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Latest Surrender : Surrender (SUR-NDR) Filings by Status Update

Last UpdateFile NumberApplicantCallsignStatus
2019-10-15SUR-NDR-20191015-00150 Jones Cable Holdings, LLC System Entry
2019-09-30SUR-NDR-20190930-00148 Arkansas Hearst Television Inc. System Entry
2019-09-30SUR-NDR-20190930-00149 KWES Television, LLC System Entry
2019-09-26SUR-NDR-20190926-00147 Fox Television Stations, LLC System Entry
2019-09-20SUR-NDR-20190920-00146 Quinstar Communications Network, Inc. System Entry
2019-09-19SUR-NDR-20190919-00145 Anadarko Petroleum Corporation System Entry
2019-09-18SUR-NDR-20190918-00144 TeleCommunication Systems, Inc. System Entry
2019-09-16SUR-NDR-20190916-00143 GRIFFIN LICENSING, L.L.C. System Entry
2019-09-11SUR-NDR-20190911-00136 Verizon Business Network Services Inc. System Entry
2019-09-11SUR-NDR-20190911-00137 MCI International Services, Inc. (fka MCI WorldCom International, Inc.) System Entry
2019-09-11SUR-NDR-20190911-00138 MCI Communications Corporation System Entry
2019-09-11SUR-NDR-20190911-00139 MCI International, Inc. System Entry
2019-09-11SUR-NDR-20190911-00140 MCI Communications Services, Inc. System Entry
2019-09-11SUR-NDR-20190911-00141 MCImetro Access Transmission Services Corp. System Entry
2019-09-11SUR-NDR-20190911-00142 MFS Globenet, Inc. System Entry
2019-09-10SUR-NDR-20190910-00135 MFS Globenet, Inc. System Entry
2019-09-09SUR-NDR-20190909-00133 KFSN TELEVISION, LLC System Entry
2019-09-09SUR-NDR-20190909-00134 KFSN TELEVISION, LLC System Entry
2019-09-05SUR-NDR-20190905-00132 Leidos, Inc. System Entry
2019-09-03SUR-NDR-20190903-00131 PTI Pacifica Inc. System Entry
2019-08-29SUR-NDR-20190829-00130 All Mobile Video Inc System Entry
2019-08-15SUR-NDR-20190815-00128 WUHF Licensee, LLC System Entry
2019-08-15SUR-NDR-20190815-00129 WSTQ Licensee, LLC System Entry
2019-08-08SUR-NDR-20190808-00127 MCI Communications Services, Inc. System Entry
2019-08-07SUR-NDR-20190807-00126 Norac Inc System Entry
2019-07-31SUR-NDR-20190731-00125 Alascom, Inc. System Entry
2019-07-30SUR-NDR-20190730-00122 WBIR-TV, LLC System Entry
2019-07-30SUR-NDR-20190730-00123 KHOU-TV, Inc. System Entry
2019-07-30SUR-NDR-20190730-00124 WUSA-TV, Inc System Entry
2019-07-29SUR-NDR-20190729-00121 SES Government Solutions, Inc. System Entry
2019-07-24SUR-NDR-20190724-00120 Westar Satellite Services LP System Entry
2019-07-22SUR-NDR-20190722-00119 Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University System Entry
2019-07-16SUR-NDR-20190716-00116 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. System Entry
2019-07-16SUR-NDR-20190716-00117 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. System Entry
2019-07-16SUR-NDR-20190716-00118 Global Eagle Telecom Licensing Subsidiary LLC System Entry
2019-06-21SUR-NDR-20190621-00115 NBC Telemundo License LLC System Entry
2019-06-20SUR-NDR-20190620-00112 Shell Communications, Inc. System Entry
2019-06-20SUR-NDR-20190620-00113 Shell Communications, Inc. System Entry
2019-06-20SUR-NDR-20190620-00114 Shell Communications, Inc. System Entry
2019-06-13SUR-NDR-20190613-00109 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. System Entry
2019-06-13SUR-NDR-20190613-00110 KFSN TELEVISION, LLC System Entry
2019-06-13SUR-NDR-20190613-00111 KGO Television, Inc. System Entry
2019-06-12SUR-NDR-20190612-00108 Virgin Islands Public Broadcasting System System Entry
2019-06-11SUR-NDR-20190611-00106 American Network, Inc. System Entry
2019-06-11SUR-NDR-20190611-00107 BFI Licenses, LLC System Entry
2019-06-07SUR-NDR-20190607-00105 University Corporation at Monterey Bay System Entry
2019-06-06SUR-NDR-20190606-00103 MVS USA, Inc. System Entry
2019-06-06SUR-NDR-20190606-00104 MVS USA, Inc. System Entry
2019-06-03SUR-NDR-20190603-00101 Regents of the University of Minnesota System Entry
2019-06-03SUR-NDR-20190603-00102 Regents of the University of Minnesota System Entry
2019-05-30SUR-NDR-20190530-00100 RigNet SatCom, Inc. System Entry
2019-05-29SUR-NDR-20190529-00085 Cablevision of Monmouth LLC System Entry
2019-05-29SUR-NDR-20190529-00086 Cablevision of Rockland/Ramapo, LLC System Entry
2019-05-29SUR-NDR-20190529-00087 CSC TKR LLC System Entry
2019-05-29SUR-NDR-20190529-00088 CSC TKR LLC System Entry
2019-05-29SUR-NDR-20190529-00089 Cablevision of Wappingers Falls, Inc. System Entry
2019-05-29SUR-NDR-20190529-00090 CSC TKR LLC System Entry
2019-05-29SUR-NDR-20190529-00091 Cablevision of Litchfield, Inc. System Entry
2019-05-29SUR-NDR-20190529-00092 Cablevision Systems East Hampton Corporation System Entry
2019-05-29SUR-NDR-20190529-00093 Cablevision of Newark System Entry
2019-05-29SUR-NDR-20190529-00094 Cablevision of Paterson, LLC System Entry
2019-05-29SUR-NDR-20190529-00095 Cablevision of Monmouth LLC System Entry
2019-05-29SUR-NDR-20190529-00096 Comcast Cable Communications Management, LLC System Entry
2019-05-29SUR-NDR-20190529-00098 TRAVERSE CITY (WGTU-TV) LICENSEE, INC. System Entry
2019-05-29SUR-NDR-20190529-00099 Cablevision of Warwick, LLC System Entry
2019-05-28SUR-NDR-20190528-00075 KAAL-TV, LLC System Entry
2019-05-28SUR-NDR-20190528-00076 Globecomm License Sub LLC System Entry
2019-05-28SUR-NDR-20190528-00077 NBC Telemundo License LLC System Entry
2019-05-28SUR-NDR-20190528-00078 Discovery World Television, Inc. System Entry
2019-05-28SUR-NDR-20190528-00079 ION Media Houston License, Inc. System Entry
2019-05-28SUR-NDR-20190528-00080 ION Media License Company, LLC System Entry
2019-05-28SUR-NDR-20190528-00081 Cablevision Systems Long Island Corporation System Entry
2019-05-28SUR-NDR-20190528-00082 Cablevision Systems New York City Corporation System Entry
2019-05-28SUR-NDR-20190528-00083 Cebridge Acquisition, L.P. System Entry
2019-05-28SUR-NDR-20190528-00084 Cablevision Systems New York City Corporation System Entry
2019-05-24SUR-NDR-20190524-00073 Deerfield Media (Cincinnati) Licensee LLC System Entry
2019-05-24SUR-NDR-20190524-00074 Intelsat License LLC System Entry
2019-05-22SUR-NDR-20190522-00072 Hammer Fiber Optic Investments Ltd. System Entry
2019-05-21SUR-NDR-20190521-00071 ESPN Productions, Inc. System Entry
2019-05-16SUR-NDR-20190516-00067 CBS Communications Services Inc. System Entry
2019-05-16SUR-NDR-20190516-00068 USTelco, LLC System Entry
2019-05-16SUR-NDR-20190516-00069 Lan IP Voice, Inc. System Entry
2019-05-16SUR-NDR-20190516-00070 Tennessee Telephone Company System Entry
2019-05-14SUR-NDR-20190514-00062 Broadsmart Global, Inc. System Entry
2019-05-14SUR-NDR-20190514-00063 Cox Communications Kansas, LLC System Entry
2019-05-14SUR-NDR-20190514-00064 CoxCom, LLC System Entry
2019-05-14SUR-NDR-20190514-00065 Service Electric Cablevision, Inc. System Entry
2019-05-14SUR-NDR-20190514-00066 Cox Communications California, LLC System Entry
2019-05-13SUR-NDR-20190513-00058 RCN Cable TV of Chicago, Inc. System Entry
2019-05-13SUR-NDR-20190513-00059 Grande Communications Networks, LLC System Entry
2019-05-13SUR-NDR-20190513-00060 MCI Communications Services, Inc. System Entry
2019-05-13SUR-NDR-20190513-00061 MCI Communications Services, Inc. System Entry
2019-05-03SUR-NDR-20190503-00056 TDS BROADBAND SERVICE LLC System Entry
2019-05-03SUR-NDR-20190503-00057 Oklahoma State University System Entry
2019-04-26SUR-NDR-20190426-00055 Vyve Broadband A System Entry
2019-04-25SUR-NDR-20190425-00051 CoxCom, LLC System Entry
2019-04-25SUR-NDR-20190425-00052 CoxCom, LLC System Entry
2019-04-25SUR-NDR-20190425-00053 Cox Communications Arizona, LLC System Entry
2019-04-25SUR-NDR-20190425-00054 Cox Communications, Inc System Entry
2019-04-23SUR-NDR-20190423-00049 Bonneville International Corporation System Entry
2019-04-23SUR-NDR-20190423-00050 Branch Cable, Inc. System Entry
2019-04-17SUR-NDR-20190417-00047 Comcast of Connecticut/Georgia/Massachusetts/New Hampshire/New York/North Caroli System Entry
2019-04-17SUR-NDR-20190417-00048 Comcast of Wisconsin, Inc. System Entry
2019-04-16SUR-NDR-20190416-00044 Cebridge Acquisition, L.P. System Entry
2019-04-16SUR-NDR-20190416-00045 Cebridge Acquisition, LLC System Entry
2019-04-16SUR-NDR-20190416-00046 Cequel III Communications I, LLC System Entry
2019-04-15SUR-NDR-20190415-00041 Mile Hi Cable Partners, L.P. System Entry
2019-04-15SUR-NDR-20190415-00042 TCI Holdings I, LLC System Entry
2019-04-15SUR-NDR-20190415-00043 Comcast of Indianapolis, L.P. System Entry
2019-04-10SUR-NDR-20190410-00040 Inmarsat Group Holdings Inc. System Entry
2019-04-09SUR-NDR-20190409-00038 Cox Communications Arizona, LLC System Entry
2019-04-09SUR-NDR-20190409-00039 Cox Communications Arizona, LLC System Entry
2019-04-02SUR-NDR-20190402-00034 Comcast of Utah II, Inc. System Entry
2019-04-02SUR-NDR-20190402-00035 Comcast of Virginia, LLC System Entry
2019-04-02SUR-NDR-20190402-00036 Comcast of Warren, LLC System Entry
2019-04-02SUR-NDR-20190402-00037 Comcast of Wildwood, LLC System Entry
2019-03-21SUR-NDR-20190321-00033 Northrop Grumman Defense Mission Systems, Inc. System Entry
2019-03-20SUR-NDR-20190320-00032 Cebridge Acquisition, L.P. System Entry
2019-03-13SUR-NDR-20190313-00015 Comcast of Nashville II, LLC System Entry
2019-03-13SUR-NDR-20190313-00016 Comcast of New Jersey II, LLC System Entry
2019-03-13SUR-NDR-20190313-00017 Comcast of New Mexico/Pennsylvania, LLC System Entry
2019-03-13SUR-NDR-20190313-00018 Comcast of New Mexico, LLC System Entry
2019-03-13SUR-NDR-20190313-00019 Comcast of New York, LLC System Entry
2019-03-13SUR-NDR-20190313-00020 Comcast of Northern Illinois, Inc. System Entry
2019-03-13SUR-NDR-20190313-00021 Comcast of Northwest New Jersey, LLC System Entry
2019-03-13SUR-NDR-20190313-00022 Comcast of Perry Inc System Entry
2019-03-13SUR-NDR-20190313-00023 Comcast of Philadelphia II, LLC System Entry
2019-03-13SUR-NDR-20190313-00024 Comcast of Ocean County, LLC System Entry
2019-03-13SUR-NDR-20190313-00025 Comcast of Quincy Inc System Entry
2019-03-13SUR-NDR-20190313-00026 Comcast of Shelby, LLC System Entry
2019-03-13SUR-NDR-20190313-00027 Comcast of South Jersey, LLC System Entry
2019-03-13SUR-NDR-20190313-00028 Comcast of Southeast Pennsylvania, LLC System Entry
2019-03-13SUR-NDR-20190313-00029 Comcast of Southeast Pennsylvania, Inc. System Entry
2019-03-13SUR-NDR-20190313-00030 Comcast of the South System Entry
2019-03-13SUR-NDR-20190313-00031 Comcast of the South Inc System Entry
2019-03-07SUR-NDR-20190307-00014 DOMINION VIDEO SATELLITE, INC. System Entry
2019-03-06SUR-NDR-20190306-00013 Crown Castle Fiber LLC System Entry
2019-03-04SUR-NDR-20190304-00012 Liberty Uplink, Inc. System Entry
2019-02-28SUR-NDR-20190228-00011 Brown University in the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations System Entry
2019-02-27SUR-NDR-20190227-00009 Public Broadcasting of Northwest PA System Entry
2019-02-27SUR-NDR-20190227-00010 RCN License Subsidiary, Inc. System Entry
2019-02-19SUR-NDR-20190219-00007 KDDI Global L.L.C. System Entry
2019-02-19SUR-NDR-20190219-00008 Cebridge Acquisition, L.P. System Entry
2019-02-13SUR-NDR-20190213-00006 TVC Albany, Inc. System Entry
2019-01-31SUR-NDR-20190131-00004 Corridor Television, L.L.P. System Entry
2019-01-31SUR-NDR-20190131-00005 42COM INTERNATIONAL INC. System Entry
2019-01-30SUR-NDR-20190130-00001 MCI Communications Services, Inc. System Entry
2019-01-30SUR-NDR-20190130-00002 University of Maine System System Entry

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