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This document pretains to SAT-LOA-19990427-00049 for Application to Launch and Operate on a Satellite Space Stations filing.

                                Federal Communications Commission
                                       Washington, DC 20554
trematooat Burows

                                               October 8, 2004

 Ms. Jennifer Warzen
 Senior Director,Regulatory Affiirs
 Lockheed Martin Corporation
 1725 Jefferson Davis Highway
 Arlington, VA 22202412

                    Re:    Lockheed Martin Corp., Application for Authority to Launch and Operate
                    Geostationary Orbit Satellts in the Radionavigation Satelite Service at the 79° W.L.
                    (File Nos. SAT—LOA—19990427—00045, SAT—AMD—20030730—00149, CallSign:
                    $2370),71° EL (File Nos. SAT—LOA—19990427—00049, SAT—AMD—20030730—00152,
                    Call       $2374), and 131.8° E.L. orbial locations (File Nos. SAT—LOA—19990427—
                    00050, SAT—AMD—20030730—00153, Call Sign: $2375).

 Dear Ms. Warren:

          On April27, 1999, Lockheed Martin Corporation ("Lockheed") filed applications to lainch and
 operate satelites at the 79° W.L.,71° E.L. and 131.° EL. orbital locations, as part of ts Regional
 Positioning System (‘RPS"), a radio—navigation stellit service(*RNSS®) network. On July 30, 2003,
 Lockheed amended those applications to provide additional and revised technica information. In ts
 April 1999 applications, Lockheed stated thatthe RPS global constellation will be operated, monitored
 and controlled by one Satelite Operations Center (*SOC") in each secto." Accordtingly, Lockheed
 stated that there willbe a primary and a back—up tracking, tlemetry and command ("TTRC®)sation
 Tocated in the AsiaPacifc region to control and monitor satelteslocated at 71° EL. and 131.8° E.L."
        Pursuant to §25.1 1 1(a)of the Commission‘s Rule we request that Lockheed provide the
 Commission with the folowing information:
          1) Please provide information regarding faciliies, including landie or other control faciites,
             by which Lockheed willexecute control operations fo ts proposed satllites in the
             AsiafPacificregion at the 71° EL. and 131.8° E.L orbital locations. For example, please
             provide information regarding the locations ofthe primary and baclcup TT&C stations
             which TT&C functions willbe carried outfor ts proposed satelites, including whether
             these TT&C stations willbe located on United Sttes territory in the Asia‘Pacifregion.

 7       Lockheod global system is divided in two sectors: RPS Americas for t satlfite locted at 79° W L. and.
 RPS AsiaPacifcfor is satelits located at 71° EL.and 131.8° EL. See Lockheed Marti 1999 RNSS
 applicationsat page 40.
 *       ‘See Lockheed Marin 1999 RNSS applications at page 54

        2). In the casethat the Asia@Pacific region TT&Cstations are located outside U.S. teritory,
            please describe the procedure Lockheed would execute in the event that Lockheed was
            required to shut down its RNSS satelftes atthe 71° E.L. and 131.8° EL orbitalocations.
            Please also explain whether Lockheed will retain the abty,through actions intated using
            its United States ficifities, and without any third—party intervention, to cease operations of
            its proposed sateltes.
         in order for us to continue processing Lockheed‘s RNSS applications for its proposed satelites
located at 71° E.L. and 131.8° EL. we require that thisinformation be provided t the Commission by
October 22, 2004.

        Additionally, Lockheed indicated in its 1999 application that there will be primary and a back—
up TT&C station located in the United Statesto control and monitor the proposed satellit to be located
at the 79 Worbial location. In order to ficiitate our further understanding ofthe control operations
ofthe satelte system, we request Lockheed toprovide information regarding the locations ofthe
primary and back—up TT&C stations located in the United States fo ts proposed satllte at 79° W.L.

                                                    Pfi 51"%
                                                          Thomas S. Tyer
                                                          Chief, Satelite Division

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