SpaceX STA Clarifica

LETTER submitted by Space Exploration Holdings, LLC

SpaceX STA Clarification Letter


This document pretains to SAT-STA-20190717-00063 for Special Temporal Authority on a Satellite Space Stations filing.

July 25, 2019

Marlene H. Dortch
Federal Communications Commission
445 Twelfth Street, S.W.
Washington, DC

       Re:      Space Exploration Holdings, LLC, IBFS File No. SAT-STA-20190717-00063

Dear Ms. Dortch:

        On July 17, 2019, Space Exploration Holdings, LLC (“SpaceX”) filed the above
referenced request that the Commission extend for an additional 60 days the special temporary
authority (“STA”) under which it is currently communicating with seven earth stations. This is
to confirm that Space X has no objection to a grant of a 30-day STA in the alternative.


                                            William M. Wiltshire
                                            Counsel to SpaceX

cc:    Stephen Duall

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