Application for Direct Broadcast Satellite Service Fixed Satellite Service by EchoStar Operating L.L.C.

SES-AFS-20151221-00949 / SESAFS2015122100949

Filed By Phillip R Marchesiello

Amending modification application by seeking regular authority to add EchoStar 15 at its current orbital location of 61.65 WL (and delete EchoStar 15 at 45.1 WL) as a point of communication for TT&C operations.

Filing: SESSatellite Earth Station
Filing: AFSAmendment Foreign Satellite App
Nature of ServiceDirect Broadcast Satellite Service Fixed Satellite Service
Last ActionGrant of Authority
Last Action Date2016-03-29
StatusAction Taken Public Notice
Status Date2016-03-30
Date Filed2015-12-21
Date Granted2016-03-29
Adopted Date2016-03-29
Released Date2016-03-29
Filing Accepted Public Notice2016-02-17
Action Taken Public Notice2016-03-30
Red LightN
Environmental ImpactN
EchoStar Operating L.L.C.
100 Inverness Terrace East
Englewood, CO 80112 USA
Phillip R Marchesiello
Wilkinson Barker Knauer, LLP
1800 M Street, NW, Suite 800N
Washington, DC 20036 USA
100 Inverness Terrace East, Englewood, CO 80112 USA
1800 M Street NW, Suite 800N, Washington, DC 20036 USA

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Public Notices

ServiceTypeReport NoDate
Satellite Earth StationAction Taken Public NoticeSES01838 2016-03-30
Satellite Earth StationAccepted for Filing Public NoticeSES01825 2016-02-17
Satellite Earth StationAccepted for Filing Public NoticeSES01824 2016-02-16

License History

Assignment File NoLicensee Name Phone / FaxAddressAttention
SESASG2017020600118 EchoStar Broadcasting Corporation3014285893 x
100 Inverness Terrace East Englewood CO 80112- Jennifer A Manner
SESASG2017030600238 EchoStar Broadcasting Holding Corporation202-463-3709
1110 Vermont Ave NW Suite 750 Washington DC 20005Ms Alison Minea
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No Site Information [see Application Filing]
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