Recognized Operating Authority Randolph S. Michaud

ROA-NEW-INTR2000-00283 / ROANEWINTR200000283

Filed By James Micahud

We are a search and rescue club that uses motorola radio's for communication purposes while on searches and on trainings that we conduct through out the year.

Filing: ROARecognized Operating Authority
Filing: NEWNew Application
Last ActionDismissed at Applicant's Request
Last Action Date2000-06-15
StatusAction Complete
Status Date2000-06-15
Date Filed2000-04-14
Red LightN
Randolph S. Michaud
1086 Mapleton Road
Mapleton, ME 047574508 USA
James Micahud
Northstar Search and Rescue Association
162 West Presque Isle Road
Caribou, ME 04736 USA
1086 Mapleton Road, Mapleton, ME 04757 USA
162 West Presque Isle Road, Caribou, ME 04736 USA


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