Application for Earth Exploration Satellite Service by BlackSky Global, LLC

SAT-MOD-20190314-00015 / SATMOD2019031400015

Filed By Jonathan L. Wiener, Esq.

Applicant seeks to modify its small-sat non-geostationary orbit Earth Exploration Satellite Service system. See Narrative in Exhibit 1 hereto.

Filing: SATSatellite Space Stations
Filing: MODModification
Nature of ServiceEarth Exploration Satellite Service
Last ActionGrant of Authority
Last Action Date2019-05-16
StatusAction Taken Public Notice
Status Date2019-05-17
Date Filed2019-03-14
Date Granted2019-05-16
Bond Date2018-11-02
Adopted Date2019-05-16
Released Date2019-05-16
Term Begin Date2018-12-28
Filing Accepted Public Notice2019-03-22
Action Taken Public Notice2019-05-17
Red LightN
Delegated Authority #19-431
Environmental ImpactN
BlackSky Global, LLC
1505 Westlake Ave. North, Ste 600
Seattle, WA 98109- USA
Jonathan L. Wiener, Esq.
Goldberg, Godles, Wiener & Wright LLP
1025 Connecticut Avenue, NW
Ste 1000
Washington, DC 200362143 USA
1505 Westlake Ave. North, Ste 600, Seattle, WA 98109 USA
1025 Connecticut Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20036 USA


DescriptionCommentorType / Date
BlackSky Global - Gr
Red-line of ODAR
REDLINE - Initial OD


Attachment Exhibit 2
Attachment Exhibit 1
Attachment Application
Attachment HTML
Attachment UTX 575km GUM
Attachment UTX 505km GUM
Attachment UTX 460km GUM
Attachment UTX 450km IVC
Attachment UTX 450km GUM
Attachment UTX 450km FRA
Attachment UTX 450km FAI
Attachment UTC 575km GUM
Attachment UTC 505km GUM
Attachment UTC 460km GUM
Attachment UTC 450km IVC
Attachment UTC 450km GUM
Attachment UTC 450km FRA
Attachment UTC 450km FAI
Attachment URX 575km GUM
Attachment URX 505km GUM
Attachment URX 460km GUM
Attachment URX 450km IVC
Attachment URX 450km GUM
Attachment URX 450km FRA
Attachment URX 450km FAI
Attachment URC 575km GUM
Attachment URC 505km GUM
Attachment URC 460km GUM
Attachment URC 450km IVC
Attachment URC 450km GUM
Attachment URC 450km FRA
Attachment URC 450km FAI
Attachment SRX 575km GUM
Attachment SRX 505km GUM
Attachment SRX 460km GUM
Attachment SRX 450km LYR
Attachment SRX 450km IVC
Attachment SRX 450km GUM
Attachment SRX 450km FRA
Attachment SRX 450km FAI
Attachment SRC 575km GUM
Attachment SRC 505km GUM
Attachment SRC 460km GUM
Attachment SRC 450km LYR
Attachment SRC 450km IVC
Attachment SRC 450km GUM
Attachment SRC 450km FRA
Attachment SRC 450km FAI
Attachment XTX 575km LYR
Attachment XTX 575km IVC
Attachment XTX 575km FRA
Attachment XTX 575km FAI
Attachment XTX 505km LYR
Attachment XTX 505km IVC
Attachment XTX 505km FRA
Attachment XTX 505km FAI
Attachment XTX 475km LYR
Attachment XTX 475km FRA
Attachment XTX 460km LYR
Attachment XTX 460km FRA
Attachment XTC 575km LYR
Attachment XTC 575km IVC
Attachment XTC 575km FRA
Attachment XTC 575km FAI
Attachment XTC 505km LYR
Attachment XTC 505km IVC
Attachment XTC 505km FRA
Attachment XTC 505km FAI
Attachment XTC 475km LYR
Attachment XTC 475km FRA
Attachment XTC 460km LYR
Attachment XTC 460km FRA
Attachment UTX 575km IVC
Attachment UTX 575km FRA
Attachment UTX 575km FAI
Attachment UTX 505km IVC
Attachment UTX 505km FRA
Attachment UTX 505km FAI
Attachment UTX 475km FRA
Attachment UTX 460km FRA
Attachment UTC 575km IVC
Attachment UTC 575km FRA
Attachment UTC 575km FAI
Attachment UTC 505km IVC
Attachment UTC 505km FRA
Attachment UTC 505km FAI
Attachment UTC 475km FRA
Attachment UTC 460km FRA
Attachment URX 575km IVC
Attachment URX 575km FAI
Attachment URX 505km IVC
Attachment URX 505km FRA
Attachment URX 505km FAI
Attachment URX 475km FRA
Attachment URX 460km FRA
Attachment URC 575km IVC
Attachment URC 575km FRA
Attachment URC 575km FAI
Attachment URC 505km IVC
Attachment URC 505km FRA
Attachment URC 505km FAI
Attachment URC 475km FRA
Attachment URC 460km FRA
Attachment SRX 475km LYR
Attachment SRX 460km LYR
Attachment SRC 475km LYR
Attachment SRC 460km LYR
Attachment SRX 575km LYR
Attachment SRX 575km IVC
Attachment SRX 575km FRA
Attachment SRX 575km FAI
Attachment SRX 505km LYR
Attachment SRX 505km IVC
Attachment SRX 505km FRA
Attachment SRX 505km FAI
Attachment SRX 475km FRA
Attachment SRX 460km FRA
Attachment SRC 575km LYR
Attachment SRC 575km IVC
Attachment SRC 575km FRA
Attachment SRC 575km FAI
Attachment SRC 505km LYR
Attachment URX 575km FRA
Attachment XTX 575km GUM
Attachment XTX 505km GUM
Attachment XTX 460km GUM
Attachment XTX 450km LYR
Attachment XTX 450km IVC
Attachment XTX 450km GUM
Attachment XTX 450km FRA
Attachment XTX 450km FAI
Attachment XTC 575km GUM
Attachment XTC 505km GUM
Attachment XTC 460km GUM
Attachment XTC 450km LYR
Attachment XTC 450km IVC
Attachment XTC 450km GUM
Attachment XTC 450km FRA
Attachment XTC 450km FAI
Attachment SRC 505km IVC
Attachment SRC 505km FRA
Attachment SRC 505km FAI
Attachment SRC 475km FRA
Attachment SRC 460km FRA
Attachment UTX 475km IVC
Attachment UTX 460km FAI
Attachment UTX 460km IVC
Attachment UTX 475km FAI
Attachment UTC 460km FAI
Attachment UTC 460km IVC
Attachment UTC 475km FAI
Attachment UTC 475km IVC
Attachment XTX 460km FAI
Attachment XTX 460km IVC
Attachment XTX 475km FAI
Attachment XTX 475km IVC
Attachment XTC 460km FAI
Attachment XTC 460km IVC
Attachment XTC 475km FAI
Attachment XTC 475km IVC
Attachment URX 460km FAI
Attachment URX 460km IVC
Attachment URX 475km FAI
Attachment URX 475km IVC
Attachment URC 460km FAI
Attachment URC 460km IVC
Attachment URC 475km FAI
Attachment URC 475km IVC
Attachment SRC 475km IVC
Attachment SRC 475km FAI
Attachment SRC 460km IVC
Attachment SRC 460km FAI
Attachment SRX 475km IVC
Attachment SRX 475km FAI
Attachment SRX 460km IVC
Attachment SRX 460km FAI
Attachment BlackSky Global - Gr

Public Notices

ServiceTypeReport NoDate
Satellite Space StationAction Taken Public NoticeSAT01389 2019-05-17
Satellite Space StationAccepted for Filing Public NoticeSAT01379 2019-03-22
No License History
No Site Information [see Application Filing]
No Site Antenna Info

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