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LETTER submitted by WorldVu Satellites Limited

Ex Parte Status Request


This document pretains to SES-STA-20190410-00516 for Special Temporal Authority on a Satellite Earth Station filing.

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April 8, 2019


Marlene H. Dortch
Federal Communications Commission
445 12th Street SW
Washington DC 20554

Re:    Space Exploration Holdings, LLC, IBFS File No. SAT-STA-20190405-00023
       SpaceX Services, Inc., IBFS File Nos. SES-STA-INTR2019-01012, SES-STA-
       INTR2019-01013, SES-STA-INTR2019-01014, SES-STA-INTR2019-01015, SES-
       STA-INTR2019-01016, SES-STA-INTR2019-01017, SES-STA-INTR2019-01018

Dear Ms. Dortch:

On April 5, 2019, Space Exploration Holdings, LLC and its sister company SpaceX Services,
Inc. (collectively “SpaceX”) filed the above-captioned applications for special temporary
authority (the “Applications”) in order to launch and operate their proposed non-geostationary
(“NGSO”), fixed-satellite service system. 1 The Applications request authority, among other
things, to launch the “first tranche” of NGSO satellites in SpaceX’s constellation by “early May
2019” and initiate communications between the satellites and one telemetry, tracking, and
control earth station and six Ku-band earth stations for up to 60 days. 2

  See Space Exploration Holdings, LLC, Request for Special Temporary Authority, IBFS File
No. SAT-STA-20190405-00023 (filed Apr. 5, 2019); SpaceX Services, Request for Special
Temporary Authority, IBFS File Nos. SES-STA-INTR2019-01012, et. al. (filed Apr. 5, 2019).
See also Space Exploration Holdings, LLC, Application for Modification of Authorization for
the SpaceX NGSO Satellite System, IBFS File No. SAT-MOD-20181108-00083 (filed Nov. 8,
 See, e.g., SpaceX Services, Request for Special Temporary Authority, IBFS File No. SES-STA-
INTR2019-01013 at 1 (filed Apr. 5, 2019); see also Space Exploration Holdings, LLC,
Application for Approval for Orbital Deployment and Operating Authority for the SpaceX NGSO
Satellite System, Memorandum Opinion, Order and Authorization, 33 FCC Rcd 3391 (2018).

Marlene H. Dortch
April 8, 2019
Page 2

Pursuant to Commission rules, 3 the Applications are currently “restricted” proceedings.
WorldVu Satellites Limited (“OneWeb”) respectfully requests the ex parte status of these
proceedings be converted from “restricted” to “permit-but-disclose.” 4 Converting the ex parte
status of these proceedings to “permit-but-disclose” would serve the public interest by allowing
the Commission to establish a more complete record upon which to evaluate the significant legal
and technical issues presented by the Applications.

Please do not hesitate to contact the undersigned with any questions.

Very truly yours,

/s/ Brian D. Weimer

Brian D. Weimer

cc:      Thomas Sullivan, Chief, International Bureau
         Jose Albuquerque, Chief, Satellite Division
         Karl Kensinger, Deputy Chief, Satellite Division
         Stephen Duall, Chief, Policy Branch, Satellite Division

    See 47 C.F.R. § 1.1208.
  See id. at § 1.1200 (stating the “Commission and its staff retain discretion to modify the
applicable ex parte rules” in a particular proceeding when “the public interest so requires.”). See
also Applications Accepted for Filing: Cut-off Established for Additional NGSO-like Satellite
Applications or Petitions for Operations in the 12.75-13.25 GHz, 13.85-14.0 GHz, 18.6-18.8
GHz, 19.3-20.2 GHz, and 29.1-29.5 GHz Bands, Public Notice, 32 FCC Rcd 4180, 4183 (IB
2017) (“To provide for uniformity of treatment, we will also treat any other applications
considered in this processing round under the ‘permit-but-disclose’ provisions of the ex parte

                                 CERTIFICATE OF SERVICE

I, Samuel Swoyer, hereby certify that on this 8th day of April 2019, a copy of the foregoing letter

is being sent via first class, U.S. Mail, postage paid, to the following:

Patricia Cooper
Vice President, Satellite Government Affairs
1155 F Street, N.W.
Suite 475
Washington, DC 20004

William M. Wiltshire
1919 M Street, N.W.
Suite 800
Washington, DC 20036
Counsel to Space Exploration Holdings, LLC &
SpaceX Services, Inc.

/s/ Samuel Swoyer______________________
Samuel Swoyer

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