Cox Communications,

LETTER submitted by Cox Communications, Inc.

Notification of Change in Mailing Address


This document pretains to SES-RWL-20091204-01538 for Renewal on a Satellite Earth Station filing.

                                                                                     Baker&Hostetler LLP
                                                                                     Washington Square, Suite 1100
                                                                                     1050 Connecticut Avenue, N.W,
                                                                                     Washington, DC 20036—5304
                                                                                     T 202.861.1500
October 24, 2014                                                                     F 202.861.1783
                                                                                     Gary S. Lutzker
                                                                                     direct dial: 202.861.1782

Federal Communications Commission
445 12th Street, SW
Washington, DC 20054

Attention:         International Bureau
                   Satellite Division

Re:      Cox Communications, Inc., et a/
         Temporary Fixed Earth Station
         Receive—Only Earth Stations


Ladies and Gentlemen:

On behalf of Cox Communications, Inc. and its subsidiaries (collectively, "Cox") we hereby notify the
Commission of a change the mailing address and contact information for the Temporary Fixed and
Receive—Only earth stations on the attached list. Each station is licensed or registered to a Cox
subsidiary. Please update the FCC‘s records to reflect the following information regarding the
licensees/registrants of these facilities:

         New Mailing Address:                 6305 Peachtree Dunwoody Road
                                              Atlanta, GA 30328
         Attention:                           Mr. Derrick Hanson
         Telephone:                           (404) 843—5455

Should you have any questions concerning this matter, please contact Allyson Mejia at (202) 861—
1713 or the undersigned counsel.


Gary S. Lutzker

         Atlanta     Chicago     Cincinnati     Cleveland    Columbus      Costa Mesa        Denver
      Houston      Los Angeles   New York        Orlando    Philadelphia   Seattle      Washington, DC

Federal Communications Commission
October 24, 2014
Page 2

                                Cox Communications, Inc.
                                     (FRN: 0001—8346—986)
         Call Sign                        Location               Station Type
         E030204                         Omaha, NE                  TVRO
         E030296                     West Warwick, Rl               TVRO
           E3493                         Omaha, NE                  TVRO
         E920280                    Oklahoma City, OK               TVRO
           KX60                        Oklahoma City                TVRO
           WBT75                      Manchester, CT                TVRO
           WF54                        Gainesville, FL              TVRO
           WP65                          Parma, OH                  TVRO

                                        CoxCom, LLC
                                     (FRN: 000 1—5244—61)

         Call Sign                      Location                 Station Type
         E880923                        Tulsa, OK           Transmit Earth Station —
                                                               Temporary Fixed
          E010196                     Ft. Smith, AR                 TVRO
          E010200                    Springdale, AR                 TVRO
          E010316                     Roanoke, VA                   TVRO
          E020079                   Fredericksburg, VA              TVRO
          E040366                      Merrifield, VA               TVRO
          E070147                     Alpharetta, GA                TVRO
          E110146                       Ketchum, ID                 TVRO
           KB49                          Tulsa, OK                  TVRO
          E010304                     Pensacola, FL                 TVRO
           E6762                      Pensacola, FL                 TVRO

                            Cox Communications Arizona, LLC
                                   (FRN: 0021—1742—30)

         Call Sign                      Location                 Station Type
         E010188                       Tucson, AZ                   TVRO
           E8014                       Phoenix, AZ                  TVRO
         E000328                       Tucson, AZ                   TVRO
           E7001                      Santa Rita, AZ                TVRO
           E7035                     Sierra Vista, AZ               TVRO
           E7070                       Douglas, AZ                  TVRO
           KL75                        Douglas, AZ                  TVRO
          E970204                     Chandler, AZ                  TVRO
           E3991                     Wickenburg, AZ                 TVRO

Federal Communications Commission
October 24, 2014
Page 3

                          Cox Communications California, LLC
                                 (FRN: 0021-1742-48)

         Call Sign                      Location               Station Type
         E010061                     Aliso Viejo, CA              TVRO
         E860408                    Santa Barbara, CA             TVRO
         E080141                    Palos Verdes, CA              TVRO
          KD55                        El Cajon, CA                TVRO

                          Cox Communications Louisiana, LLC
                                 (FRN: 0005-0588-54)

         Call Sign                     Location                Station Type
         E000013                      Harahan, LA                 TVRO
         E010284                     Lafayette, LA                TVRO
         E090185                    Baton Rouge, LA               TVRO
         E880410                     Gonzalez, LA                 TVRO

                           Cox Communications Kansas, LLC
                                 (FRN: 0005-4448-72)

         Call Sign                     Location                Station Type
         E000055                      Parsons, KS                 TVRO
         E020094                      Wichita, KS                 TVRO
          KF41                        Topeka, KS                  TVRO

                          Cox Communications Gulf Coast, LLC
                                 (FRN: 0005-8999-68)

         Call Sign                   Location                  Station Type
         E010303                Ft. Walton Beach, FL              TVRO
          E6017                 Ft. Walton Beach, FL              TVRO

                       Cox Communications Hampton Roads, LLC
                                (FRN: 0006-1534-31)

         Call Sign                       Location              Station Type
         E872907                    Virginia Beach, VA            TVRO
         E090089                     Chesapeake, VA               TVRO

Federal Communications Commission
October 24, 2014
Page 4

                           Cox Communications Georgia, LLC
                                    (FRN: 0019—7045—76)

         Call Sign                    Location                 Station Type
         E020081                     Macon, GA                    TVRO

                          Cox Communications Las Vegas, Inc.
                                    (FRN: 0001—8431—76)

         Call Sign                    Location                 Station Type
         E080061                    Henderson, NV                 TVRO

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