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This document pretains to SAT-LOA-19971222-00212 for Application to Launch and Operate on a Satellite Space Stations filing.

Lockheed Martin Corporation                                                         O R ‘ G \ N A L
1725 Jefferson Davis Highway
Crystal Square—2, Suite 403 Arlington, VA 22202—4127
Telephone 703—413—:5600
                                                                       L 0O C K H E E D     MA R T 1 N

                                                  August 2, 2002

By Hand Delivery                                                                  RECE’VED

Ms. Marlene H. Dortch                                  e tCfi
Secretary                                                                             AUG — 2 2002
Federal Communications Commission                        i:                   FEDERAL com
445 12"" Street, SW                                            |                  oreipeooSoutConiMSSION
Washington DC 20554

                  Re:      Lockheed Martin ——2"" Round Ka—band GSO FSS System
                           IBFS File Nos. SAT—LOA—1997122—0206, 0208, 0211, 0212, and 0213
Dear Ms. Dortch:

In an order released August 3, 2001 (see Lockheed Martin Corporation, 16 FCC Red 14332 (IB
2001)), Lockheed Martin Corporation (Lockheed Martin) was granted authorization to construct,
launch and operate its Ka—band GSO FSS system. On June 28, 2002, pursuant to this
authorization, Lockheed Martin filed a letter with the Commission in which it acknowledged the
August 2002 commencement of construction milestone requirement set forth in its authorization.

Last December, four months after the Commission‘s grant of the 2"" Round Ka—band license,
Lockheed Martin announced the termination of its investment and participation in the Astrolink
project. The same circumstances that caused Lockheed Martin to terminate its role in Astrolink
have led it also to re—evaluate the business prospects for its licensed 2"" Round Ka—band system
and, as a consequence, Lockheed Martin has decided not to pursue the buildout of a Ka—band
GSO FSS system. Therefore, in advance of the milestone deadline, Lockheed Martin hereby
surrenders its licenses as granted in the above—referenced 2"" Round Ka—band authorization.

Hopefully, the surrender of the licenses and the freeing up of the associated orbital resources will
facilitate the Commission‘s ability to meet the needs of other Ka—band system proponents. As
the Commission is aware, Lockheed Martin continues to have a major stake in the development
and implementation of advanced satellite systems and services, as well as in other advanced
technologies and spectrum policy issues related thereto.


                                                       é;/h/()AC+//239 z.
                                                        Gerald C. Musarra
                                                        Vice President, Trade & Regulatory Affairs
                                                        Lockheed Martin Corporation

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