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Requests for Recognized Operating Agency status (Part 63) New application -- use only for the 325, DNC, FCN and ROA subsystems

Latest Recognized Operating Authority : New Application Filings by Status Update

Last UpdateFile NumberApplicantCallsignStatus
2021-10-04ROA-NEW-20210805-00001 FEDERAL RESERVE BANK OF NEW YORK Action Complete
2021-08-05ROA-NEW-INTR2021-03062 PSAP Internet Not Processed
2018-07-11ROA-NEW-20180531-00001 Limitless Mobile, LLC Action Complete
2018-05-31ROA-NEW-INTR2018-01955 Limitless Mobile, LLC Internet Not Processed
2017-08-09ROA-NEW-20170215-00001 marie davis Action Complete
2017-05-12ROA-NEW-20160817-00003 World Public Media International Action Complete
2016-06-12ROA-NEW-20160222-00001 SkyFye Action Complete
2016-05-19ROA-NEW-20160318-00002 inContact, Inc Action Complete
2016-02-05ROA-NEW-20130426-00001 Air Stellar, Inc. Action Complete
2013-02-13ROA-NEW-20121027-00001 Air Stellar, Inc. Action Complete
2009-07-24ROA-NEW-INTR2009-02067 ILLINOIS LOTTERY, Internet Not Processed
2009-07-24ROA-NEW-INTR2009-02078 BRAIN BRAIN Internet Not Processed
2009-05-15ROA-NEW-20090130-00001 Canyon.TV Incorporated Action Complete
2007-08-06ROA-NEW-INTR2007-01766 TelExtreme, Inc. Action Complete
2006-02-23ROA-NEW-20060110-00001 Aicent, Inc. Action Complete
2004-07-21ROA-NEW-20030729-00004 Nations Broadband, Inc. Action Complete
2004-04-01ROA-NEW-20030503-00002 Alpha-Broadcasting-Inc. Action Complete
2003-12-31ROA-NEW-20030701-00003 Asia TeleMedia, L.L.C. Action Complete
2003-08-31ROA-NEW-20030217-00001 Oration Technologies Inc. Action Complete
2003-08-25ROA-NEW-19970306-00004 ESATEL COMMUNICATIONS, INC. Action Complete
2001-07-17ROA-NEW-20010627-00001 INTELSAT LICENSE LLC Action Complete
2001-05-04ROA-NEW-INTR2000-00849 Ronald Garraud Action Complete
2001-01-10ROA-NEW-19991209-00001 NORTHPOINT COMMUNICATIONS, INC. Action Complete
2000-06-15ROA-NEW-INTR2000-00283 Randolph S. Michaud Action Complete
1999-07-07ROA-NEW-19981023-00004 CONSTELLATION COMMUNICATIONS, INC. Action Complete
1998-10-22ROA-NEW-19980805-00003 FACILICOM INTERNATIONAL L.L.C. Action Complete
1998-07-27ROA-NEW-19980605-00002 AMERITECH COMMUNICATIONS, INC. Action Complete
1998-04-14ROA-NEW-19980327-00001 MOBILE COMMUNICATIONS HOLDINGS, INC. Action Complete
1998-03-09ROA-NEW-19971230-00003 PUBLIX NETWORK CORPORATION Action Complete
1997-05-28ROA-NEW-19970404-00002 Global Crossing Telecommunications, Inc. (Debtor-in-Possession) Action Complete
1997-05-16ROA-NEW-19970306-00001 EASTEL COMMUNICATIONS, INC Action Complete
1997-04-10ROA-NEW-19961031-00547 INTERNATIONAL TELCOM LTD D/B/A KALLBACK Action Complete
1997-04-10ROA-NEW-19960930-00472 IRIDIUM LLC Action Complete
1996-11-20ROA-NEW-19960830-00413 USA GLOBAL LINK INC. Action Complete
1996-10-04ROA-NEW-19960919-00453 EXECUTIVE TELECARD, LTD. AND IDX INTERNATIONAL, INC. Action Complete
1996-05-29ROA-NEW-19960510-00001 Globalstar, Inc. Action Complete

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