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This document pretains to SES-MOD-INTR2019-02377 for Modification on a Satellite Earth Station filing.

                                       Before the
                                  Washington, DC 20554

     In the Matter of

      Notification by Shell Communications,       )   Call Sign E080139
      Inc. of Earth Station Modification Not      )
      Requiring Prior Authorization               )   File No. SES-MFS-20160112-00021


          Pursuant to Section 25.118(a)(4) of the Commission’s rules,1 Shell Communications, Inc.

(“Shell”) hereby notifies the Commission of a permitted modification to existing C-band fixed-

satellite service (“FSS”) earth station operations by adding new, lower-power emissions for the

SeaTel 9797 terminal on the Perdido oil platform in the Gulf of Mexico.2 Shell will operate the

terminal at EIRP spectral density levels below those currently specified in the license and will

otherwise operate consistent with Commission rules and policies governing C-band earth

station operations.3

          Shell is authorized to operate the SeaTel terminal using emission designator 3M47G7W

to communicate with Permitted List satellites (including specifically the EUTELSAT 117 WEST

A satellite, formerly known as SATMEX 5) in the 3700-4200 MHz and 5925-6425 MHz bands.

Shell seeks to operate additional emissions (8M64G7W and 2M32G7W), both at lower power

spectral densities than currently permitted in the license, which will enhance operational

efficiency and flexibility. Shell has included in FCC Form 312 and Schedule B the operational

parameters that will change as a result of the permitted modification and confirms that no other

information in the license will change.

    See 47 C.F.R. § 25.118(a)(4).
    See Shell Communications, Inc., File No. SES-MFS-20160112-00021, Call Sign E080139.
    See, e.g., 47 C.F.R. §§ 25.202-25.205.

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