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This document pretains to ITC-214-19970804-00455 for International Global Resale Authority on a International Telecommunications filing.


Current Licensee:            Stratos Mobile Networks, Inc. @200 G%:6 c 4 84

From:                        Stratos Holdings, Inc.

To:                          Stratos Preferred Investments

Blurb:     Notification of the pro forma transfer of international section 214 authorizations held by Stratos
Mobile Networks, Inc., from Stratos Holdings, Inc. to Stratos Preferred Investments (ITC—90—088; ITC—91—
012; ITC—91—157; ITC—92—058; ITC—92—059; ITC—93—013; ITC—93—014; ITC—93—141; ITC—93—142; ITC—93—
188; ITC—95—359; 95—565; ITC—95—569; ITC—96—041; ITC—97—373; ITC—214—19980130—00053; ITC—214—
19970804—00455; ITC—214—19970924—00580; ITC—214—19980130—00053;ITC—214—19981214—00859).

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