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This document pretains to SES-ASG-20120615-00543 for Assignment on a Satellite Earth Station filing.


        This application seeks FCC consent to the pro forma change of control of the satellite
earth station licensee identified in Item A8 of FCC Form 312 Schedule A (the “Licensee”),
which is a subsidiary of Tribune Company (“Tribune”) that is currently operating as a debtor-in-
possession, pursuant to Chapter 11 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code. Grant of the instant application
will allow Tribune to complete an internal reorganization approved by the Bankruptcy Court as
part of Tribune’s preparation to emerge from bankruptcy. The satellite earth stations subject to
this application will be used in the same manner and for the same purposes before and after the
proposed pro forma changes in control. Accordingly, the grant of this FCC Form 312 would
serve the public interest.
        Applicant requests that the instant application and its companion application 1 be
processed so that the internal reorganization contemplated by the application may be completed
prior to Tribune’s emergence from bankruptcy.
        As of the date of this filing, the Bankruptcy Court has not issued a Confirmation Order
for a plan of reorganization for Tribune.

  Each of the Tribune satellite earth stations is subject to two pro forma applications for change
in control. The first application assigns or transfers control of the earth station to a Tribune
subsidiary that remains a debtor in possession. The second application, for pro forma
assignment, substitutes that Tribune subsidiary, but without the “debtor-in-possession”
designation, as the party to hold the authorization upon emergence from bankruptcy under the
Exit Applications.

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