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Last UpdateFile NumberApplicantCallsignStatus
2019-04-17SUR-NDR-20190417-00047 Comcast of Connecticut/Georgia/Massachusetts/New Hampshire/New York/North Caroli System Entry
2019-04-17SUR-NDR-20190417-00048 Comcast of Wisconsin, Inc. System Entry
2019-04-16SUR-NDR-20190416-00044 Cebridge Acquisition, L.P. System Entry
2019-04-16SUR-NDR-20190416-00045 Cebridge Acquisition, LLC System Entry
2019-04-16SUR-NDR-20190416-00046 Cequel III Communications I, LLC System Entry
2019-04-15SUR-NDR-20190415-00041 Mile Hi Cable Partners, L.P. System Entry
2019-04-15SUR-NDR-20190415-00042 TCI Holdings I, LLC System Entry
2019-04-15SUR-NDR-20190415-00043 Comcast of Indianapolis, L.P. System Entry
2019-04-10SUR-NDR-20190410-00040 Inmarsat Group Holdings Inc. System Entry
2019-04-09SUR-NDR-20190409-00038 Cox Communications Arizona, LLC System Entry
2019-04-09SUR-NDR-20190409-00039 Cox Communications Arizona, LLC System Entry
2019-04-02SUR-NDR-20190402-00034 Comcast of Utah II, Inc. System Entry
2019-04-02SUR-NDR-20190402-00035 Comcast of Virginia, LLC System Entry
2019-04-02SUR-NDR-20190402-00036 Comcast of Warren, LLC System Entry
2019-04-02SUR-NDR-20190402-00037 Comcast of Wildwood, LLC System Entry
2019-03-21SUR-NDR-20190321-00033 Northrop Grumman Defense Mission Systems, Inc. System Entry
2019-03-20SUR-NDR-20190320-00032 Cebridge Acquisition, L.P. System Entry
2019-03-13SUR-NDR-20190313-00015 Comcast of Nashville II, LLC System Entry
2019-03-13SUR-NDR-20190313-00016 Comcast of New Jersey II, LLC System Entry
2019-03-13SUR-NDR-20190313-00017 Comcast of New Mexico/Pennsylvania, LLC System Entry
2019-03-13SUR-NDR-20190313-00018 Comcast of New Mexico, LLC System Entry
2019-03-13SUR-NDR-20190313-00019 Comcast of New York, LLC System Entry
2019-03-13SUR-NDR-20190313-00020 Comcast of Northern Illinois, Inc. System Entry
2019-03-13SUR-NDR-20190313-00021 Comcast of Northwest New Jersey, LLC System Entry
2019-03-13SUR-NDR-20190313-00022 Comcast of Perry Inc System Entry
2019-03-13SUR-NDR-20190313-00023 Comcast of Philadelphia II, LLC System Entry
2019-03-13SUR-NDR-20190313-00024 Comcast of Ocean County, LLC System Entry
2019-03-13SUR-NDR-20190313-00025 Comcast of Quincy Inc System Entry
2019-03-13SUR-NDR-20190313-00026 Comcast of Shelby, LLC System Entry
2019-03-13SUR-NDR-20190313-00027 Comcast of South Jersey, LLC System Entry
2019-03-13SUR-NDR-20190313-00028 Comcast of Southeast Pennsylvania, LLC System Entry
2019-03-13SUR-NDR-20190313-00029 Comcast of Southeast Pennsylvania, Inc. System Entry
2019-03-13SUR-NDR-20190313-00030 Comcast of the South System Entry
2019-03-13SUR-NDR-20190313-00031 Comcast of the South Inc System Entry
2019-03-07SUR-NDR-20190307-00014 DOMINION VIDEO SATELLITE, INC. System Entry
2019-03-06SUR-NDR-20190306-00013 Crown Castle Fiber LLC System Entry
2019-03-04SUR-NDR-20190304-00012 Liberty Uplink, Inc. System Entry
2019-02-28SUR-NDR-20190228-00011 Brown University in the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations System Entry
2019-02-27SUR-NDR-20190227-00009 Public Broadcasting of Northwest PA System Entry
2019-02-27SUR-NDR-20190227-00010 RCN License Subsidiary, Inc. System Entry
2019-02-19SUR-NDR-20190219-00007 KDDI Global L.L.C. System Entry
2019-02-19SUR-NDR-20190219-00008 Cebridge Acquisition, L.P. System Entry
2019-02-13SUR-NDR-20190213-00006 TVC Albany, Inc. System Entry
2019-01-31SUR-NDR-20190131-00004 Corridor Television, L.L.P. System Entry
2019-01-31SUR-NDR-20190131-00005 42COM INTERNATIONAL INC. System Entry
2019-01-30SUR-NDR-20190130-00001 MCI Communications Services, Inc. System Entry
2019-01-30SUR-NDR-20190130-00002 University of Maine System System Entry
2018-12-27SUR-NDR-20181227-00242 Bowling Green State University System Entry
2018-12-19SUR-NDR-20181219-00186 Comcast Cable Communications Management, LLC System Entry
2018-12-19SUR-NDR-20181219-00187 Comcast of Burlington County LLC System Entry
2018-12-19SUR-NDR-20181219-00188 Comcast of California III, Inc. System Entry
2018-12-19SUR-NDR-20181219-00189 Comcast of California/Colorado, LLC System Entry
2018-12-19SUR-NDR-20181219-00190 Comcast of California/Colorado/Florida/Oregon, Inc. System Entry
2018-12-19SUR-NDR-20181219-00191 Comcast of California/Colorado/Illinois/Indiana/Michigan, LLC System Entry
2018-12-19SUR-NDR-20181219-00192 Comcast of California/Connecticut/Michigan System Entry
2018-12-19SUR-NDR-20181219-00193 Comcast of California/Illinois, LP System Entry
2018-12-19SUR-NDR-20181219-00194 Comcast of California/Maryland/Pennsylvania/Virginia/West Virginia, LLC System Entry
2018-12-19SUR-NDR-20181219-00195 Comcast of California/Massachusetts/Michigan/Utah, LLC System Entry
2018-12-19SUR-NDR-20181219-00196 Comcast of Central New Jersey II, LLC System Entry
2018-12-19SUR-NDR-20181219-00197 Flowroute Inc. System Entry
2018-12-19SUR-NDR-20181219-00198 Comcast of Chesterfield County Inc System Entry
2018-12-19SUR-NDR-20181219-00199 Comcast of Colorado II, LLC System Entry
2018-12-19SUR-NDR-20181219-00200 Comcast of Clinton, LLC System Entry
2018-12-19SUR-NDR-20181219-00201 Comcast of Colorado IV, LLC System Entry
2018-12-19SUR-NDR-20181219-00202 Comcast of Colorado V, LLC System Entry
2018-12-19SUR-NDR-20181219-00203 Comcast of Colorado VII, LLC System Entry
2018-12-19SUR-NDR-20181219-00204 Comcast of Colorado XII, Inc. System Entry
2018-12-19SUR-NDR-20181219-00205 Comcast of Colorado/Florida/Michigan/New Mexico/Pennsylvania/Washington, LLC System Entry
2018-12-19SUR-NDR-20181219-00206 Comcast of Colorado/Pennsylvania/West Virginia, LLC System Entry
2018-12-19SUR-NDR-20181219-00207 Comcast of Connecticut, Inc. System Entry
2018-12-19SUR-NDR-20181219-00208 Comcast of Delmarva, LLC System Entry
2018-12-19SUR-NDR-20181219-00209 Comcast of Eastern Shore, LLC System Entry
2018-12-19SUR-NDR-20181219-00210 Comcast of Flint Inc System Entry
2018-12-19SUR-NDR-20181219-00211 Comcast of Florida I, Inc. System Entry
2018-12-19SUR-NDR-20181219-00212 Comcast of Florida/Georgia/Illinois/Michigan, LLC System Entry
2018-12-19SUR-NDR-20181219-00213 Comcast of Florida/Georgia/Pennsylvania, LLC System Entry
2018-12-19SUR-NDR-20181219-00214 Comcast of Fort Wayne Limited Partnership System Entry
2018-12-19SUR-NDR-20181219-00215 Comcast of Fresno, Inc. System Entry
2018-12-19SUR-NDR-20181219-00216 Comcast of Garden State LP System Entry
2018-12-19SUR-NDR-20181219-00217 Comcast of Georgia/Massachusetts, LLC System Entry
2018-12-19SUR-NDR-20181219-00218 Comcast of Georgia/South Carolina, LLC System Entry
2018-12-19SUR-NDR-20181219-00219 Comcast of Greater Florida/Georgia, Inc. System Entry
2018-12-19SUR-NDR-20181219-00220 Comcast of Houston, LLC System Entry
2018-12-19SUR-NDR-20181219-00221 Comcast of Illinois/Indiana/Ohio, LLC System Entry
2018-12-19SUR-NDR-20181219-00222 Comcast of Illinois/Ohio/Oregon, LLC System Entry
2018-12-19SUR-NDR-20181219-00223 Comcast of Illinois/West Virginia, LLC System Entry
2018-12-19SUR-NDR-20181219-00224 Comcast of Indiana/Kentucky/Utah, LLC System Entry
2018-12-19SUR-NDR-20181219-00225 Comcast of Indiana/Michigan, LLC System Entry
2018-12-19SUR-NDR-20181219-00226 Comcast of Laurel Inc System Entry
2018-12-19SUR-NDR-20181219-00227 Comcast of Laurel Inc System Entry
2018-12-19SUR-NDR-20181219-00228 Comcast of Little Rock, Inc. System Entry
2018-12-19SUR-NDR-20181219-00229 Comcast of Maine/New Hampshire, Inc. System Entry
2018-12-19SUR-NDR-20181219-00230 Comcast of Maryland Limited Partnership System Entry
2018-12-19SUR-NDR-20181219-00231 Comcast of Maryland, LLC System Entry
2018-12-19SUR-NDR-20181219-00232 Comcast of Massachusetts II, Inc. System Entry
2018-12-19SUR-NDR-20181219-00233 Comcast of Massachusetts III, Inc. System Entry
2018-12-19SUR-NDR-20181219-00234 Comcast of Michigan I, LLC System Entry
2018-12-19SUR-NDR-20181219-00235 Comcast of Michigan III, Inc. System Entry
2018-12-19SUR-NDR-20181219-00236 Comcast of Minnesota, Inc. System Entry
2018-12-19SUR-NDR-20181219-00237 Comcast of Minnesota/Wisconsin, Inc. System Entry
2018-12-19SUR-NDR-20181219-00238 Comcast of Missouri, LLC System Entry
2018-12-19SUR-NDR-20181219-00239 Comcast of Monmouth County, LLC System Entry
2018-12-19SUR-NDR-20181219-00240 Comcast of Muncie, LP System Entry
2018-12-19SUR-NDR-20181219-00241 Comcast of Nashville I, LLC System Entry
2018-12-18SUR-NDR-20181218-00184 DIRECTV Enterprises, LLC System Entry
2018-12-18SUR-NDR-20181218-00185 DIRECTV Enterprises, LLC System Entry
2018-12-17SUR-NDR-20181217-00183 TRC Telecom, Inc. System Entry
2018-12-14SUR-NDR-20181214-00182 HNS License Sub, LLC System Entry
2018-12-11SUR-NDR-20181211-00180 Zayo Group, LLC System Entry
2018-12-11SUR-NDR-20181211-00181 Global Digital Media Xchange Inc. System Entry
2018-12-10SUR-NDR-20181210-00178 Moultrie Telecommunications, Inc. System Entry
2018-12-10SUR-NDR-20181210-00179 Cebridge Acquisition, L.P. System Entry
2018-12-07SUR-NDR-20181207-00177 ABS-CBN International, Inc. System Entry
2018-11-28SUR-NDR-20181128-00175 BT Group, Inc. System Entry
2018-11-28SUR-NDR-20181128-00176 BT Group, Inc. System Entry
2018-11-26SUR-NDR-20181126-00174 Peak Uplink, Inc System Entry
2018-11-15SUR-NDR-20181115-00173 AC BidCo LLC System Entry
2018-10-30SUR-NDR-20181030-00170 Brigham Young University System Entry
2018-10-30SUR-NDR-20181030-00171 WSYX Licensee, Inc. System Entry
2018-10-30SUR-NDR-20181030-00172, Inc. System Entry
2018-10-25SUR-NDR-20181025-00169 Meriplex Communications, Ltd. System Entry
2018-10-19SUR-NDR-20181019-00168 SpeedCast Communications Inc System Entry
2018-10-17SUR-NDR-20181017-00166 Crown Castle Fiber LLC System Entry
2018-10-17SUR-NDR-20181017-00167 ConocoPhillips Communications Inc. System Entry
2018-10-12SUR-NDR-20181012-00164 Enterprise Products, LLC System Entry
2018-10-12SUR-NDR-20181012-00165 CHEVRON USA INC System Entry
2018-10-11SUR-NDR-20181011-00160 Bresnan Communications, LLC System Entry
2018-10-11SUR-NDR-20181011-00161 CCO SoCal I, LLC System Entry
2018-10-11SUR-NDR-20181011-00162 Falcon Cable Systems Company II, L.P. System Entry
2018-10-11SUR-NDR-20181011-00163 Falcon Community Cable, L.P. System Entry
2018-10-10SUR-NDR-20181010-00158 Cebridge Acquisition, L.P. System Entry
2018-10-10SUR-NDR-20181010-00159 Spectrum Pacific West, LLC System Entry
2018-10-09SUR-NDR-20181009-00157 Comcast Cable Communications Management, LLC System Entry
2018-10-08SUR-NDR-20181008-00155 Falcon Video Communications, L.P. System Entry
2018-10-08SUR-NDR-20181008-00156 Marcus Cable of Alabama, L.L.C. System Entry
2018-10-05SUR-NDR-20181005-00154 WITF, Inc System Entry
2018-10-04SUR-NDR-20181004-00150 Insight Communications Midwest, LLC System Entry
2018-10-04SUR-NDR-20181004-00151 Insight Kentucky Partners II, L.P. System Entry
2018-10-04SUR-NDR-20181004-00152 Spectrum Mid-America, LLC System Entry
2018-10-04SUR-NDR-20181004-00153 Charter Communications, LLC System Entry
2018-10-02SUR-NDR-20181002-00149 Interlink Communications Partners, LLC System Entry
2018-10-01SUR-NDR-20181001-00147 Dontron, Inc. System Entry
2018-10-01SUR-NDR-20181001-00148 Charter Communications Entertainment I, LLC System Entry
2018-09-28SUR-NDR-20180928-00141 CBS Broadcasting Inc. System Entry
2018-09-28SUR-NDR-20180928-00142 WLEX Communications, LLC System Entry
2018-09-28SUR-NDR-20180928-00143 Remote Manage, Inc. System Entry
2018-09-28SUR-NDR-20180928-00144 Cox Media Group Northeast, LLC System Entry
2018-09-28SUR-NDR-20180928-00145 Kimtron Inc System Entry
2018-09-28SUR-NDR-20180928-00146 SpeedCast Communications Inc System Entry

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