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DG Consents Sub - Gr

DECISION submitted by IB, FCC



This document pretains to SAT-STA-20190503-00035 for Special Temporal Authority on a Satellite Space Stations filing.

                                                                                     File it   5~T- St~-2013O5O3-o~X~35
S2348      SAT-STA-20190503-00035       1B2019001332
DG Consents Sub, Inc.
                                                                                     Call Sign      5234+a         Grant Date   O5/22/i9
WorldView-4                                                                          (or   01 her   identifier)
                                                                                                                   Tcrm Dates                     Approved by 0MB
                                                                                     Fron1~/’22/~5                              30 da~j5_                3060—0678
                                                           I nternat anal I tu!eau   /\pptnved:
      Date&Time Filed: May 32019 3:07:49:653PM                                                                    3l~~I~3 D~lI
      File Number: SAT STA—2019050300035
                                                       4   wI*~ coh1ic,~i5
                                                                                                                  Ch~SMI~         ~C~flCI1
                                                 FEDERAL COMMUNICATIONS COMMISSION

                                                               FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY

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     Request for 30—day STA to Relocate WV—4 (S2348)
      1. Applicant

                  Name:        DG Consents Sub. Inc.                 Phone Number:                                    303—682—1390
                  DBA Name:                                          Fax Number:                                      303—684 1390
                  Street:      1300 W. 120th Avenue                  E—Mail:                                          I ibhy.smith ~i

                  City:        Westminster                           State:                                           CO
                  Country:      USA                                  Zipcode:                                         80234
                  Attention:   Ms Libby Smith

                                        ATTACHMENT TO GRANT
                                            DG Consents Sub, Inc.
                                   IBFS File No. SAT-STA-20190503-00035

IBFS File No(s):         SAT-STA-20190503-00035                                              GRANTED           —

Licensee/Grantee:        DG Consents Sub, Inc.                                               With Conditions
Call Sign:               S2348
Satellite Name:          WorldView-4
Orbital Location:        Non-geostationary orbit (NGSO) (see Scope of Grant
(required station-       below)
keeping tolerance)
Administration:          United States of America
Nature of Service:       Earth Exploration Satellite Service (EESS); Telemetry,          International Bureau
                     •   tracking, and command (TT&C)                                      Satellite Division
Scope of Grant:          Special temporary authority for a period of 30 days to conduct TI’&C and EESS operations
                         with the WorldView-4 space station (formerly known as GeoEye-2) at an altitude between
                         450 kilometers and 550 kilometers.
Service Area(s):         Global
                         See IBFS File Nos. SAT-MOD-20160408-00033, SAT-MOD-20160408-00033, Exhibit 43
                         at 4; SAT-MOD-20120427-00079, Technical Annex at TA-15.
Frequencies:             8025-8400 MHz (data downlinks)

                         Telemetry and Tracking: 120 kHz channel centered on 8386 MHz
                         Receive command: 64 kHz channel centered in 2052 MHz.

Operations under this grant must comport with the legal and technical specifications set forth by the
applicant or petitioner and with Federal Communication Commission’s rules not waived herein. This
grant is also subject to the following conditions:

    1. The power flux-density from operation of the WorldView-4 space station in the 8025-8400 MHz band
       must not exceed the limits in No. 22.5 or Table 21-4 of the International Telecommunication Union’s
       Radio Regulations or the limits in ITU-R Recommendation SA-1157.
    2.   Upon receipt of a conjunction warning from the JSpOC or other source, DG Consents must review the
         warning and take all possible steps to assess and, if necessary, to mitigate collision risk, including, but not
         limited to: contacting the operator of any active spacecraft involved in such warning; sharing ephemeris
         data and other appropriate operational information with any such operator; modifying spacecraft attitude
         and/or operations.
    3.   Because DG Consents must comply with the technical requirements in Part 2 of the Commission’s rules
         and the above-referenced power flux-density limits, which should prevent harmful interference to other
         operators in the band, we grant its request for a waiver of the default service rules in 47 CFR § 25 .217(b).
         See DigitalGiobe, Inc., supra at para. 15.
    4. Transmissions of remote-sensing and telemetry data in the 8025-8400 MHz frequency band may only be
       made to earth stations coordinated with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). DG
       Consents shall provide the FCC the list of coordinated earth stations.
    5.   Operations pursuant to this authorization must not cause harmful interference to stations operating in the
         2025-2 110 MHz band in accordance with the U.S. Table of Frequency Allocations. See 47 CFR § 2.106,
         Footnote US 347.
    6. Nothing in this authorization extends the license term for WorldView-4 (Call Sign S2348), which expires
       on Sept. 5, 2023. See IBFS File No. SAT-MOD-2005051 1-00097.
Licensee/grantee is afforded thirty (30) days from the date of release of this action to decline the grant as
conditioned. Failure to respond within this period will constitute formal acceptance of the grant as conditioned.
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                                      ATTACHMENT TO GRANT
                                          DG Consents Sub, Inc.
                                 IBFS File No. SAT-STA-20190503-00035

This action is taken pursuant to Section 0.261 of the Commission’s rules on delegated authority, 47 CFR § 0.26 1,
and is effective upon release.

Station licenses are subject to the conditions specified in Section 309(h) of the Communications Act of 1934, as
amended, 47 U.S.C. § 309(h).

Action         May 22, 2019
Term Dates     From: May 22, 2019                 To: period of 30 days


               Chief, Satellite Policy Branch

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2. Contact

             Name:         Henry R. Gola                        Phone NLamber:                       202—719—7561
             Company:      Wiley Rein LLP                       Fax Number:
             Street:       1776 K Street, NW                    E—Mail:                    

             City:         Washington                           State:                                DC
             Country:      USA                                  Zipcode:                             20006      —

             Attention:                                         Relationship:                        Legal Counsel

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o Other(please explain):
4b. Fee Classification    CXW   —   Space Station (Non—Geostationary)
5. Type Request

~ Change Station Location                              Extend Expiration Date                           Other

6. Temporary Orbit Location                                                7. Requested Extended Expiration Date

8. Description   (If the complete description does not appear in this box. please go to the end of the form to view it in its entirety.)
     DG Consents Sub, Inc. requests special temporary authority for 30 days, beginning May 9,
     2019, to relocate and operate WorldView-4 (S2348) at orbital altitudes between 450 and 550

9. By checking Yes, the undersigned certifies that neither applicant nor any other party to the application is subject     @   Yes         No
to a denial of Federal benefits that includes FCC benefits pursuant to Section 5301 of the Anti—Drug Act of 1988,
21 U.S.C. Section 862, because of a conviction for possession or distribution of a controlled substance. See 47 CFR
 1.2002(b) for the meaning of "party to the application&quotz for these purposes.

10. Name of Person Signing                                                  1 1. Title of Person Signing
Libby Smith                                                                 Senior Manager and Technology Control Officer
12. Please supply any need attachments.

~ Attachment I: Narrative                           Attachment 2:                                      Attachment 3:

                  (U.S. Code. Title 18, Section 1001).AND/OR REVOCATION OF ANY STATION AUTHORIZATION
                   (U.S. Code, Title 47, Section 31 2(a)(1)). AND/OR FORFEITURE (U.S. Code, Title 47. Section 503).


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collection has been assigned an 0MB control number of 3060—0678.

1, 1995, 44 U.S.C. SECTION 3507.

DG Consents Sub, Inc.
Request for 30-day STA

                                     Narrative Attachment

        DG Consents Sub, Inc. (“DigitalGiobe”) requests special temporary authority (“STA’)
for 30 days, beginning May 9, 2019, to relocate and operate WorldView-4, authorized under Call
Sign S2348, at orbital altitudes between 450 and 550 krn.~ DigitaiGlobe intends to file a
modification application for permanent authority to operate WorldView-4 at 450-550 km and a
concurrent 60-day STA application pending FCC review of that modification request.

        World View-4 is a non-geostationary-satellite orbit satellite currently authorized to
provide Earth Expiration Satellite Service (“EESS~’) at altitudes between 496 km and 770 km.2
On January 7, 2019, WorldView-4 experienced a failure in its control moment gyros, preventing
the satellite from collecting usable imagery due to the loss of an axis of stability. However,
WorldView-4’s authorized communication paths remain operational, and DigitaiG lobe maintains
control of the satellite.

         DigitalGlobe intends to lower WorldView-4 to the 450-550 km range to conduct testing
and training. Subject to FCC approval, DigitalGlobe will begin relocation, which DigitalGlobe
expects will take about four months. DigitalGiobe will operate only the satellite’s telemetry,
tracking, and command (“TT&C”) frequencies during relocation and will do so on a non
interference basis. TT&C communications will occur in the same frequencies as currently
authorized, at 8386 MHz (120 KHz) for downlink and 2052 MHz (64 KHz) for uplink. Once at
the 450-550 km orbital altitude, DigitalGiobe will conduct X-band data downlink at 8025-8400
MHz at the new altitude in addition to TT&C.

        Grant of this STA request will allow DigitalGlobe to maximize the utility of its
WorldView-4 satellite, while ensuring complete de-orbit of the impaired satellite. DigitalGlobe
will use the World View-4 satellite for training purposes at 450-550 km—enhancing the skills
and experience of DigitalGlobe’s network operators. In addition, lowering WorldView-4 to 450-
550 km will ensure satellite re-entry within 25 years even in the unlikely event that the satellite
experiences further anomalies. Currently, the TT&C functions on WorldView-4 are fully
functional, and the spacecraft has fuel reserves sufficient to support testing at 450-550 km and
subsequently perform maneuvers to facilitate complete de-orhit in 1-2 weeks. Therefore,
authorization here serves the public interest.

         DigitalGiobe has notifled the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration of its
intent to relocate and operate WorldView-4 at 450-550 km, as required. In addition,
DigitalGiobe will coordinate with the Consolidated Space Operations Center at the Vandenberg
Air Force Base, as well as with all potentially affected satellite operators authorized at orbital
altitudes between 450 and 550 km.

       47C.F.R. § 25.120.
2      See DG Consents Sub, inc., Stamp Grant, IBFS File No. SAT-MOD-20160408-00033,
Call Sign S2348 (granted Aug. 5, 2016).

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