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This document pretains to SES-REG-20180810-03848 for Earth Station Registration on a Satellite Earth Station filing.

                         Micronet Communications, Inc.
                                 720 F Avenue, Suite 100
                                   Plano, Texas 75074

                          SUPPLEMENTAL SHOWING PART 101.103(D)

File Number: V1815211                   3.70 GHz
Licensee: Vyve Broadband A, LLC                                                Page 1

Pursuant to Parts 25.203 and 101.103(d) of the FCC Rules and Regulations, a frequency
coordination study was conducted by Micronet Communications, Inc. for the following
proposed earth station:

  McAlester, OK

The results of the study indicate that no unacceptable interference will result with
existing, proposed or prior coordinated radio facilities.

Coordination was performed with existing, proposed and prior coordinated carriers
within coordination range on the following dates:

  07/06/2018   Original PCN
               There were no unresolved interference objections.

The attached coordination data was forwarded on the latest date to the following
parties within coordination range or their authorized coordination agents:

                                          Respectfully Submitted,

                                          Jeremy Lewis
                                           Systems Engineer

Attached: 1 data sheet

                              Micronet Communications, Inc.
                                 720 F Avenue, Suite 100
                                   Plano, Texas 75074

File: V1815211


Company:                        Vyve Broadband   A, LLC
Site Name, State:               McAlester, OK
Call Sign:
Latitude                          (NAD83)          34 56   7.1 N
Longitude                         (NAD83)          95 47 12.6 W
Elevation AMSL                    (ft/m)         746.60      227.56
Receive Frequency Range           (MHz)          3700-4200
Transmit Frequency Range          (MHz)
Range of Satellite Orbital Long. (deg W)          50.00       140.00
Range of Azimuths from North      (deg)          119.12       239.52
Antenna Centerline                (ft/m)           6.73         2.05
Antenna Elevation Angles          (deg)           27.15        28.35

Equipment Parameters                           Receive

Antenna Gain, Main Beam             (dbI)        39.00
15 DB Half Beamwidth                (deg)         2.20

Antennas         Receive: SCIENTIFIC ATLANTA 2.8 M

Max Transmitter Power               (dbW/4KHz)
Max EIRP Main Beam                  (dbW/4KHz)
Modulation / Emission Designator     DIGITAL   36M0G7W

Coordination Parameters                        Receive

Max Greater Circle Distances        (km)         282.78
Max Rain Scatter Distances          (km)         398.47
Max Interference Power Long Term    (dbW)       -140.60
Max Interference Power Short Term   (dbW)       -118.40
Rain Zone / Radio Zone                            2            A

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