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Filing Notes:

The purpose of modification is to operate communication service of Eutelsat 7A satellite-to-aircraft.2012-11-14

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E-Mail generated [Feb 7 2012]Correspondence2012-02-07
E-Mail generated [Aug 21 2012]Correspondence2012-08-21
Incoming generated [Feb 7 2012]Correspondence2012-02-07
Incoming generated [Sep 10 2012]Correspondence2012-09-10
Dismissal Without Prejudice generated [Mar 23 2015]Correspondence2015-03-23
FCC Inquiry ResponsePost Grant Documents2012-09-10
Dismissal Without Prejudice generated [Mar 23 2015]Post Grant Documents2015-04-01
IB CoordinationText Documents2012-02-07
WC2XVE ModificationText Documents2012-01-31
Debris Mitigation PlanText Documents2012-03-08
Orbital Debris STatementText Documents2012-02-23
Oribital Debris Cover LetterText Documents2012-02-23
Eutelsat Debris Mitigation Plan V2Text Documents2012-08-14
Exhibit Describing Application PurposeText Documents2012-02-07
International Bureau License ConditionsText Documents2012-11-14
Supplemental Statemet Debris Mitigation PlanText Documents2012-04-19

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