Attachment OXNARD FAA Waiver

This document pretains to SES-REG-20180710-02064 for Earth Station Registration on a Satellite Earth Station filing.

Part 17.7(e)
(e) A notification to the FAA is not required for any of the following construction or alteration:
(1) Any object that will be shielded by existing structures of a permanent and substantial nature
or by natural terrain or topographic features of equal or greater height, and will be located in the
congested area of a city, town, or settlement where the shielded structure will not adversely
affect safety in air navigation;
(2) Any air navigation facility, airport visual approach or landing aid, aircraft arresting device, or
meteorological device meeting FAA-approved siting criteria or an appropriate military service
siting criteria on military airports, the location and height of which are fixed by its functional
(3) Any antenna structure of 6.10 meters (20 feet) or less in height, except one that would
increase the height of another antenna structure.

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