Recognized Operating Authority Ronald Garraud

ROA-NEW-INTR2000-00849 / ROANEWINTR200000849

Filed By Ronald Garraud

Application for authority to operate as a Recognized Operating Agency (RPOA)

Filing: ROARecognized Operating Authority
Filing: NEWNew Application
Last ActionDismissed at Applicant's Request
Last Action Date2001-05-04
StatusAction Complete
Status Date2001-05-04
Date Filed2000-10-16
Red LightN
Ronald Garraud
14 Nicholson
Lynn, MA 01905 USA
Ronald Garraud
Dodora Unified Communications
14 Nicholson St
Lynn, MA 01905 USA
14 Nicholson, Lynn, MA 01905 USA
14 Nicholson St, Lynn, MA 01905 USA
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