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This document pretains to SES-STA-20190506-00563 for Special Temporal Authority on a Satellite Earth Station filing.

            ATLAS Space Operation, LLC
            10850 E. Traverse Highway, Suite 3355
            Traverse City, Michigan 49684-1363

 May 06, 2019

 TO    Ms. Marlene H. Dortch
       Secretary, Federal Communications Commission
       445 12th Street, S.W.
       Washington, D.C. 20554

Subject: Request for Special Temporary Authority, earth station E190037

Dear Ms. Dortch,

Pursuant to Section 25.120 of the Commission’s Rules, ATLAS Space Operations, Inc (“ATLAS”)
requests Special Temporary Authority (“STA”) for a period of sixty (60) days, commencing on June 1,
2019, for the operation of a satellite earth station in Guam to communicate with the Global 1-4 satellites in
accordance with parameters set forth in our pending application for regular license authority to operate
this station (See FCC call sign E190037 and Application for Earth Station Authority, File No. SES-LIC-

On October 23, 2018, the Commission granted BlackSky a (corrected) space station license for its 4-
satellite Global constellation. See FCC call sign S3032, File No. SAT-LOA-20180320-00023. The ATLAS
satellite earth station in Guam is required to provide TT&C and downlink support to all spacecraft in the
Global 1-4 constellation.

On March 18, 2019, the FCC issued a similar STA for the operation of the same earth station from April 1
to May 30, 2019 (SES-STA-20190208-00083). ATLAS has complied with all of the requirements and
conditions set forth in that STA.

As shown in the pending application for E190037, operation of the earth station has been coordinated
with the local license holders and a frequency coordination and interference analysis report has been
produced for the UHF-band and S-band transmissions. No negative inputs have been filed since that
application was place on public notice on February 13, 2019. We understand that BlackSky is pending
completion of coordination efforts with NASA for space-to-Earth transmissions in the 8025-8400 MHz
frequency band towards the Guam earth station and therefore will not transmit in this band until this
coordination effort is complete.

Operation of the Guam earth station from June 1, 2019 will enable frequent, predictable contact with each
spacecraft to support potential collision avoidance and perform orbit maintenance operations. It is
important to protect and maintain each of the satellites in the Global constellation in safe and stable orbits
and granting the STA would well serve the public interest.

Operational contact for the Guam earth station is through the ATLAS Operations Office (24x7):

        +1 231 598 6184 x 222 or
        +1 877 392 8527 x 222

The technical contact for this application is

        Mikel Acasuso, +1 231 598 6184,

           ATLAS Space Operation, LLC
           10850 E. Traverse Highway, Suite 3355
           Traverse City, Michigan 49684-1363

Respectfully submitted,

Mike Carey
Chief Strategy Officer
ATLAS Space Operations

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