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Categories of Surrender Filings

File Number PrefixFiling TypeCount
SUR-NDR Surrender (SUR-NDR) 1675

Latest Surrender Filings by Status Update

Last UpdateFile NumberApplicantCallsignStatus
2021-09-24SUR-NDR-20210924-00169 Ole Production Services, LLC System Entry
2021-09-24SUR-NDR-20210924-00170 Hiber Inc. System Entry
2021-09-22SUR-NDR-20210922-00167 Cowles Montana Media Company System Entry
2021-09-22SUR-NDR-20210922-00168 Lockheed Martin Corporation System Entry
2021-09-20SUR-NDR-20210920-00166 Southern Wabash Communications of Middle Tennessee, Inc. System Entry
2021-09-16SUR-NDR-20210916-00163 Springfield Broadcasting Partners System Entry
2021-09-16SUR-NDR-20210916-00164 WML Services, LLC System Entry
2021-09-16SUR-NDR-20210916-00165 Nippon Television Network Corporation System Entry
2021-09-15SUR-NDR-20210915-00161 WYTV Television, LLC System Entry
2021-09-15SUR-NDR-20210915-00162 Lockheed Martin Corporation System Entry
2021-09-14SUR-NDR-20210914-00159 TowerStream Corp. System Entry
2021-09-14SUR-NDR-20210914-00160 Salem Communications Holding Corporation System Entry
2021-09-10SUR-NDR-20210910-00157 NBC Telemundo License LLC System Entry
2021-09-10SUR-NDR-20210910-00158 NBC Telemundo License LLC System Entry
2021-09-09SUR-NDR-20210909-00155 QVC, Inc. System Entry
2021-09-09SUR-NDR-20210909-00156 WML Services, LLC System Entry
2021-09-03SUR-NDR-20210903-00154 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. System Entry
2021-09-02SUR-NDR-20210902-00153 WML Services, LLC System Entry
2021-09-01SUR-NDR-20210901-00150 Comcast of Fresno, Inc. System Entry
2021-09-01SUR-NDR-20210901-00151 AC Holdings, Inc. System Entry
2021-09-01SUR-NDR-20210901-00152 BFI Licenses, LLC System Entry
2021-08-28SUR-NDR-20210828-00149 BDJ Radio Enterprises, LLC System Entry
2021-08-27SUR-NDR-20210827-00148 CARS Holding, Inc. System Entry
2021-08-26SUR-NDR-20210826-00147 Scripps Broadcasting Holdings LLC System Entry
2021-08-25SUR-NDR-20210825-00146 Masergy Communications Inc. System Entry
2021-08-24SUR-NDR-20210824-00145 Heftel Broadcasting Company LLC System Entry
2021-08-17SUR-NDR-20210817-00144 Emmis Radio License, LLC System Entry
2021-08-13SUR-NDR-20210813-00143 Karousel LLC System Entry
2021-08-12SUR-NDR-20210812-00142 Scripps Broadcasting Holdings LLC System Entry
2021-08-10SUR-NDR-20210810-00141 North Texas Public Broadcasting System Entry
2021-08-09SUR-NDR-20210809-00140 Classic Cable of Oklahoma, Inc. System Entry
2021-08-05SUR-NDR-20210805-00139 Graham Media Group, Florida, Inc. System Entry
2021-08-02SUR-NDR-20210802-00137 KIRO-TV, Inc. System Entry
2021-08-02SUR-NDR-20210802-00138 Comcast Cable Communications Management, LLC System Entry
2021-07-30SUR-NDR-20210730-00136 Pacific Carriage Limited System Entry
2021-07-06SUR-NDR-20210706-00130 New World Communications of Atlanta, Inc. System Entry
2021-06-28SUR-NDR-20210628-00128 DIRECTV Enterprises, LLC System Entry
2021-06-28SUR-NDR-20210628-00129 DIRECTV Enterprises, LLC System Entry
2021-06-25SUR-NDR-20210625-00127 NBC Telemundo License LLC System Entry
2021-06-15SUR-NDR-20210615-00126 SATCOM Digital Networks, LLC System Entry
2021-06-09SUR-NDR-20210609-00124 Bott Communications, Inc. System Entry
2021-06-09SUR-NDR-20210609-00125 KSTP-TV, LLC System Entry
2021-05-28SUR-NDR-20210528-00123 DIRECTV Enterprises, LLC System Entry
2021-05-19SUR-NDR-20210519-00122 FAMILY BROADCASTING CORPORATION System Entry
2021-05-12SUR-NDR-20210512-00120 MX1 Inc. System Entry
2021-05-12SUR-NDR-20210512-00121 North Texas Public Broadcasting System Entry
2021-05-10SUR-NDR-20210510-00119 Scripps Broadcasting Holdings LLC System Entry
2021-05-06SUR-NDR-20210506-00118 Noble Systems Communications LLC System Entry
2021-05-05SUR-NDR-20210505-00117 Radio One Buffalo, LLC System Entry
2021-05-04SUR-NDR-20210504-00116 NATCO Video, LLC System Entry
2021-05-03SUR-NDR-20210503-00112 Beulahland Communications, LLC System Entry
2021-05-03SUR-NDR-20210503-00113 KMTR Television, LLC System Entry
2021-05-03SUR-NDR-20210503-00114 Comcast Cable Communications Management, LLC System Entry
2021-05-03SUR-NDR-20210503-00115 Comcast of Florida/Michigan/New Mexico/Pennsylvania/Washington, LLC System Entry
2021-04-29SUR-NDR-20210429-00111 Columbus Telephone Company System Entry
2021-04-26SUR-NDR-20210426-00109 Comcast Cable Communications Management, LLC System Entry
2021-04-26SUR-NDR-20210426-00110 Comcast of California/Maryland/Pennsylvania/Virginia/West Virginia, LLC System Entry
2021-04-23SUR-NDR-20210423-00108 Telconnect LLC System Entry
2021-04-21SUR-NDR-20210421-00107 Excel Media, L.L.C. System Entry
2021-04-20SUR-NDR-20210420-00105 Cellco Partnership System Entry
2021-04-20SUR-NDR-20210420-00106 Scripps Broadcasting Holdings LLC System Entry
2021-04-19SUR-NDR-20210419-00099 Verizon Hawaii International Inc. System Entry
2021-04-19SUR-NDR-20210419-00100 Diocese of Fresno Education Corp. System Entry
2021-04-19SUR-NDR-20210419-00101 Verizon Long Distance LLC System Entry
2021-04-19SUR-NDR-20210419-00102 Rural Cellular Corporation System Entry
2021-04-19SUR-NDR-20210419-00103 Verizon Select Services, Inc. System Entry
2021-04-19SUR-NDR-20210419-00104 ALLTEL Corporation System Entry
2021-04-15SUR-NDR-20210415-00096 Minnesota State Services f/t Blind System Entry
2021-04-15SUR-NDR-20210415-00097 Pennsylvania Educational Communications Systems d/b/a Pennsy System Entry
2021-04-15SUR-NDR-20210415-00098 Meredith Corporation - WNEM System Entry
2021-04-12SUR-NDR-20210412-00095 Mt. Vernon Nazarene University System Entry
2021-04-09SUR-NDR-20210409-00094 kentec communications inc System Entry
2021-04-08SUR-NDR-20210408-00093 Tribune Media Company System Entry
2021-04-07SUR-NDR-20210407-00092 CMN-RUS, Inc. System Entry
2021-04-01SUR-NDR-20210401-00087 Main Street Broadcasting Co., Inc. System Entry
2021-04-01SUR-NDR-20210401-00088 DIRECTV Enterprises, LLC System Entry
2021-04-01SUR-NDR-20210401-00089 Choice Phone LLC System Entry
2021-04-01SUR-NDR-20210401-00090 Wave Runner LLC System Entry
2021-04-01SUR-NDR-20210401-00091 Minnesota Valley Television Improvement Corporation System Entry
2021-03-31SUR-NDR-20210331-00086 Salem Communications Holding Corporation System Entry
2021-03-30SUR-NDR-20210330-00085 TrustComm, Inc. System Entry
2021-03-29SUR-NDR-20210329-00082 AberVoice, Inc. System Entry
2021-03-29SUR-NDR-20210329-00083 Broadcast Company of the Americas, LLC System Entry
2021-03-29SUR-NDR-20210329-00084 HTC Communications d/b/a Premier Communications System Entry
2021-03-26SUR-NDR-20210326-00081 UCCSN Board of Regents OBO University of Nevada, Las Vegas System Entry
2021-03-24SUR-NDR-20210324-00077 Cequel III Communications I, LLC System Entry
2021-03-24SUR-NDR-20210324-00078 Universal Cable Holdings, Inc. System Entry
2021-03-24SUR-NDR-20210324-00079 Classic Cable of Oklahoma, Inc. System Entry
2021-03-24SUR-NDR-20210324-00080 Maricopa Community Colleges Television System Entry
2021-03-23SUR-NDR-20210323-00076 Forum Communications Company System Entry
2021-03-22SUR-NDR-20210322-00074 Pittsford Educational Broadcasting Foundation System Entry
2021-03-22SUR-NDR-20210322-00075 Mission Broadcasting, Inc. System Entry
2021-03-19SUR-NDR-20210319-00073 DREAM CENTER, INC. System Entry
2021-03-16SUR-NDR-20210316-00072 Satellite Communication Systems Inc. System Entry
2021-03-15SUR-NDR-20210315-00071 CAP Cable, LLC System Entry
2021-03-12SUR-NDR-20210312-00065 New York AM Radio, LLC System Entry
2021-03-12SUR-NDR-20210312-00066 Disney Channel System Entry
2021-03-12SUR-NDR-20210312-00067 Disney Channel System Entry
2021-03-12SUR-NDR-20210312-00068 Disney Channel System Entry
2021-03-12SUR-NDR-20210312-00069 Disney Channel System Entry
2021-03-12SUR-NDR-20210312-00070 Panhandle Telecommunication Systems Inc System Entry
2021-03-10SUR-NDR-20210310-00063 Cumulus Media Inc., Debtor-In-Possession System Entry
2021-03-10SUR-NDR-20210310-00064 ConocoPhillips Communications Inc. System Entry
2021-03-09SUR-NDR-20210309-00061 Cascade Public Media System Entry
2021-03-09SUR-NDR-20210309-00062 Honeywell International Inc. System Entry
2021-03-02SUR-NDR-20210302-00058 Cablevision of Ossining Limited Partnership System Entry
2021-03-02SUR-NDR-20210302-00059 Cablevision Systems Dutchess Corporation System Entry
2021-03-02SUR-NDR-20210302-00060 Edgewater Broadcasting Inc. System Entry
2021-03-01SUR-NDR-20210301-00048 Cebridge Acquisition, L.P. System Entry
2021-03-01SUR-NDR-20210301-00049 Friendship Cable of Texas, Inc. System Entry
2021-03-01SUR-NDR-20210301-00050 Universal Cable Holdings, Inc. System Entry
2021-03-01SUR-NDR-20210301-00051 Service Electric Cable Television of New Jersey, Inc. System Entry
2021-03-01SUR-NDR-20210301-00052 Cequel III Communications I, LLC System Entry
2021-03-01SUR-NDR-20210301-00053 Altice USA, Inc. System Entry
2021-03-01SUR-NDR-20210301-00054 Classic Cable of Louisiana LLC System Entry
2021-03-01SUR-NDR-20210301-00055 W.K. Communications, Inc. System Entry
2021-03-01SUR-NDR-20210301-00056 Classic Cable of Oklahoma, Inc. System Entry
2021-03-01SUR-NDR-20210301-00057 Cablevision of Hudson County LLC System Entry
2021-02-26SUR-NDR-20210226-00047 Arqiva, Inc. System Entry
2021-02-25SUR-NDR-20210225-00046 CMG NY/Texas Radio, LLC System Entry
2021-02-24SUR-NDR-20210224-00045 Music Choice System Entry
2021-02-23SUR-NDR-20210223-00042 Greenville (KTXD-TV) Licensee, Inc. System Entry
2021-02-23SUR-NDR-20210223-00043 Bulldog Cable Georgia, LLC System Entry
2021-02-23SUR-NDR-20210223-00044 RCN License Subsidiary, Inc. System Entry
2021-02-17SUR-NDR-20210217-00041 BFI Licenses, LLC System Entry
2021-02-16SUR-NDR-20210216-00039 NBC Telemundo License LLC System Entry
2021-02-16SUR-NDR-20210216-00040 Wavestream Corporation System Entry
2021-02-15SUR-NDR-20210215-00038 Farmers Mutual Telephone Company System Entry
2021-02-12SUR-NDR-20210212-00037 golden valley cable and communications System Entry
2021-02-11SUR-NDR-20210211-00034 Univision Local Media, Inc. System Entry
2021-02-11SUR-NDR-20210211-00035 Univision Network Limited Partnership System Entry
2021-02-11SUR-NDR-20210211-00036 Univision Radio Stations Group, Inc. System Entry
2021-02-09SUR-NDR-20210209-00032 Marquee Broadcasting Georgia, Inc. System Entry
2021-02-09SUR-NDR-20210209-00033 Tribune Media Company System Entry
2021-02-03SUR-NDR-20210203-00031 St. Louis Regional Public Media, Inc. System Entry
2021-01-29SUR-NDR-20210129-00030 WTVD TELEVISION, LLC System Entry
2021-01-27SUR-NDR-20210127-00028 Pacifica Foundation, Inc. System Entry
2021-01-27SUR-NDR-20210127-00029 Colorado Springs Radio Broadcasters, Inc. System Entry
2021-01-26SUR-NDR-20210126-00027 Michaelsen Communications LLC System Entry
2021-01-25SUR-NDR-20210125-00016 Bates Technical College System Entry
2021-01-25SUR-NDR-20210125-00017 Comcast of Alabama, LLC System Entry
2021-01-25SUR-NDR-20210125-00018 Comcast Cable Communications Management, LLC System Entry
2021-01-25SUR-NDR-20210125-00019 Comcast of Burlington County LLC System Entry
2021-01-25SUR-NDR-20210125-00020 Comcast of Carolina Inc System Entry
2021-01-25SUR-NDR-20210125-00021 Comcast of Florida/Michigan/New Mexico/Pennsylvania/Washington, LLC System Entry
2021-01-25SUR-NDR-20210125-00022 Comcast of Georgia/South Carolina, LLC System Entry
2021-01-25SUR-NDR-20210125-00023 Comcast of Illinois XII, LP System Entry
2021-01-25SUR-NDR-20210125-00024 Comcast of Illinois/Indiana/Ohio, LLC System Entry
2021-01-25SUR-NDR-20210125-00025 Comcast of New Mexico, LLC System Entry
2021-01-25SUR-NDR-20210125-00026 Comcast of Utah II, Inc. System Entry

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