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This document pretains to SES-RWL-20190507-00574 for Renewal on a Satellite Earth Station filing.

May 7, 2019

Federal Communications Commission
Attn: Stop Code 0800B
The Portals
445 12th St SW
Washington DC 20554

Petition To Reinstate
Name: Coastal Satellite, Inc.
Call Sign: E040128
File Number: SES-LIC-20040303-00326

Grant Date of License 04/27/2004
Expiration date 4/27/19

As a licensee, I hereby request this petition to reinstate be granted along with the renewal filed today
and payment. The expiration date is only 10 days overdue.

Coastal Satellite , Inc has no other record of lapses.
Additionally the FCC IBFS website has had several intermittent outages with also attributed to the
delay in filing.

Robert Adler

Coastal Satellite, Inc.

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