International Telecommunications Slick Networks Inc.

ITC-214-INTR2022-02356 / ITC214INTR202202356

Filed By Alonzo Beyene

Application for Authority to Provide International Facilities-Based and Resold Services to All International Points.

Filing: ITCInternational Telecommunications
Filing: 214International Global Resale Authority
Service TypeGlobal or Limited Global Facilities-Based ServiceGlobal or Limited Global Resale Service
StatusInternet Not Processed
Status Date2022-07-25
Date Filed2022-07-23
Red LightN
Slick Networks Inc.
33 Wood Ave. South, Ste 600
Edison, NJ 08830 USA
Alonzo Beyene
Industry Assurance Consulting, Inc.
6303 Blue Lagoon Drive
Suite 400
Miami, FL 33126 USA
33 Wood Ave. South, Ste 600, Edison, NJ 08830 USA
6303 Blue Lagoon Drive, Miami, FL 33126 USA


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