International Telecommunications 24 Karats Incorporated

ITC-214-INTR2021-00276 / ITC214INTR202100276

Filed By Albert Davydov

Application for Authority to provide telecommunication services between the Applicants location (soft switch) inbound domestically and outbound internationally to telecom providers and carriers.

Filing: ITCInternational Telecommunications
Filing: 214International Global Resale Authority
Service TypeOther (Section 63.18(e)(6))
Last ActionWithdrawn
Last Action Date2021-01-22
StatusAction Complete
Status Date2021-01-22
Date Filed2021-01-22
Red LightN
24 Karats Incorporated
2745 East 22 Street
Brooklyn, NY 11235 USA
Albert Davydov
Spinal Guides Labs, Inc.
109-33 71St Road
#11 B
Forest Hills, NY 11375 USA
2745 East 22 Street, Brooklyn, NY 11235 USA
109-33 71St Road, Forest Hills, NY 11375 USA


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