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Latest Surrender : Surrender (SUR-NDR) Filings by Status Update

Last UpdateFile NumberApplicantCallsignStatus
2023-01-31SUR-NDR-20230131-00013 KVH Industries, Inc. System Entry
2023-01-27SUR-NDR-20230127-00012 Primo Connect, Inc. System Entry
2023-01-26SUR-NDR-20230126-00010 Comcast Cable Communications Management, LLC System Entry
2023-01-26SUR-NDR-20230126-00011 Comcast of Georgia/Illinois/Michigan, LLC System Entry
2023-01-24SUR-NDR-20230124-00004 PRWireless PR, LLC System Entry
2023-01-24SUR-NDR-20230124-00005 Comsat, Inc. System Entry
2023-01-24SUR-NDR-20230124-00006 Comsat, Inc. System Entry
2023-01-24SUR-NDR-20230124-00007 Comsat, Inc. System Entry
2023-01-24SUR-NDR-20230124-00008 Comsat, Inc. System Entry
2023-01-24SUR-NDR-20230124-00009 Comsat, Inc. System Entry
2023-01-23SUR-NDR-20230123-00003 PRWireless PR, LLC System Entry
2023-01-17SUR-NDR-20230117-00002 Centro Cristiano Vida Abundante, Inc. System Entry
2023-01-09SUR-NDR-20230109-00001 Uno Communications, Inc. System Entry
2022-12-20SUR-NDR-20221220-00138 Astranis Bermuda Ltd. System Entry
2022-12-19SUR-NDR-20221219-00137 TEGNA Broadcast Holdings, LLC System Entry
2022-12-16SUR-NDR-20221216-00136 Giant Communications, Inc. System Entry
2022-12-15SUR-NDR-20221215-00135 Alascom, Inc. System Entry
2022-12-13SUR-NDR-20221213-00134 iHM Licenses, LLC System Entry
2022-12-08SUR-NDR-20221208-00133 Liberty University, Inc. System Entry
2022-12-07SUR-NDR-20221207-00129 Control 1 Communications, LLC System Entry
2022-12-07SUR-NDR-20221207-00130 WTAT Licensee, LLC System Entry
2022-12-07SUR-NDR-20221207-00131 Wabash Independent Networks, Inc. System Entry
2022-12-07SUR-NDR-20221207-00132 WBNS-TV, Inc. System Entry
2022-12-06SUR-NDR-20221206-00128 Synety Group PLC System Entry
2022-12-05SUR-NDR-20221205-00126 Neuhoff Media Decatur, LLC System Entry
2022-12-05SUR-NDR-20221205-00127 Hiber Inc. System Entry
2022-11-30SUR-NDR-20221130-00125 Scripps Broadcasting Holdings LLC System Entry
2022-11-16SUR-NDR-20221116-00123 US Matrix Telecommunications, Inc. System Entry
2022-11-15SUR-NDR-20221115-00122 Cablevision Systems Long Island Corporation System Entry
2022-11-14SUR-NDR-20221114-00120 KWCL-FM BROADCASTING CO. INC System Entry
2022-11-14SUR-NDR-20221114-00121 LIGTEL COMMUNICATIONS INC. System Entry
2022-11-11SUR-NDR-20221111-00119 LYCOM COMMUNICATIONS INC. System Entry
2022-11-08SUR-NDR-20221108-00118 Illinois Valley Cellular RSA 2-I, LLC System Entry
2022-11-02SUR-NDR-20221102-00117 Moundridge Telcom, Inc. System Entry
2022-10-26SUR-NDR-20221026-00116 Eutelsat S.A. System Entry
2022-10-22SUR-NDR-20221022-00115 Nalotel System Entry
2022-10-19SUR-NDR-20221019-00112 Campus Communications Group, Inc. System Entry
2022-10-19SUR-NDR-20221019-00113 PS LIGHTWAVE, INC. System Entry
2022-10-19SUR-NDR-20221019-00114 IdeaTek Telcom, LLC System Entry
2022-10-18SUR-NDR-20221018-00111 Intrado IP Communications, Inc. System Entry
2022-10-10SUR-NDR-20221010-00109 Sprint Communications Company L.P. System Entry
2022-10-10SUR-NDR-20221010-00110 Sprint Communications LLC System Entry
2022-10-07SUR-NDR-20221007-00108 CCR-Missoula IV, LLC System Entry
2022-10-05SUR-NDR-20221005-00105 Midcontinent Communications System Entry
2022-10-05SUR-NDR-20221005-00106 Pacifica Foundation, Inc. System Entry
2022-10-05SUR-NDR-20221005-00107 Fresno Free College Foundation System Entry
2022-09-30SUR-NDR-20220930-00103 Intelsat License LLC System Entry
2022-09-30SUR-NDR-20220930-00104 Mission Broadcasting, Inc. System Entry
2022-09-28SUR-NDR-20220928-00101 BlackSky Global LLC System Entry
2022-09-28SUR-NDR-20220928-00102 Miami Valley Broadcasting Corporation System Entry
2022-09-27SUR-NDR-20220927-00100 Global Tech Telecommunications System Entry
2022-09-26SUR-NDR-20220926-00099 Midcontinent Communications System Entry
2022-09-14SUR-NDR-20220914-00097 Allen Holdings, Inc. d/b/a Allen Communications System Entry
2022-09-14SUR-NDR-20220914-00098 Fox Television Stations, LLC System Entry
2022-09-13SUR-NDR-20220913-00096 Beaver Creek Cooperative Telephone Company System Entry
2022-09-12SUR-NDR-20220912-00094 Garden Valley Telephone Company System Entry
2022-09-12SUR-NDR-20220912-00095 Fox Television Stations, LLC System Entry
2022-09-08SUR-NDR-20220908-00093 GBT Communications, Inc. System Entry
2022-09-07SUR-NDR-20220907-00092 Kent State University System Entry
2022-09-01SUR-NDR-20220901-00091 Cox Radio, LLC System Entry
2022-08-30SUR-NDR-20220830-00090 Rough House Productions System Entry
2022-08-18SUR-NDR-20220818-00089 Primelink, Inc. System Entry
2022-08-12SUR-NDR-20220812-00088 Coastal Satellite, Inc. System Entry
2022-08-09SUR-NDR-20220809-00087 TDS BROADBAND SERVICE LLC System Entry
2022-08-08SUR-NDR-20220808-00085 South Carolina Educational Television Commission System Entry
2022-08-08SUR-NDR-20220808-00086 Ramar Communications, Inc. System Entry
2022-08-05SUR-NDR-20220805-00084 Cape Publications, Inc. System Entry
2022-07-29SUR-NDR-20220729-00083 ELLIS COMMUNICATIONS KDOC LICENSEE, LLC System Entry
2022-07-25SUR-NDR-20220725-00082 NBC Telemundo License LLC System Entry
2022-07-20SUR-NDR-20220720-00081 FAMILY BROADCASTING CORPORATION System Entry
2022-07-13SUR-NDR-20220713-00080 Intelsat License LLC System Entry
2022-07-11SUR-NDR-20220711-00079 Fox Television Stations, LLC System Entry
2022-07-07SUR-NDR-20220707-00077 Leidos, Inc. System Entry
2022-07-07SUR-NDR-20220707-00078 Leidos, Inc. System Entry
2022-06-30SUR-NDR-20220630-00076 Lotus TV of Phoenix, LLC System Entry
2022-06-29SUR-NDR-20220629-00074 ConnectMe, L.L.C. System Entry
2022-06-29SUR-NDR-20220629-00075 Scripps Broadcasting Holdings LLC System Entry
2022-06-24SUR-NDR-20220624-00072 Mission Broadcasting, Inc. System Entry
2022-06-24SUR-NDR-20220624-00073 Tucson TV License Company, LLC System Entry
2022-06-17SUR-NDR-20220617-00071 AVOXI, Inc. System Entry
2022-06-14SUR-NDR-20220614-00070 CBS Broadcasting Inc. System Entry
2022-06-09SUR-NDR-20220609-00068 Panasonic Avionics Corporation System Entry
2022-06-09SUR-NDR-20220609-00069 Overon America System Entry
2022-06-08SUR-NDR-20220608-00067 Mission Broadcasting, Inc. System Entry
2022-06-07SUR-NDR-20220607-00060 Tribune Broadcasting Company II, LLC System Entry
2022-06-07SUR-NDR-20220607-00061 Cebridge Acquisition, L.P. System Entry
2022-06-07SUR-NDR-20220607-00062 Classic Cable of Louisiana LLC System Entry
2022-06-07SUR-NDR-20220607-00063 Classic Cable of Oklahoma, Inc. System Entry
2022-06-07SUR-NDR-20220607-00064 Friendship Cable of Arkansas, Inc. System Entry
2022-06-07SUR-NDR-20220607-00065 Friendship Cable of Texas, Inc. System Entry
2022-06-07SUR-NDR-20220607-00066 Universal Cable Holdings, Inc. System Entry
2022-06-06SUR-NDR-20220606-00059 KAAL-TV, LLC System Entry
2022-06-03SUR-NDR-20220603-00057 Gray Television Licensee, LLC System Entry
2022-06-03SUR-NDR-20220603-00058 KSTP-TV, LLC System Entry
2022-06-02SUR-NDR-20220602-00056 TEGNA Memphis Broadcasting, Inc. System Entry
2022-06-01SUR-NDR-20220601-00055 Worldvox Corporation System Entry
2022-05-26SUR-NDR-20220526-00053 Comcast Cable Communications Management, LLC System Entry
2022-05-26SUR-NDR-20220526-00054 Comcast of New Mexico/Pennsylvania, LLC System Entry
2022-05-20SUR-NDR-20220520-00051 Salem Communications Holding Corporation System Entry
2022-05-20SUR-NDR-20220520-00052 Salem Media of Illinois, LLC System Entry
2022-05-18SUR-NDR-20220518-00050 ABS Global Ltd. System Entry
2022-05-16SUR-NDR-20220516-00049 Wuru Telecom, Inc. System Entry
2022-05-11SUR-NDR-20220511-00048 Legacy Long Distance International, Inc. System Entry
2022-05-05SUR-NDR-20220505-00047 WNYT-TV, LLC System Entry
2022-04-29SUR-NDR-20220429-00046 Nexstar Media Inc. System Entry
2022-04-25SUR-NDR-20220425-00045 commZoom Assets, LLC System Entry
2022-04-22SUR-NDR-20220422-00044 Los Angeles Television Station KCAL LLC System Entry
2022-04-19SUR-NDR-20220419-00043 Ponderosa Cablevision System Entry
2022-04-18SUR-NDR-20220418-00042 WBNS-TV, Inc. System Entry
2022-04-15SUR-NDR-20220415-00040 Midcontinent Communications System Entry
2022-04-15SUR-NDR-20220415-00041 Meinhardt Productions, Inc. System Entry
2022-04-07SUR-NDR-20220407-00039 Layer3 TV, Inc. System Entry
2022-04-05SUR-NDR-20220405-00038 Regional Educational Television Network / RETN System Entry
2022-03-31SUR-NDR-20220331-00037 Embratel TVSAT Telecomunicacoes S.A. System Entry
2022-03-29SUR-NDR-20220329-00035 MCI Communications Services LLC System Entry
2022-03-29SUR-NDR-20220329-00036 Favorite Communications Ltd. System Entry
2022-03-28SUR-NDR-20220328-00034 Trenton T. V. Cable Company System Entry
2022-03-24SUR-NDR-20220324-00033 Grace Community Church of Amarillo System Entry
2022-03-17SUR-NDR-20220317-00026 Corporation of the Presiding Bishop of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day System Entry
2022-03-17SUR-NDR-20220317-00027 Corporation of the Presiding Bishop of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day System Entry
2022-03-17SUR-NDR-20220317-00028 Corporation of the Presiding Bishop of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day System Entry
2022-03-17SUR-NDR-20220317-00029 Corporation of the Presiding Bishop of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day System Entry
2022-03-17SUR-NDR-20220317-00030 Corporation of the Presiding Bishop of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day System Entry
2022-03-17SUR-NDR-20220317-00031 Corporation of the Presiding Bishop of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day System Entry
2022-03-17SUR-NDR-20220317-00032 Corporation of the Presiding Bishop of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day System Entry
2022-03-16SUR-NDR-20220316-00025 Star One S.A. System Entry
2022-03-15SUR-NDR-20220315-00024 MOUBIC System Entry
2022-03-04SUR-NDR-20220304-00021 Pathway Christian Academy, Inc. System Entry
2022-03-04SUR-NDR-20220304-00022 Comcast Cable Communications Management, LLC System Entry
2022-03-04SUR-NDR-20220304-00023 Brown Broadcasting Service, Inc. System Entry
2022-03-01SUR-NDR-20220301-00020 KVUE Television, Inc. System Entry
2022-02-28SUR-NDR-20220228-00018 Discovery Productions Group, Inc. System Entry
2022-02-28SUR-NDR-20220228-00019 Scripps Networks Interactive, Inc. System Entry
2022-02-25SUR-NDR-20220225-00017 WML Services, LLC System Entry
2022-02-23SUR-NDR-20220223-00016 H&B Cable Service, Inc. System Entry
2022-02-19SUR-NDR-20220219-00015 Carroll IMPACT Educational Association System Entry
2022-02-07SUR-NDR-20220207-00013 KIRO-TV, Inc. System Entry
2022-02-07SUR-NDR-20220207-00014 SINCLAIR SEATTLE LICENSEE, LLC System Entry
2022-02-01SUR-NDR-20220201-00012 The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill System Entry
2022-01-27SUR-NDR-20220127-00011 STATE BOARD OF EDUCATION STATE OF IDAHO System Entry
2022-01-26SUR-NDR-20220126-00010 Alascom, Inc. System Entry
2022-01-14SUR-NDR-20220114-00009 Westel, LLC System Entry
2022-01-12SUR-NDR-20220112-00008 EDB VV License LLC System Entry
2022-01-11SUR-NDR-20220111-00007 NYXCOMM CORP System Entry
2022-01-07SUR-NDR-20220107-00006 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. System Entry
2022-01-06SUR-NDR-20220106-00005 WML Services, LLC System Entry
2022-01-05SUR-NDR-20220105-00004 VISION COMMUNICATIONS OF GEORGIA, INC. System Entry
2022-01-04SUR-NDR-20220104-00002 WYFF Hearst Television Inc. System Entry
2022-01-04SUR-NDR-20220104-00003 Hearst Stations Inc. System Entry
2022-01-03SUR-NDR-20220103-00001 Extreme Reach, Inc. System Entry

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