International Special Project United Wireless Holdings Inc.

ISP-PDR-20210920-00007 / ISPPDR2021092000007

Filed By Elizabeth R. Sachs

On September 21, 2021, United Wireless Holdings Inc. (United Wireless or Petitioner) filed a letter notification pursuant to section 1.5004(f) of the Commissioner's rules, stating that it is not in compliance with its existing foreign ownership ruling. 47

Filing: ISPInternational Special Project
Filing: PDRPetition for Declaratory Ruling
Last ActionGrant of Authority
Last Action Date2022-05-12
StatusAction Taken Public Notice
Status Date2022-05-12
Date Filed2021-09-20
Date Granted2022-05-12
Adopted Date2022-05-11
Released Date2022-05-11
Filing Accepted Public Notice2022-01-20
Action Taken Public Notice2022-05-12
Red LightN
Delegated Authority #22-521
Streamlined ApplicationN
United Wireless Holdings Inc.
2300 N Street, NW, Suite 700
Washington, DC 22037- USA
Elizabeth R. Sachs
Lukas, LaFuria, Gutierrez, & Sachs, LLP
8300 Greensboro Drive
Suite 1200
Tysons, VA 22102 USA
2300 N Street NW, Suite 700, Washington, DC 22037 USA
8300 Greensboro Drive, Tysons, VA 22102 USA


DescriptionCommentorType / Date
No Objection Letter
United Wireless No O
National Telecommunications and Information Administration LETTER
TT 21-066 CAFPUSTSS Initial Review Letter
TT 21-066 United Wir
U.S. Department of Justice, NSD, Foreign Investment Review Section LETTER
Application Under Review Letter & Certification
2021-10-29 TT 21-066
Foreign Investment Review Section, NSD, U.S. Department of Justice LETTER
Letter to International Bureau
Letter to Internatio
United Wireless Holdings, Inc. LETTER


Attachment United Wireless Hold
Attachment United Wireless Hold
Attachment Letter to Internatio

Public Notices

ServiceTypeReport NoDate
International TelecommunicationsAction Taken Public NoticeTEL02186 2022-05-12
International TelecommunicationsAccepted for Filing Non-Streamlined Public NoticeTEL02159NS 2022-01-20
International TelecommunicationsAccepted for Filing Non-Streamlined Public NoticeTEL02139NS 2021-11-05
International TelecommunicationsAccepted for Filing Non-Streamlined Public NoticeTEL02138NS 2021-10-28
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No Site Information
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