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S2372 (1).pdf


Surrender Letter


This document pretains to SES-MOD-20180221-00149 for Modification on a Satellite Earth Station filing.

                                                                                         Arent Fox LLP / Attorneys at Law
Are nt       hx
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     September 4, 2019                                                             Jeffrey E. Rummel
                                                                                   202.715.8479 pirECT
     ELECTRONICALLY FILED                                                          oneSiants t
     Marlene H. Dortch                                                   
     Federal Communications Commission
     445 12"" Street SW
     Washington, DC 20554

             Re:    Surrender of Space Station License Effective September 9, 2019 — $2372

     Dear Ms. Dortch:

     On behalf of Leidos, Inc., licensee of Space Station $2372, this is to advise the Commission that
     Leidos will permanently discontinue operations under $2372 as of September 9, 2019.

     Accordingly, Leidos hereby surrenders — effective September 9, 2019 —the $2372 license.

     It is requested that the Commission formally terminate the S$2372 license effective September 9,

     Please do not hesitate to contact the undersigned with any questions.

     Respectfully submitted,

     Jeffrey E. Rummel
     Attorney for Leidos, Inc.

     Certification Attached

Smart In
Your World                                                  1717 K Street, NW / Washington, DC 20006—5344 /

1, Meena Rork. Program Manager for Leidos, Inc., hereby certify that under the laws of the United
States that, under penalty of perjury, that I have reviewed the attachedletter, and that, to the best of
my knowledge and belief, all of the information contained therein is accurate and correct.
                                                   goeime To
                                              Meena Rork
                                              Program Manager
                                              Leidos, Inc.
                                              Tel: 301.240.6590
                                               Date: S__%%{Q.. . . .|L.

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