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                     Memphis, TN (Olive Branch, MS)

                  Transmit and Receive Earth Station
                      17-21 GHz and 27-31 GHz

                             NOVEMBER 22, 2017

19700 Janelia Farm Boulevard. - Ashburn, Virginia 20147, USA - 703.726.5500 - Fax 703.726.5597

                               TABLE OF CONTENTS

SECTION 1 Introduction and Background

  1.1 Introduction

  1.2 Background

  1.3 Constraints

SECTION 2 Test Procedure

  2.1 Calibration

  2.2 Methodology

SECTION 3 Data Presentation

SECTION 4 Summary of Results

SECTION 5 Conclusions and Recommendations

  5.1 Conclusions

  5.2 Recommendations

Addendum 1

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                                           SECTION 1

                          INTRODUCTION AND BACKGROUND

1.1 Introduction

On-site Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) measurements were performed on behalf of ViaSat,
Inc. on OCTOBER 31, 2017 at their proposed site in Memphis, TN (Olive Branch, MS). The
purpose of these measurements was to determine the relative RFI levels in the 17-21 and 27-31
GHz common carrier frequency band and their impact on digital down-link satellite reception.
Measurements were performed at one designated location. The purpose of this report is to
document the results of these measurements and to present recommendations.

The analysis in this report is based upon the following:

•   Andrew 4.1 Meter Antenna

•   Satellite Arc: 55 to 115 Degrees West Longitude

•   Frequency Range Considered: 17 to 21 GHz and 27-31 GHz

•   Interference Objective: -156 dBW/1 MHz

•   Type of Reception: Digital

•   Measured Antenna Center Line: 6.5 Feet Above Ground Level

1.2 Background

ViaSat, Inc is proposing to locate a new transmit/receive antenna at an existing location of 340
59’ 43.6” N and 890 52’ 28.7” W ViaSat, Inc had requested that Comsearch conduct RFI
measurements at the facility to assess the interference potential. This facility is currently
nonoperational and measurements were done at a point near the proposed antenna locations.

The measured site is identified on a portion of a topographic map shown in Figure 1.2-1. An
aerial photo of the site location is shown in Figure 1.2-2. A photo of the measurement using a
GPS is shown in Figure 1.2-3.

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