Satellite Earth Station ATLAS Space Operations, Inc

SES-STA-INTR2021-03444 / SESSTAINTR202103444

Filed By Hanna Pritchard

Per FCC Rule 1.62, applicant will continue to communicate with GNOMES-2 (WL2XES) under the terms and conditions of its existing STA pending action on this timely filed renewal. See File No. SES-STA-20210521-00827.

Filing: SESSatellite Earth Station
Filing: STASpecial Temporal Authority
StatusFiled - payment received
Status Date2021-09-10
Date Filed2021-09-03
Red LightN
ATLAS Space Operations, Inc
10850 E Traverse Hwy
Ste 2225
Traverse City, MI 49684 USA
Hanna Pritchard
ATLAS Space Operations
10850 E Traverse Hwy
Ste 3375
Traverse City, MI 49684 USA
10850 E Traverse Hwy, Traverse City, MI 49684 USA


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