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This document pretains to ITC-ASG-20190102-00066 for Assignment on a International Telecommunications filing.

December 2, 2018
Federal Communications Commission
Office of the Secretary
445 12th Street, SW
Washington, DC 20554

RE: Notice of Pro Forma Transfer of Control of an International Section 214 Authorization Holder

SoTel Systems, LLC (“Licensee”); pursuant to 47 C.F.R 63.24(f), is notifying the Commission of the pro
forma transfer of Sotel Systems, LLC’s international section 214 authorization to its sister company,
Nuso, LLC. Specifically, the pro forma transfer will occur on December 31, 2018 as a result of Sotel
Systems, LLC transferring all of their VoIP/Cloud Services assets to NUSO, LLC. The Pro Forma
Change will not change the ultimate owner of the Licensee as both SoTel Systems, LLC and Nuso, LLC
are owned by the same shareholders: James F. Goebel, Jr, M. Todd Bromfman, Matthew Siemens, Aaron
Early, Kenneth Cooke, Jeffery Gentsch, Sr and Kevin Moss

                             Information Required by Section 63.24 (f)(2)

As required by Section 63.24(f)92), The Parties provide the following information required by sections
63.18(a) through (d) and (h):

Section 63. 18(a) Names, address and telephone number of parties

1. Nuso, LLC (FRN: 0028048908)
   6677 Delmar Blvd.
   University City, MO 63130
   (877) 697-6835

2. Sotel Systems, LLC (FRN: 0018226654)
   2465 Centerline Industrial Drive
   Maryland Heights, MO 63043

Section 63. 18(b) Organization of Parties

Sotel Systems, LLC is a Missouri Corporation

Nuso, LLC is a Missouri Corporation

Section 63. 18(c) Correspondence concerning this filing should be sent to:

Natasha Freeman, Esq. (Consultant)
Global Strategic Accountants, LLC
6250 Shiloh Rd, Ste 110
Alpharetta GA, 30005
678-829-4395 (Tel)

Section 63. 18(d): The Parties hold the following international Section 214 authorities:

The Licensee holds a domestic section 214 authority pursuant to 47 C.F.R. § 63.01.

Sotel Systems, LLC is authorized to provide international telecommunications services on a global or
limited global facilities-based or resale basis through authority granted in ITC-214-20100412-00154.

Nuso, LLC does not hold any section 214 authorization.

Section 63. 18(h): See Attachment 1 for a description of the ownership of the Parties

The Parties certify that the Pro Forma Change described herein was pro forma and that, together with all
previous pro forma transactions, did not result in a change in the actual controlling party of the Licensee
or Authorization.

                                           ATTACHMENT 1
The following individuals currently hold a direct or indirect ownership interest in Sotel Systems, LLC and
                                                Nuso, LLC
James F. Goebel. Jr
435 Graeser Rd
CreveCoeur MO, 63141
43% owner

Jeffrey Gentsch, Sr.
27 Berkshire Drive
St. Louis MO, 63117
4.2% Owner

Kenneth Cooke
1011 North Venetian Dr.
Miami, FL 33139
11.6 Owner

Kevin Moss
33 Winding Stairway
O’Fallon MO 63368
4.5 % Owner

M. Todd Bromfman
439 N Clay
Kirkland MO, 63122
4.2% Owner

Matthew Siemens
16755 Clayton Rd
Wildwood MO 63011
4.2% Owner

Aaron Early
2 Spoede Acres
CreveCoeur 63141
4.2% Owner

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