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This document pretains to SES-MOD-20091105-01419 for Modification on a Satellite Earth Station filing.

Inmarsat Hawaii Inc.
FCC Form 312
Exhibit A

                                   Response to Question 36

               Inmarsat Hawaii Inc. submits this response to Question 36 of FCC Form 312 out
of an abundance of caution. In 2005, the Commission dismissed a Petition for Declaratory
Ruling (the “Petition”) filed by the Inmarsat Hawaii Inc.’s affiliate, Inmarsat Global Limited
(“Inmarsat Global”), seeking United States market access to provide MSS in the 2 GHz band.
Subsequent to Inmarsat Global’s filing, the Commission assigned all 2 GHz spectrum currently
allocated for MSS in the United States to two other satellite operators, and thus dismissed
Inmarsat Global’s Petition. 1 Inmarsat Global has sought reconsideration of both the
Commission’s disposition of the 2 GHz band and the accompanying dismissal of its Petition. 2

       Use of Returned Spectrum in the 2 GHz Mobile Satellite Service Frequency Bands, 20
       FCC Rcd 19696 (2005); Inmarsat Global Limited, Petition for Declaratory Ruling to
       Provide Mobile Satellite Service to the United States Using the 2 GHz and Extended Ku-
       Bands, 20 FCC Rcd 19409 (2005).
       Inmarsat Ventures Limited and Inmarsat Global Limited, Petition for Reconsideration,
       File Nos. SAT-PPL-20050926-00184 et al. (filed Jan. 9, 2006).

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