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DECISION submitted by IB-FCC



This document pretains to SES-T/C-20181010-03024 for Transfer of Control on a Satellite Earth Station filing.

                                           UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
                                      FEDERAL COMMUNICATIONS COMMISSION

                                   RADIO STATION AUTHORIZATION

Name: Tennessee Radio Network                                             File Number: SES-T/C-20181010-03024
Authorization Type: Consent To Transfer Control                        Class of Station: Fixed Earth Stations

                                        Grant Date: Thursday, April 25, 2019

         iHeartMedia, Inc., as debtor-in-possession
         7136 S. Yale Avenue
         Suite 501
         Tulsa, OK 74136
         iHeartMedia, Inc.
         7136 5. Yale Avenue
         Suite 501
         Tulsa, OK 74136
         Tennessee Radio Network
         7136 S. Yale Avenue
         Suite 501
         TULSA, OK 74136

         E860028 NASHVILLE TN     ,

         Under the authority of the Communications Act of 1934, as amended, the consent of the Federal
         Communications Commission is hereby granted to the transaction indicated above. The Commission’s consent to
         the above is based on the representations made by the applicants that the statements contained in, or made in
         connection with, the application are true and that the undertakings of the parties upon which this transaction is
         authorized will be carried out in good faith. The actual consummation of voluntary transactions shall be
         completed within 180 days from the date hereof, and notice in letter form thereof shall promptly be furnished the
         Commission by the buyer showing the date the acts necessary to effect the transaction were completed. Upon
         furnishing the Commission with such written notice, this transaction will be considered completed for all
         purposes related to the above described station(s).

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