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This document pretains to SES-STA-INTR2019-00829 for Special Temporal Authority on a Satellite Earth Station filing.

Globecomm License Sub LLC
Hauppauge, NY AOT-10 Earth Station License, E990402
Request for Further Extension of Special Temporary Authority

                                     NARRATIVE STATEMENT

        Globecomm License Sub LLC (“Globecomm”) requests an additional 60 days, beginning

April 8, 2019, of Special Temporary Authority (“STA”) previously granted for Globecomm to

communicate with the Eutelsat 65 West A (“E65WA”) satellite through its Hauppauge, New

York AOT-10 Earth Station (Call Sign E990402) using International Telecommunication Union

(“ITU”) Appendix 30B Ku-band frequencies at 10.7-10.95 GHz and 12.75-13.25 GHz.1

Globecomm has filed an application to modify its Hauppauge, NY AOT-10 Earth station license

to add the E65WA satellite as an authorized point of communication and use the ITU Appendix

30B Ku-band frequencies on a permanent basis, which remains pending before the Commission.2

Pursuant to Section 1.62 of the Commission’s rules, Globecomm will continue to operate

pursuant to the terms and conditions of its existing STA pending action on this timely filed

renewal request.3

        In support of this extension request, Globecomm incorporates by reference its pending

application to modify its Hauppauge, NY AOT-10 Earth station license. The pending

application demonstrates requested operations comply with the Table of Allocations, FCC rules,

and the provisions of ITU Appendix 30B, and that the proposed operations will not cause

harmful interference to any lawfully operating facility.

         See Satellite Communications Services Information; Actions Taken, Public Notice, Report No. SES-02122,
File No. SES-STA-20181129-03344 (Dec. 12, 2018). See also Globecomm License Sub LLC Application for 60-
day STA Extension, Call Sign E990402, IBFS File No. SES-STA-20190129-00050 (filed Jan. 29, 2019).
        See Globecomm License Sub LLC, Application to Add the Eutelsat 65 West A Space Station as an
Authorized Point of Communication and Add New Ku-Band Frequencies, Call Sign E990402, File No. SES-MFS-
20180911-02588 (filed Sept. 11, 2018).
        47 C.F.R. §1.62.

       Grant of this further STA extension request will serve the public interest by allowing

Globecomm to continue providing international video distribution services to the Caribbean

region in response to growing customer demand. In addition, grant will provide the Commission

with additional time in which to continue processing the permanent license application.


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