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Applications for Satellite Earth Station licenses or registration (Part 25) Assignment of License

Latest Satellite Earth Station : Assignment Filings by Status Update

Last UpdateFile NumberApplicantCallsignStatus
2019-06-26SES-ASG-20190403-00410 Tribune Broadcasting Hartford, LLCE130234 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2019-06-26SES-ASG-20190514-00628 Peak Uplink, IncE050118 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2019-06-26SES-ASG-20190523-00629 ION MEDIA OF TAMPA, INC.E150101 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-06-26SES-ASG-20190523-00630 Live Mobile Group LLCE900620 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2019-06-26SES-ASG-20190524-00631 Radio Perry, Inc., Debtor-in-PossessionE060059 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-06-26SES-ASG-20190530-00670 Duhamel Broadcasting EnterprisesE181863 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-06-26SES-ASG-20190530-00671 Duhamel Broadcasting EnterprisesE181863 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-06-26SES-ASG-20190605-00678 Local TV Virginia License, LLCE130096 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2019-06-26SES-ASG-20190605-00679 Local TV Pennsylvania License, LLCE110029 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2019-06-26SES-ASG-20190606-00725 KRCA License LLC, Debtor-In-PossessionE930184 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2019-06-26SES-ASG-20190607-00733 EchoStar Operating L.L.C.E010242 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-06-26SES-ASG-20190613-00755 KSBY Communications, LLCE190224 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-06-20SES-ASG-20190614-00792 E! Entertainment Television, LLCE080069 System Entry
2019-06-17SES-ASG-INTR2019-02437 E! Entertainment Television, LLC Filed - payment received
2019-06-13SES-ASG-INTR2019-02420 KSBY Communications, LLC Internet Not Processed
2019-06-07SES-ASG-INTR2019-02356 EchoStar Operating L.L.C. Filed - payment received
2019-06-06SES-ASG-INTR2019-02342 KRCA License LLC, Debtor-In-Possession Filed - payment received
2019-06-05SES-ASG-20190520-00596 WLEX Communications, LLCE181930 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-06-05SES-ASG-20190520-00597 KPAX Communications, LLCE182011 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-06-05SES-ASG-20190520-00598 KXLF Communications, LLCE181725 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-06-05SES-ASG-20190520-00599 KRTV Communications, LLCE181721 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-06-05SES-ASG-20190520-00600 KATC Communications, LLCE050213 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-06-05SES-ASG-20190520-00601 Connoisseur Media Licenses, LLCE181750 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-06-05SES-ASG-INTR2019-02328 Local TV Virginia License, LLC Filed - payment received
2019-06-05SES-ASG-INTR2019-02333 Local TV Pennsylvania License, LLC Filed - payment received
2019-05-30SES-ASG-INTR2019-02265 Duhamel Broadcasting Enterprises Internet Not Processed
2019-05-30SES-ASG-INTR2019-02266 Duhamel Broadcasting Enterprises Internet Not Processed
2019-05-29SES-ASG-20190513-00593 Gray Television Licensee, LLCE181091 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-05-29SES-ASG-20190510-00594 KVOA License, LLCE181929 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-05-24SES-ASG-20180516-00671 KDNL Licensee, LLCE960087 Action Complete
2019-05-24SES-ASG-INTR2019-01920 Radio Perry, Inc., Debtor-in-Possession Filed - payment received
2019-05-23SES-ASG-INTR2019-01467 Peak Uplink, Inc Filed - payment received
2019-05-23SES-ASG-INTR2019-01784 ION MEDIA OF TAMPA, INC. Filed - payment received
2019-05-23SES-ASG-INTR2019-01788 Live Mobile Group LLC Filed - payment received
2019-05-22SES-ASG-20190311-00280 Escambia County School DistrictE940205 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-05-20SES-ASG-20190327-00395 Capstar TX, LLCE181774 Action Complete
2019-05-20SES-ASG-INTR2019-01648 Connoisseur Media Licenses, LLC Internet Not Processed
2019-05-20SES-ASG-INTR2019-01632 WLEX Communications, LLC Internet Not Processed
2019-05-20SES-ASG-INTR2019-01635 KPAX Communications, LLC Internet Not Processed
2019-05-20SES-ASG-INTR2019-01636 KXLF Communications, LLC Internet Not Processed
2019-05-20SES-ASG-INTR2019-01637 KRTV Communications, LLC Internet Not Processed
2019-05-20SES-ASG-INTR2019-01638 KATC Communications, LLC Internet Not Processed
2019-05-15SES-ASG-20190220-00106 Quincy Media, Inc.E060152 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-05-15SES-ASG-20190318-00341 Petrobras America, Inc.E090152 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-05-15SES-ASG-20190415-00508 Atlantic Broadband (Delmar), LLCE182024 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-05-13SES-ASG-INTR2019-01472 Gray Television Licensee, LLC Internet Not Processed
2019-05-10SES-ASG-INTR2019-01427 KVOA License, LLC Internet Not Processed
2019-05-01SES-ASG-20181010-03025 Citicasters Licenses, Inc.E970452 Action Complete
2019-05-01SES-ASG-20181010-03026 Premiere Networks, Inc.E020025 Action Complete
2019-05-01SES-ASG-20181010-03027 CC Licenses, LLCE130066 Action Complete
2019-05-01SES-ASG-20181010-03029 iHeartMedia + Entertainment, Inc.E000329 Action Complete
2019-05-01SES-ASG-20181109-03161 Quincy Media, Inc.E060152 Action Complete
2019-05-01SES-ASG-20190221-00154 Gray Television Licensee, LLCE160027 Action Complete
2019-05-01SES-ASG-20190221-00155 Gray Television Licensee, LLCE6425 Action Complete
2019-05-01SES-ASG-20190221-00156 Gray Television Licensee, LLCE181656 Action Complete
2019-05-01SES-ASG-20190221-00165 Gray Television Licensee, LLCE100125 Action Complete
2019-05-01SES-ASG-20190221-00167 Gray Television Licensee, LLCE000168 Action Complete
2019-05-01SES-ASG-20190301-00215 Gray Television Licensee, LLCE180611 Action Complete
2019-04-24SES-ASG-20180618-01471 WXMI, LLCE130235 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-04-24SES-ASG-20180619-01470 WPMT, LLCE030089 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-04-24SES-ASG-20190306-00273 Quincy Media, Inc.E050186 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-04-17SES-ASG-20180514-00673 Tribune Broadcasting Denver License, LLCE000014 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-04-17SES-ASG-20180514-00675 Tribune Broadcasting Seattle, LLCE030207 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-04-17SES-ASG-20180514-00676 KSWB, LLCE080179 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-04-17SES-ASG-20181102-03153 Total Living NetworkE040069 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-04-17SES-ASG-20181113-03303 KPAX Communications, LLCE140084 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-04-17SES-ASG-20181113-03305 KTVQ Communications, LLCE960412 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-04-17SES-ASG-20181113-03306 KXLF Communications, LLCE910526 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-04-17SES-ASG-20181113-03307 Sangre de Cristo Communications, LLCE030018 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-04-17SES-ASG-20190207-00081 Peak Uplink, IncE080176 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-04-17SES-ASG-20190214-00101 SAT-LINK of Arkansas LLCE110102 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-04-17SES-ASG-20190328-00396 WLEX Communications, LLCE190036 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-04-17SES-ASG-20190403-00412 WPMT, LLCE030089 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2019-04-17SES-ASG-20190403-00414 WQAD License, LLCE050127 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2019-04-17SES-ASG-20190403-00416 Tribune Broadcasting Fort Smith License, LLCE080247 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2019-04-17SES-ASG-20190404-00420 Nexstar Broadcasting, Inc.E030275 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2019-04-17SES-ASG-20190404-00421 Nexstar Broadcasting, Inc.E070092 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2019-04-17SES-ASG-20190405-00448 WPIX, LLCE040317 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2019-04-17SES-ASG-20190405-00449 KSTU License, LLCE000143 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2019-04-17SES-ASG-20190405-00452 WXMI, LLCE130235 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2019-04-17SES-ASG-20190405-00455 WTVR License, LLCE010136 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2019-04-15SES-ASG-INTR2019-01081 Atlantic Broadband (Delmar), LLC Internet Not Processed
2019-04-09SES-ASG-20190320-00351 Marcus Cable of Alabama, L.L.C.E020100 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-04-09SES-ASG-20190320-00352 Bresnan Communications, LLCE100094 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-04-09SES-ASG-20190320-00353 Bright House Networks, LLCE4381 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-04-05SES-ASG-INTR2019-01000 WPIX, LLC Internet Not Processed
2019-04-05SES-ASG-INTR2019-01001 WPIX, LLC Filed - payment received
2019-04-05SES-ASG-INTR2019-01002 KSTU License, LLC Internet Not Processed
2019-04-05SES-ASG-INTR2019-01003 KSTU License, LLC Filed - payment received
2019-04-05SES-ASG-INTR2019-01005 WXMI, LLC Filed - payment received
2019-04-05SES-ASG-20190405-00422 WPIX, LLCE180148 System Entry
2019-04-05SES-ASG-20190405-00423 KSTU License, LLCE180140 System Entry
2019-04-05SES-ASG-INTR2019-01007 WTVR License, LLC Filed - payment received
2019-04-04SES-ASG-INTR2019-00979 Tribune Broadcasting Hartford, LLC Filed - payment received
2019-04-04SES-ASG-INTR2019-00981 WPMT, LLC Filed - payment received
2019-04-04SES-ASG-INTR2019-00983 WQAD License, LLC Filed - payment received
2019-04-04SES-ASG-INTR2019-00985 Tribune Broadcasting Fort Smith License, LLC Filed - payment received
2019-04-04SES-ASG-20190403-00409 Tribune Broadcasting Hartford, LLCE180160 System Entry
2019-04-04SES-ASG-20190403-00411 WPMT, LLCE180216 System Entry
2019-04-04SES-ASG-20190403-00413 WQAD License, LLCE180066 System Entry
2019-04-04SES-ASG-INTR2019-00991 Nexstar Broadcasting, Inc. Internet Not Processed
2019-04-04SES-ASG-20190403-00415 Tribune Broadcasting Fort Smith License, LLCE180167 System Entry
2019-04-04SES-ASG-20190404-00417 Nexstar Broadcasting, Inc.E070161 System Entry
2019-04-04SES-ASG-20190404-00418 Nexstar Broadcasting, Inc.E050059 System Entry
2019-04-04SES-ASG-INTR2019-00993 Nexstar Broadcasting, Inc. Filed - payment received
2019-04-04SES-ASG-INTR2019-00994 Nexstar Broadcasting, Inc. Filed - payment received
2019-04-03SES-ASG-20190301-00202 KSLA License Subsidiary, LLCE180590 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-04-03SES-ASG-20190301-00203 WAFB License Subsidiary, LLCE180617 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-04-03SES-ASG-20190301-00204 WAFF License Subsidiary, LLCE180574 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-04-03SES-ASG-20190301-00205 WAVE License Subsidiary, LLCE181659 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-04-03SES-ASG-20190301-00206 WCSC License Subsidiary, LLCE180610 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-04-03SES-ASG-20190301-00207 WDAM License Subsidiary, LLCE180567 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-04-03SES-ASG-20190301-00208 WFIE License Subsidiary, LLCE7895 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-04-03SES-ASG-20190301-00209 WIS License Subsidiary, LLCE181663 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-04-03SES-ASG-20190301-00210 WLOX License Subsidiary, LLCE050212 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-04-03SES-ASG-20190301-00211 WMBF License Subsidiary, LLCE180570 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-04-03SES-ASG-20190301-00212 WSFA License Subsidiary, LLCE180571 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-04-03SES-ASG-20190301-00213 WTOC License Subsidiary, LLCE180668 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-04-03SES-ASG-20190301-00214 WWSB License Subsidiary, LLCE070280 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-04-03SES-ASG-20190301-00216 Raycom America License Subsidiary, LLCE050361 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-04-03SES-ASG-20190304-00228 Gray Television Licensee, LLCE060189 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-04-03SES-ASG-20190320-00340 Falcon Video Communications, L.P.E880890 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-04-03SES-ASG-20190319-00342 CC VIII Operating, LLCE090122 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-04-03SES-ASG-20190319-00343 Charter Cable Partners, LLCE5482 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-04-03SES-ASG-20190319-00344 Charter Communications VI, L.L.C.E7992 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-04-03SES-ASG-20190319-00345 Falcon Cable Systems Company II, L.P.E030157 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-04-03SES-ASG-20190319-00347 Spectrum Mid-America, LLCE180675 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-04-03SES-ASG-20190319-00348 Robin Media Group, LLCWK73 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-04-03SES-ASG-20190319-00349 Bright House Networks, LLCE4128 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-04-03SES-ASG-INTR2019-00978 Tribune Broadcasting Hartford, LLC Internet Not Processed
2019-04-03SES-ASG-INTR2019-00980 WPMT, LLC Internet Not Processed
2019-04-03SES-ASG-INTR2019-00982 WQAD License, LLC Internet Not Processed
2019-04-03SES-ASG-INTR2019-00984 Tribune Broadcasting Fort Smith License, LLC Internet Not Processed
2019-03-29SES-ASG-INTR2019-00890 WLEX Communications, LLC Filed - payment received
2019-03-27SES-ASG-20190301-00194 KAIT License Subsidiary, LLCE070171 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-03-27SES-ASG-20190301-00195 KCBD License Subsidiary, LLCE180605 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-03-27SES-ASG-20190301-00196 KFDA/KEYU License Subsidiary, LLCE181662 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-03-27SES-ASG-20190301-00197 KFVS License Subsidiary, LLCE180560 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-03-27SES-ASG-20190301-00198 KHNL/KGMB License Subsidiary, LLCE180602 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-03-27SES-ASG-20190301-00199 KLTV/KTRE License Subsidiary, LLCE050214 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-03-27SES-ASG-20190301-00200 KOLD License Subsidiary, LLCE180592 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-03-27SES-ASG-20190301-00201 KPLC License Subsidiary, LLCE180604 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-03-27SES-ASG-INTR2019-00870 Connoisseur Media Licenses, LLC Internet Not Processed
2019-03-21SES-ASG-20190319-00346 Interlink Communications Partners, LLC / INACTIVE FRN / DO NOT USEE010328 System Entry
2019-03-21SES-ASG-20190320-00350 Marcus Cable Associates, L.L.C.E4191 System Entry
2019-03-21SES-ASG-20190320-00354 CCO SoCal I, LLC / INACTIVE FRN / DO NOT USEE181561 System Entry
2019-03-20SES-ASG-INTR2019-00801 Marcus Cable Associates, L.L.C. Internet Not Processed
2019-03-20SES-ASG-INTR2019-00802 Marcus Cable of Alabama, L.L.C. Internet Not Processed
2019-03-20SES-ASG-INTR2019-00804 Bresnan Communications, LLC Internet Not Processed
2019-03-20SES-ASG-INTR2019-00806 Bright House Networks, LLC Internet Not Processed

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