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This document pretains to SES-STA-20120223-00197 for Special Temporal Authority on a Satellite Earth Station filing.

                                Call Sign: E930304

       DIRECTV Enterprises, LLC (“DIRECTV”) hereby requests an extension of its
Special Temporary Authority (“STA”) for up to sixty (60) days to conduct telemetry,
tracking and control (“TT&C”) operations with the DIRECTV 1R satellite while it
completes its drift from the 72.5˚ W.L. orbital location and while initially on station at
109.8˚ W.L.

        On January 4, 2012, the Commission granted DIRECTV a 60-day STA for these
TT&C operations.1 That STA will expire on March 8. However, the satellite is not
expected to arrive at its new orbital location until approximately March 15. In addition,
DIRECTV’s applications to (1) re-license DIRECTV 1R as a U.S. space station operating
at 109.8° W.L., and (2) add DIRECTV 1R at this location as an additional point of
contact for this earth station, remain pending.2 The requested STA will enable
DIRECTV to complete migration of the satellite and stationkeep it at its new orbital
location while these applications are being processed.

       As with the existing STA, the communications payload on DIRECTV 1R will
remain inactive and only the TT&C payload will operate, using the following

               Uplink:         17305 and 17799 MHz
               Downlink:       12698.25 and 12699.25 MHz.

DIRECTV will coordinate with potentially affected satellite operators in accordance with
industry practice, and will operate on a non-interference basis.

        Grant of this STA request will serve the public interest by allowing DIRECTV to
complete the return of this satellite to a U.S.-controlled DBS orbital location, where it
will help ensure uninterrupted service to DIRECTV subscribers. In addition, grant of this
STA request will not result in increased risk of harmful interference to any other system.
This earth station is already authorized to provide TT&C services using the frequencies
needed for the drift and stationkeeping of DIRECTV 1R.3

       Accordingly, DIRECTV respectfully requests that the Commission grant this STA
extension request as expeditiously as possible.

    See Grant Stamp, FCC File No. SES-STA-20111228-01512 (granted Jan. 4, 2012).
    See IBFS File Nos. SAT-A/O-20111205-00233, SES-MOD-20120119-00074.
    DIRECTV is also seeking a similar STA extension for a second earth station (E930229) in
    the interest of redundancy.

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