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This document pretains to SES-T/C-20190128-00008 for Transfer of Control on a Satellite Earth Station filing.

                                                                            FCC Form 312
                                    Pro Forma Transfer of Control of Earth Station Licensee
                                                                             Question A.21

                                          EXHIBIT F

      Public Interest Statement and Request for Waiver of 30-Day Notification Period

        This notification relates to the pro forma transfer of control of the common carrier earth
station licensee identified on FCC Form 312 (“Licensee”). This took place November 19, 2018,
as part of an internal reorganization dictated by the upcoming exit of the United Kingdom
(“U.K.”) from the European Union (“Brexit”). The reorganization replaced one U.K. entity
(Inmarsat Ventures Ltd.) with a new U.K. entity (Inmarsat New Ventures Ltd.) in the middle of
Licensee’s ownership chain. The new entity has no employees and has the same board of
directors as the former entity. Licensee certifies in accordance with 47 CFR § 25.119(h) that the
transfer of control was pro forma and that, together with all previous pro forma transactions, it
did not result in a change in the actual controlling party.

         The reorganization (conducted through a series of share/subsidiary transfers) was
necessitated by the fact that Inmarsat Ventures Ltd. held a European Union spectrum
authorization, and the holder of that authorization needed to be domiciled in the European Union
by the time of Brexit. For that reason Inmarsat Ventures Ltd. was removed from the ownership
chain above the Licensee, and Inmarsat New Ventures Ltd. was inserted in its place in
Licensee’s ownership chain. The Licensee first became aware in January 2019 (during the
partial federal government shutdown) that the pro forma transfer of control in the United
Kingdom portion of its ownership chain had taken place. Under 47 CFR § 25.119(h), the prior
approval of the FCC was not required for this pro forma transfer of control; but a notification
was supposed to have been submitted within 30 days after the transaction. Licensee is filing this
notification as quickly as possible after the FCC’s International Bureau Filing System re-opened
following the suspension of operations due to the partial federal government shutdown.
Licensee regrets this inadvertent lapse and requests a waiver of the notification deadline.

        Because Licensee is the holder of a blanket earth station license designated as common
carrier and has more than 25 percent indirect foreign ownership, it has filed a new Petition for
Declaratory Ruling under IBFS File No. ISP-PDR-20190128-00001.

       Commission consent to the pro forma transfer of control is in the public interest as it
allows the Licensee’s intermediate U.K.-domiciled parent to be moved out of its ownership chain
to implement Brexit and to be replaced by another U.K.-domiciled entity, without any substantial
change in ownership of the Licensee.

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