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This document pretains to SES-ASG-20130815-00736 for Assignment on a Satellite Earth Station filing.

                                                                          FCC Form 312 Assignment
                                                                          Assignor/Licensee: Stratos
                                                                          Offshore Services Company
                                                                          Assignee: RigNet SatCom, Inc.


        Pursuant to an Asset Purchase Agreement (“Agreement”), dated August 1, 2013, RigNet
SatCom, Inc. (“RigNet”) and Stratos Offshore Services Company (“Stratos”) (collectively,
“Applicants”) propose to complete a transaction whereby RigNet will acquire from Stratos
certain assets, including certain licenses, related network facilities, and customer accounts in the
oil and gas industry associated with Stratos’ retail energy business (the “Transaction”). The
Transaction entails a purchase of the Stratos business operating pursuant to certain Section 214
authorizations, wireless and earth station licenses, related network facilities and certain customer
accounts.1 (In a separate service agreement, RigNet will become a key distribution partner to
Inmarsat offering Global Xpress, a new generation, high throughput Ka-band satellite
communications service, and L-Band services worldwide.)

        Applicants request consent for the proposed assignment of the Stratos earth station
licenses identified below in Table 1.0:2

Table 1.0
Call Sign              Class of License                 Location of Station           Expiration Date
E950149                Fixed / VSAT                     CONUS                         05/05/2020
E980235                Fixed / VSAT                     CONUS                         07/23/2023
E070189                Fixed Earth Station              Lafayette, LA                 10/29/2022

         RigNet is a global provider of managed remote communications, systems integration and
collaborative applications dedicated to the oil and gas industry, focusing on offshore and onshore
drilling rigs, offshore production facilities and energy maritime. RigNet provides specialized
solutions ranging from fully managed voice and data networks to more advanced applications
that include video conferencing and real-time data services. RigNet is currently authorized by
the Commission to provide, on a private carrier basis, digital data services to oil and gas-related
facilities located in isolated areas underserved by terrestrial infrastructure pursuant to Ku-band
Very Small Aperture Terminal (“VSAT”) and Earth Station on Vessel (“ESV”) licenses. Upon
completion of the Transaction, RigNet will offer common carrier international and domestic
interstate services including mobile satellite services pursuant to international Section 214
authorizations, blanket domestic Section 214 authority, earth station licenses and Wireless Radio
Services Licenses and leases.

1   Applicants will concurrently file applications for assignment of 214 authorizations and wireless radio services
    licenses and leases.

2   E070189 and E980235 are authorized as common carrier earth stations. E950149 is authorized as a non-
    common carrier earth station. Because the Form 312 provides only one opportunity to identify whether an
    earth station is common carrier or non-common carrier, even in instances where multiple earth stations are
    affected, Stratos has checked the data field for common carrier on the underlying Form 312 involving the
    assignment for the E950149 and E980235.


                                                              FCC Form 312 Assignment
                                                              Assignor/Licensee: Stratos
                                                              Offshore Services Company
                                                              Assignee: RigNet SatCom, Inc.


        The proposed Transaction will enhance the strategic positioning of both companies as
they continue to serve the communications needs of the global energy sector. The transaction
will add to RigNet's technology solutions, customer base and geographic footprint thereby giving
RigNet broader and deeper capabilities to serve the oil and gas industry through all phases from
drilling through production. Customers will benefit from RigNet’s expanded services portfolio,
new capabilities from additional C-band, Ku-band and VSAT earth station facilities, and
acquired microwave and WiMAX networks in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico, and an expansion of
highly-skilled staff currently supporting the business. RigNet’s extensive product and services
portfolio tailored for the oil and gas industry, coupled with the exceptional connectivity
capabilities of Inmarsat’s Ka-band Global Xpress network, will make possible an unprecedented
advance in managed remote communications services that are available to enterprise customers
in the oil and gas industry.

        The proposed Transaction will serve the public interest by enabling the Applicants to
provide an expanded array of advanced services to meet the growing communications services
demand of an important worldwide industry sector. In addition, the Transaction will not disrupt
service and customers will enjoy continuity of high-quality international and interstate
telecommunications service. The rates, terms and conditions of service will not change as a
result of the assignment, and the proposed Transaction will be virtually transparent to customers
in terms of the services they receive.


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