Attachment Coordination Report

This document pretains to SES-MOD-20180720-02040 for Modification on a Satellite Earth Station filing.

                                                                                                     Approved by OMB

Date & Time Filed: Jul 20 2018 7:50:18:133PM
File Number: SES−MOD−INTR2018−04093


                        FCC 312 MAIN FORM FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY

Enter a description of this application to identify it on the main menu:
Call Sign E160107 Mod to site location
1−8. Legal Name of Applicant

           Name:        ViaSat, Inc.                       Phone Number:   760−476−2583
           DBA                                             Fax Number:     760−929−3941
           Street:      6155 El Camino Real                E−Mail:

           City:        Carlsbad                           State:          CA
           Country:      USA                               Zipcode:        92009       −
           Attention:   Mr Daryl T Hunter


9−16. Name of Contact Representative

                Name:          Elizabeth Park                         Phone Number:                       202−637−1056
                Company: Latham & Watkins LLP                         Fax Number:
                Street:        555 Eleventh Street, NW                E−Mail:                   
                               Suite 1000
                City:          Washington                             State:                              DC
                Country:        USA                                   Zipcode:                            20004−
                Attention:                                            Relationship:                       Legal Counsel

    17. Choose the button next to the
    classification that applies to this filing for   (N/A) b1. Application for License of New Station
    both questions a. and b. Choose only one         (N/A) b2. Application for Registration of New Domestic Receive−Only Station
    for 17a and only one for 17b.                        b3. Amendment to a Pending Application
                                                         b4. Modification of License or Registration
           a1. Earth Station
                                                     b5. Assignment of License or Registration
           a2. Space Station                         b6. Transfer of Control of License or Registration
                                                          b7. Notification of Minor Modification
                                                     (N/A) b8. Application for License of New Receive−Only Station Using Non−U.S. Licensed
                                                     (N/A) b9. Letter of Intent to Use Non−U.S. Licensed Satellite to Provide Service in the United
                                                     (N/A) b10. Other (Please specify)
                                                        (N/A) b11. Application for Earth Station to Access a Non−U.S.satellite Not Currently Authorized
                                                     to Provide the Proposed Service in the Proposed Frequencies in the United States
                                                        (N/A) b12. Application for Database Entry
                                                          b13. Amendment to a Pending Database Entry Application
                                                         b14. Modification of Database Entry


      17c. Is a fee submitted with this application?
       If Yes, complete and attach FCC Form 159.       If No, indicate reason for fee exemption (see 47 C.F.R.Section 1.1114).
        Governmental Entity            Noncommercial educational licensee
        Other(please explain):


    Fee Classification CGX − Fixed Satellite Transmit/Receive Earth

    18. If this filing is in reference to an      19. If this filing is an amendment to a pending application enter both fields, if this filing is a
    existing station, enter:                      modification please enter only the file number:
    (a) Call sign of station:                     (a) Date pending application was filed:              (b) File number:


20. NATURE OF SERVICE: This filing is for an authorization to provide or use the following type(s) of service(s): Select all that apply:

      a. Fixed Satellite
      b. Mobile Satellite
      c. Radiodetermination Satellite
      d. Earth Exploration Satellite
      e. Direct to Home Fixed Satellite
      f. Digital Audio Radio Service
      g. Other (please specify)

21. STATUS: Choose the button next to the applicable status. Choose      22. If earth station applicant, check all that apply.
only one.                                                                     Using U.S. licensed satellites
    Common Carrier        Non−Common Carrier                                 Using Non−U.S. licensed satellites

23. If applicant is providng INTERNATIONAL COMMON CARRIER service, see instructions regarding Sec. 214 filings. Choose one. Are these
     Connected to a Public Switched Network   Not connected to a Public Switched Network     N/A

    24. FREQUENCY BAND(S): Place an ’X’ in the box(es) next to all applicable frequency band(s).
     a. C−Band (4/6 GHz)   b. Ku−Band (12/14 GHz)
      c.Other (Please specify upper and lower frequencies in MHz.)
         Frequency Lower: 17700           Frequency Upper:     30000         (Please specify additional frequencies in an attachment)


25. CLASS OF STATION: Choose the button next to the class of station that applies. Choose only one.
    a. Fixed Earth Station
    b. Temporary−Fixed Earth Station
    c. 12/14 GHz VSAT Network
    d. Mobile Earth Station
    e. Geostationary Space Station
    f. Non−Geostationary Space Station
    g. Other (please specify)

    Transmit/Receive  Transmit−Only               Receive−Only         N/A
"For Space Station applications, select N/A."



27. The purpose of this proposed modification is to: (Place an ’X’ in the box(es) next to all that apply.)

        a −− authorization to add new emission designator and related service
         b −− authorization to change emission designator and related service
         c −− authorization to increase EIRP and EIRP density
         d −− authorization to replace antenna
         e −− authorization to add antenna
         f −− authorization to relocate fixed station
         g −− authorization to change frequency(ies)
         h −− authorization to add frequency
         i −− authorization to add Points of Communication (satellites & countries)
         j −− authorization to change Points of Communication (satellites & countries)
         k −− authorization for facilities for which environmental assessment and
radiation hazard reporting is required
         l −− authorization to change orbit location
         m −− authorization to perform fleet management
         n −− authorization to extend milestones
         o −− Other (Please specify)



28. Would a Commission grant of any proposal in this application or amendment have a significant environmental         Yes         No
impact as defined by 47 CFR 1.1307? If YES, submit the statement as required by Sections 1.1308 and 1.1311 of
the Commission’s rules, 47 C.F.R. 1.1308 and 1.1311, as an exhibit to this application.A Radiation Hazard Study        Narrative
must accompany all applications for new transmitting facilities, major modifications, or major amendments.

ALIEN OWNERSHIPEarth station applicants not proposing to provide broadcast, common carrier, aeronautical en route or
aeronautical fixed radio station services are not required to respond to Items 30−34.

29. Is the applicant a foreign government or the representative of any foreign government?                             Yes         No

30. Is the applicant an alien or the representative of an alien?                                                       Yes         No   N/A

31. Is the applicant a corporation organized under the laws of any foreign government?                                 Yes         No   N/A

32. Is the applicant a corporation of which more than one−fifth of the capital stock is owned of record or voted by    Yes         No   N/A
aliens or their representatives or by a foreign government or representative thereof or by any corporation organized
under the laws of a foreign country?


33. Is the applicant a corporation directly or indirectly controlled by any other corporation of which more than              Yes         No     N/A
one−fourth of the capital stock is owned of record or voted by aliens, their representatives, or by a foreign
government or representative thereof or by any corporation organized under the laws of a foreign country?

34. If any answer to questions 29, 30, 31, 32 and/or 33 is Yes, attach as an exhibit an identification of the aliens or   Exhibit A
foreign entities, their nationality, their relationship to the applicant, and the percentage of stock they own or vote.


35. Does the Applicant request any waivers or exemptions from any of the Commission’s Rules?                                        Yes         No
If Yes, attach as an exhibit, copies of the requests for waivers or exceptions with supporting documents.

                                                                                                                          RF Measurement Rep

36. Has the applicant or any party to this application or amendment had any FCC station authorization or license                    Yes         No
revoked or had any application for an initial, modification or renewal of FCC station authorization, license, or
construction permit denied by the Commission? If Yes, attach as an exhibit, an explination of circumstances.
                                                                                                                          Coordination Report


37. Has the applicant, or any party to this application or amendment, or any party directly or indirectly controlling    Yes   No
the applicant ever been convicted of a felony by any state or federal court? If Yes, attach as an exhibit, an
explination of circumstances.

38. Has any court finally adjudged the applicant, or any person directly or indirectly controlling the applicant,        Yes   No
guilty of unlawfully monopolizing or attemptiing unlawfully to monopolize radio communication, directly or
indirectly, through control of manufacture or sale of radio apparatus, exclusive traffic arrangement or any other
means or unfair methods of competition?If Yes, attach as an exhibit, an explanation of circumstances

39. Is the applicant, or any person directly or indirectly controlling the applicant, currently a party in any pending   Yes   No
matter referred to in the preceding two items? If yes, attach as an exhinit, an explanation of the circumstances.

40. If the applicant is a corporation and is applying for a space station license, attach as an exhibit the names,
address, and citizenship of those stockholders owning a record and/or voting 10 percent or more of the Filer’s
voting stock and the percentages so held. In the case of fiduciary control, indicate the beneficiary(ies) or class of
beneficiaries. Also list the names and addresses of the officers and directors of the Filer.


41. By checking Yes, the undersigned certifies, that neither applicant nor any other party to the application is                Yes          No
subject to a denial of Federal benefits that includes FCC benefits pursuant to Section 5301 of the Anti−Drug Act of
1988, 21 U.S.C. Section 862, because of a conviction for possession or distribution of a controlled substance. See
47 CFR 1.2002(b) for the meaning of "party to the application" for these purposes.

42a. Does the applicant intend to use a non−U.S. licensed satellite to provide service in the United States? If Yes,            Yes          No
answer 42b and attach an exhibit providing the information specified in 47 C.F.R. 25.137, as appropriate. If No,
proceed to question 43.

42b. What administration has licensed or is in the process of licensing the space station? If no license will be issued, what administration has
coordinated or is in the process of coordinating the space station?United Kingdom

43. Description. (Summarize the nature of the application and the services to be provided).    (If the complete description does not appear in this
box, please go to the end of the form to view it in its entirety.)
     See Narrative attached.


43a. Geographic Service Rule Certification                                                                                        A
By selecting A, the undersigned certifies that the applicant is not subject to the geographic service or geographic
coverage requirements specified in 47 C.F.R. Part 25.
By selecting B, the undersigned certifies that the applicant is subject to the geographic service or geographic
coverage requirements specified in 47 C.F.R. Part 25 and will comply with such requirements.
By selecting C, the undersigned certifies that the applicant is subject to the geographic service or geographic
coverage requirements specified in 47 C.F.R. Part 25 and will not comply with such requirements because it is not
feasible as a technical matter to do so, or that, while technically feasible, such services would require so many
compromises in satellite design and operation as to make it economically unreasonable. A narrative description
and technical analysis demonstrating this claim are attached.

The Applicant waives any claim to the use of any particular frequency or of the electromagnetic spectrum as against the regulatory power of the
United States because of the previous use of the same, whether by license or otherwise, and requests an authorization in accordance with this
application. The applicant certifies that grant of this application would not cause the applicant to be in violation of the spectrum aggregation limit
in 47 CFR Part 20. All statements made in exhibits are a material part hereof and are incorporated herein as if set out in full in this application.
The undersigned, individually and for the applicant, hereby certifies that all statements made in this application and in all attached exhibits are
true, complete and correct to the best of his or her knowledge and belief, and are made in good faith.


44. Applicant is a (an): (Choose the button next to applicable response.)

      Unincorporated Association
      Governmental Entity
      Other (please specify)

     45. Name of Person Signing                                             46. Title of Person Signing
     Daryl T. Hunter                                                        CTO, Regulatory Affairs

                    (U.S. Code, Title 18, Section 1001), AND/OR REVOCATION OF ANY STATION AUTHORIZATION
                  (U.S. Code, Title 47, Section 312(a)(1)), AND/OR FORFEITURE (U.S. Code, Title 47, Section 503).


                                             SATELLITE EARTH STATION AUTHORIZATIONS
                                      FCC Form 312 − Schedule B:(Technical and Operational Description)
                                                         FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY

Location of Earth Station Site

E1: Site Identifier: SAN 1                 E5. Call Sign:
E2: Contact Name Daryl T. Hunter           E6. Phone            760−476−2583
E3. Street:          3500 Lyman Blvd       E7. City:            Chaska
                                           E8. County:          Carver
E4. State            MN                    E9. Zip Code         55318
E10. Area of Operation:                    Fixed
E11. Latitude:       44 °51 ’7.5 "N
E12. Longitude:      93 °36 ’1.2 "W
E13. Lat/Lon Coordinates are:                 NAD−27                NAD−83               N/A

E14. Site Elevation (AMSL):                308.8 meters

E15. If the proposed antenna(s) operate in the Fixed Satellite Service (FSS) with geostationary satellites, do(es) the
proposed antenna(s) comply with the antenna gain patterns specified in Section 25.209(a) and (b) as demonstrated         Yes   No   N/A
by the manufacturer’s qualification measurement? If NO, provide as a technical analysis showing compliance with
two−degree spacing policy.


E16. If the proposed antenna(s) do not operate in the Fixed Satellite Service (FSS), or if they operate in the Fixed
Satellite Service (FSS) with non−geostationary satellites, do(es) the proposed antenna(s) comply with the antenna      Yes   No        N/A
gain patterns specified in Section 25.209(a2) and (b) as demonstrated by the manufacturer’s qualification

E17. Is the facility operated by remote control? If YES, provide the location and telephone number of the control
point.                                                                                                                 Yes        No

E18. Is frequency coordination required? If YES, attach a frequency coordination report as
                                                                                                                       Yes        No

E19. Is coordination with another country required? If YES, attach the name of the country(ies) and plot of
coordination contours as                                                                                               Yes        No

E20. FAA Notification − (See 47 CFR Part 17 and 47 CFR part 25.113(c)) Where FAA notification is required,
have you attached a copy of a completed FCC Form 854 and/or the FAA’s study regarding the potential hazard of          Yes        No
the structure to aviation?
Satellite Name:If you selected OTHER, please enter the following:
E21. Common Name:                                                         E22. ITU Name:
E23. Orbit Location:                                                      E24. Country:
E25. Site Identifier:


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