International Telecommunications TI Sparkle North America, Inc.

ITC-MOD-20111024-00322 / ITCMOD2011102400322

Filed By Winafred Brantl

Telecom Italia Sparkle of North America, Inc. (TISNA) requests, pursuant to section 63.13 of the Commission's rules, 47 C.F.R. § 63.13, that the Commission reclassify TISNA as a non-dominant carrier on the U.S-Austria, U.S.-Bolivia, U.S-Brazil and U.S.-C

Filing: ITCInternational Telecommunications
Filing: MODModification
Last ActionGrant of Authority
Last Action Date2012-01-23
StatusAction Taken Public Notice
Status Date2012-01-26
Date Filed2011-10-24
Date Granted2012-01-23
Adopted Date2012-01-25
Released Date2012-01-25
Filing Accepted Public Notice2011-12-23
Action Taken Public Notice2012-01-26
Red LightN
Delegated Authority #12-88
Streamlined ApplicationN
TI Sparkle North America, Inc.
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New York, NY 10017- USA
Winafred Brantl
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622 3rd Avenue, 38th Floor, New York, NY 10017 USA
Washington, DC 20007 USA


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Public Notices

ServiceTypeReport NoDate
International TelecommunicationsAction Taken Public NoticeTEL01541 2012-01-26
International TelecommunicationsAccepted for Filing Non-Streamlined Public NoticeTEL01535NS 2011-12-23
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