My Country Radio LLC Filed - payment received
2020-09-11SES-ASG-INTR2020-02564 D&Z Media, LLC Internet Not Processed
2020-09-11SES-ASG-INTR2020-02567 Gray Television Licensee, LLC Internet Not Processed
2020-09-11SES-ASG-INTR2020-02571 DEAD-SHORT BROADCASTING, LLC Internet Not Processed
2020-09-11SES-ASG-INTR2020-02578 Community Broadcasters, LLC Internet Not Processed
2020-09-11SES-ASG-INTR2020-02582 Vidalia Communications Corporation Filed - payment received
2020-09-11SES-ASG-INTR2020-02585 Milner Broadcasting Enterprises, LLC Internet Not Processed
2020-09-11SES-ASG-INTR2020-02586 Stereo Broadcasting, Inc. Internet Not Processed
2020-09-10SES-ASG-20200825-00917 Singing River Media Group, LLCE201642 Action Complete
2020-09-10SES-ASG-20200826-00914 Radiant Life Ministries, Inc.E191655 Action Complete
2020-09-10SES-ASG-20200826-00918 Memphis Educational Television, Inc.E191653 Action Complete
2020-09-10SES-ASG-INTR2020-02533 Mark III Media, Inc. Internet Not Processed
2020-09-09SES-ASG-20200514-00539 Pacific Satellite Connection, Inc.E050153 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-09-09SES-ASG-20200521-00546 SMG-Monterey, LLCE190616 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-09-09SES-ASG-20200605-00597 Pacific Satellite Connection, Inc.E950346 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-09-09SES-ASG-20200817-00934 Global Eagle Telecom Licensing Subsidiary LLCE190072 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-09-09SES-ASG-20200903-00963 CHRISTIAN TELEVISION CORPORATION, INCE180343 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-09-09SES-ASG-20200903-00967 Minnesota State Services f/t BlindE180492 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-09-09SES-ASG-20200903-00968 Radiant Life Ministries, Inc.E201462 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-09-08SES-ASG-INTR2020-02487 Kudzu Communications Inc. Filed - payment received
2020-09-04SES-ASG-INTR2020-01995 Pacific Satellite Connection, Inc. Filed - payment received
2020-09-04SES-ASG-INTR2020-02484 TWILIGHT BROADCASTING, INC. Internet Not Processed
2020-09-03SES-ASG-INTR2020-02464 CHRISTIAN TELEVISION CORPORATION, INC Internet Not Processed
2020-09-03SES-ASG-INTR2020-02467 Minnesota State Services f/t Blind Internet Not Processed
2020-09-03SES-ASG-INTR2020-02470 Radiant Life Ministries, Inc. Internet Not Processed
2020-09-02SES-ASG-20200821-00905 KMALAND Broadcasting, LLCE181757 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-09-02SES-ASG-20200825-00912 Jackson Radio Works, Inc.E181893 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-09-02SES-ASG-20200825-00913 JDK BROADCASTING LLCE200196 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-09-02SES-ASG-20200825-00915 WCSR Inc.E181965 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-09-02SES-ASG-20200826-00924 Spectrum Pacific West, LLCWK28 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-09-02SES-ASG-20200826-00926 Spectrum Pacific West, LLCWF58 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-09-02SES-ASG-20200827-00931 Saga Communications of Charlottesville, LLCE181255 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-09-02SES-ASG-20200817-00932 Global Eagle Telecom Licensing Subsidiary LLCE050308 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-09-02SES-ASG-20200817-00933 Global Eagle Telecom Licensing Subsidiary LLCE010332 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-09-02SES-ASG-20200827-00935 Fox Broadcasting CompanyE180702 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-08-28SES-ASG-INTR2020-02155 Global Eagle Telecom Licensing Subsidiary LLC Filed - payment received
2020-08-28SES-ASG-INTR2020-02156 Global Eagle Telecom Licensing Subsidiary LLC Filed - payment received
2020-08-28SES-ASG-INTR2020-02157 Global Eagle Telecom Licensing Subsidiary LLC Filed - payment received
2020-08-27SES-ASG-INTR2020-02351 Saga Communications of Charlottesville, LLC Filed - payment received
2020-08-27SES-ASG-INTR2020-02360 Fox Broadcasting Company Internet Not Processed
2020-08-26SES-ASG-20200817-00885 Premier Radio Stations, LLCE200867 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-08-26SES-ASG-20200819-00893 Stone Canyon of Flagstaff, LLCE201043 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-08-26SES-ASG-20200819-00894 East Kentucky Broadcasting CorporationE191372 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-08-26SES-ASG-20200819-00895 KMBC Hearst Television Inc.E170001 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-08-26SES-ASG-INTR2020-02332 Flinn Broadcasting Corporation Internet Not Processed

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