Application for Fixed Satellite Service Other by Light of Life Community, Inc.

SES-MSC-INTR2018-09143 / SESMSCINTR201809143

Filed By bob Carubia

non-commercial educational broadcasting

Filing: SESSatellite Earth Station
Filing: MSCMiscellaneous
Nature of ServiceFixed Satellite Service Other
StatusInternet Not Processed
Status Date2018-10-17
Date Filed2018-10-17
Red LightN
Environmental ImpactN
Light of Life Community, Inc.
132 Carubia Dr.
Core, WV 26541 USA
bob Carubia
132 carubia dr
[email protected]
core, WV 26541 USA
132 Carubia Dr., Core, WV 26541 USA
core, WV 26541 USA


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Ground Station Site Info

Site: WVUS Grafton

  • Location: 182 Tipple Dr  Grafton Taylor WV 25354
  • Coordinates: 39° 21' 7.68 N, 80° 2' 41.29 W
  • Elevation: 474

Ground Site Antennas

Site ID: WVUS GraftonAntenna ID: Grafton A
Manufacturer: ProdelinDiameter (meters): 4
Model: 1304Diameter Minor (m):
Building Height AGL (m): 0Diameter Major (m):
Max Antenna Height AGL (m): 6Quantity: 3
Max Antenna Height AMSL (m): Total Power (Watts):
Max Antenna Height Above Rooftop (m): Total EIRP (dBW):
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No Public Notices
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