International Telecommunications DSCI, LLC d/b/a TPx Communications

ITC-T/C-20190905-00152 / ITCT/C2019090500152

Filed By Danielle Burt

Application filed for consent to the transfer of control of DSCI LLC (DSCI), which holds international section 214 authorization ITC-214-20040309-00098, from its 100% direct parent, U.S. TelePacific Holdings Corp. (TPx Holdings) to Tango Private Holdings

Filing: ITCInternational Telecommunications
Filing: T/CTransfer of Control
Last ActionConsummated
Last Action Date2020-02-11
StatusAction Taken Public Notice
Status Date2021-03-04
Date Filed2019-09-05
Date Granted2020-01-22
Adopted Date2021-03-03
Released Date2021-03-03
Filing Accepted Public Notice2019-10-11
Action Taken Public Notice2021-03-04
Red LightN
Delegated Authority #21-262
Streamlined ApplicationN
DSCI, LLC d/b/a TPx Communications
515 S. Flower St.
45th Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90071- USA
Danielle Burt
Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP
2020 KSt, N.W/
Washington, DC 20006 USA
515 S. Flower St., 45th Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90071 USA
2020 KSt, N.W/, Washington, DC 20006 USA


U.S. TelePacific Holdings Corp.
515 S. Flower Street
47th Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90071-2201 USA

Tango Private Holdings II, LLC
601 Lexington Avenue
59th Floor
New York, NY 10022 USA
515 S. Flower Street, 47th Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90071-2201 USA,
LLC, 601 Lexington Avenue, 59th Floor, New York, NY 10022 USA,


DescriptionCommentorType / Date
Termination Letter
FCC Notice Signed 3.
U.S. Department of Homeland Security LETTER
US TelePacific TangDSCI, LLC d/b/a TPx Communications CONSUMMATION
Combined Letters
Federal Communications Commission SUPPLEMENT
Team Telecom Clearance Letter
20200121 Team Teleco
U.S. Department of Justice LETTER
Supplement to Transfer Application
TPx Section 214 Join
U.S. TelePacific Holdings Corp. SUPPLEMENT
Deferral Letter
2019 10 04 Ltr fr DO
U.S. Department of Justice LETTER


Attachment Transfer Application
Attachment Application
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Attachment TelePacific.pdf

Public Notices

ServiceTypeReport NoDate
International TelecommunicationsAction Taken Public NoticeTEL02079 2021-03-04
International TelecommunicationsAction Taken Public NoticeTEL02003 2020-01-23
International TelecommunicationsAccepted for Filing Non-Streamlined Public NoticeTEL01985NS 2019-10-11
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