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coordinates J&J ses

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This document pretains to SES-REG-20180716-02417 for Earth Station Registration on a Satellite Earth Station filing.

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Sent: Wednesday, December 19, 2018 6:21 PM
To: Sheri Cooke <>
Cc: Jessica A Rogers <>; John Dimeo <>
Subject: RE: geographical coordinate of your station's site FW: J&J Broadcasting, Inc. file number SES-
REG-2018071602417 Call Sign E181536

Let try this.
The google Earth picture of the KAPS-KBRC studio building sits to the NORTH of the Dish. The ground
was dug at the time to support the new mount and transmission line. The dish location is: 122 20 45.22
The application has a 2 dropped from the Longitude.
The picture Trang sent is to the South-West of the studio.
The four towers in our picture is the PAREN Antenna of KAPS. Also the single 200ft tower North-East of
the Paren antenna is not shown well.

Michael H Gilbert
Gilbert’s Broadcast Services, LLC

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