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Applications for Satellite Earth Station licenses or registration (Part 25) Renewal of license or authorization

Latest Satellite Earth Station : Renewal Filings by Status Update

Last UpdateFile NumberApplicantCallsignStatus
2023-02-01SES-RWL-20190205-00060 UNIVERSITY OF MASSACHUSETTS - AMHERSTE040075 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-02-01SES-RWL-20230106-00020 Nexstar Media Inc.E070257 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-02-01SES-RWL-20230111-00018 CBS Communications Services Inc.E880327 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-02-01SES-RWL-20230106-00021 Nexstar Media Inc.E872064 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-02-01SES-RWL-20230106-00022 Nexstar Media Inc.E070281 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-02-01SES-RWL-20230118-00077 SINCLAIR BAKERSFIELD LICENSEE, LLCE990075 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-02-01SES-RWL-20230106-00019 Hearst Stations Inc.E880308 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-02-01SES-RWL-20230109-00023 Production & Satellite Services, Inc.E920096 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-02-01SES-RWL-INTR2023-00362 EchoStar BSS Corporation Internet Not Processed
2023-02-01SES-RWL-INTR2023-00363 EchoStar BSS Corporation Internet Not Processed
2023-02-01SES-RWL-INTR2023-00365 DISH Broadcasting Corporation Internet Not Processed
2023-02-01SES-RWL-INTR2023-00366 DISH Broadcasting Corporation Internet Not Processed
2023-02-01SES-RWL-INTR2023-00367 DISH Broadcasting Corporation Internet Not Processed
2023-02-01SES-RWL-INTR2023-00368 DISH Broadcasting Corporation Internet Not Processed
2023-02-01SES-RWL-INTR2023-00369 DISH Broadcasting Corporation Internet Not Processed
2023-02-01SES-RWL-INTR2023-00370 DISH Broadcasting Corporation Internet Not Processed
2023-01-31SES-RWL-INTR2023-00353 Production & Satellite Services, Inc. Internet Not Processed
2023-01-31SES-RWL-INTR2023-00354 Production & Satellite Services, Inc. Internet Not Processed
2023-01-31SES-RWL-INTR2023-00357 Arctek Satellite Productions, LLC Internet Not Processed
2023-01-25SES-RWL-INTR2023-00288 WBAL Hearst Television Inc. Filed - payment received
2023-01-25SES-RWL-INTR2023-00291 Inmarsat Solutions US Inc. Filed - payment received
2023-01-24SES-RWL-INTR2023-00241 Georgia Television, LLC Filed - payment received
2023-01-24SES-RWL-INTR2023-00244 Audacy License, LLC Filed - payment received
2023-01-24SES-RWL-20230123-00084 Georgia Television, LLCE880395 System Entry
2023-01-24SES-RWL-20230123-00085 The University of MontanaE980123 System Entry
2023-01-23SES-RWL-INTR2023-00250 AT&T Corp. Internet Not Processed
2023-01-23SES-RWL-INTR2023-00251 The University of Montana Internet Not Processed
2023-01-20SES-RWL-20230119-00074 Intelsat License LLCE080006 System Entry
2023-01-20SES-RWL-20230119-00075 Intelsat License LLCE080011 System Entry
2023-01-20SES-RWL-20230119-00073 Multimedia Holdings CorporationE980101 System Entry
2023-01-18SES-RWL-20221028-01195 Gray Television Licensee, LLCE980003 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-01-18SES-RWL-INTR2023-00202 Multimedia Holdings Corporation Internet Not Processed
2023-01-18SES-RWL-20230113-00042 California State University, SacramentoE880190 System Entry
2023-01-17SES-RWL-INTR2023-00135 SINCLAIR BAKERSFIELD LICENSEE, LLC Internet Not Processed
2023-01-17SES-RWL-INTR2023-00140 Viasat, Inc. Internet Not Processed
2023-01-17SES-RWL-INTR2023-00141 Viasat, Inc. Internet Not Processed
2023-01-17SES-RWL-INTR2023-00142 Viasat, Inc. Internet Not Processed
2023-01-13SES-RWL-INTR2023-00122 California State University, Sacramento Internet Not Processed
2023-01-13SES-RWL-20230112-00016 DISH Broadcasting CorporationE070284 System Entry
2023-01-10SES-RWL-INTR2023-00047 Production & Satellite Services, Inc. Filed - payment received
2023-01-06SES-RWL-INTR2023-00039 Nexstar Media Inc. Filed - payment received
2023-01-06SES-RWL-INTR2023-00040 Nexstar Media Inc. Filed - payment received
2023-01-06SES-RWL-INTR2023-00041 Nexstar Media Inc. Filed - payment received
2023-01-06SES-RWL-INTR2023-00043 Hearst Stations Inc. Filed - payment received
2023-01-06SES-RWL-INTR2023-00044 NBC Telemundo License LLC Internet Not Processed
2023-01-05SES-RWL-20230103-00007 EchoStar BSS CorporationE070273 System Entry
2023-01-05SES-RWL-20230103-00008 DISH Broadcasting CorporationE070283 System Entry
2023-01-03SES-RWL-20221213-01336 NBC Telemundo License LLCE070252 Action Complete
2023-01-03SES-RWL-20221219-01409 Gray Television Licensee, LLCE880398 Action Complete
2023-01-03SES-RWL-20221220-01410 Vyvx, LLCE970447 Action Complete
2023-01-03SES-RWL-20221220-01411 NBC Telemundo License LLCE070259 Action Complete
2023-01-03SES-RWL-20221222-01426 Scripps Broadcasting Holdings LLCE880108 Action Complete
2023-01-03SES-RWL-INTR2023-00006 EchoStar BSS Corporation Filed - payment received
2023-01-03SES-RWL-INTR2023-00007 DISH Broadcasting Corporation Filed - payment received
2023-01-03SES-RWL-INTR2023-00008 EchoStar BSS Corporation Filed - payment received
2022-12-20SES-RWL-INTR2022-04149 Gray Television Licensee, LLC Filed - payment received
2022-12-20SES-RWL-INTR2022-04150 Gray Television Licensee, LLC Filed - payment received
2022-12-20SES-RWL-INTR2022-04151 NBC Telemundo License LLC Filed - payment received
2022-12-20SES-RWL-INTR2022-04163 Vyvx, LLC Filed - payment received
2022-12-20SES-RWL-INTR2022-04168 Spectrum Mid-America, LLC Filed - payment received
2022-12-16SES-RWL-20221216-01356 University of WyomingE980106 Action Complete
2022-12-16SES-RWL-20221215-01357 RCN License Subsidiary, Inc.E874239 Action Complete
2022-12-16SES-RWL-20221215-01359 RCN License Subsidiary, Inc.E860696 Action Complete
2022-12-16SES-RWL-20221215-01360 RCN License Subsidiary, Inc.E980046 Action Complete
2022-12-15SES-RWL-20221215-01343 KFMB-TV, LLCE980001 Action Complete
2022-12-14SES-RWL-20170522-00575 Control 1 Communications, LLCE920295 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-12-14SES-RWL-20071207-01670 iHM Licenses, LLCE970452 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-12-14SES-RWL-20180928-02903 WTAT Licensee, LLCE6347 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-12-14SES-RWL-20200602-00587 WBNS-TV, Inc.E050145 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-12-14SES-RWL-20200602-00588 WBNS-TV, Inc.E050144 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-12-14SES-RWL-20210224-00394 WBNS-TV, Inc.E060056 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-12-14SES-RWL-20220615-00653 WBNS-TV, Inc.E873009 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-12-14SES-RWL-20220930-01068 Intelsat License LLCE970391 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-12-14SES-RWL-20221020-01102 Skynet Satellite CorporationE070265 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-12-14SES-RWL-20221025-01118 CBS Broadcasting Inc.E880111 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-12-14SES-RWL-20221103-01194 Vyvx, LLCE970415 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-12-14SES-RWL-20221011-01095 CBS Communications Services Inc.E970443 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-12-14SES-RWL-INTR2022-04074 AT&T Corp. Internet Not Processed
2022-12-14SES-RWL-INTR2022-04077 RCN License Subsidiary, Inc. Internet Not Processed
2022-12-13SES-RWL-INTR2022-04042 NBC Telemundo License LLC Filed - payment received
2022-12-13SES-RWL-INTR2022-04045 GUSA Licensee LLC Filed - payment received
2022-12-13SES-RWL-20221213-01330 GUSA Licensee LLCE970199 System Entry
2022-12-12SES-RWL-20221208-01317 SES Americom, Inc.E980076 System Entry
2022-12-12SES-RWL-20221209-01316 Marlink-ITC, Inc.E070239 System Entry
2022-12-09SES-RWL-INTR2022-04038 Marlink-ITC, Inc. Filed - payment received
2022-12-08SES-RWL-INTR2022-04010 SES Americom, Inc. Filed - payment received
2022-12-07SES-RWL-20090603-00687 Minnesota Public RadioE890488 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-12-07SES-RWL-20070911-01262 New Life Evangelistic Center,Inc.E970512 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-12-07SES-RWL-20221128-01281 L3HARRIS TECHNOLOGIES, INC.E070250 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-12-01SES-RWL-20221130-01291 Board of Education of the City of AtlantaE880077 System Entry
2022-12-01SES-RWL-20221130-01292 Nexstar Media Inc.E070249 System Entry
2022-12-01SES-RWL-20221130-01293 Tribune Media CompanyE980007 System Entry
2022-11-30SES-RWL-20110920-01114 Westar Satellite Services LPKB23 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-11-30SES-RWL-20110916-01096 KWEX License Partnership, L.P.KF28 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-11-30SES-RWL-20110823-00995 Sinclair Television Media, Inc.E3276 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-11-30SES-RWL-20110729-00900 WGBH Educational FoundationE910352 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-11-30SES-RWL-20091224-01621 Spokane Television, Inc.E900019 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-11-30SES-RWL-20080929-01255 SCOLAE881118 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-11-30SES-RWL-20080929-01261 Tampnet USA LLCE980371 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-11-30SES-RWL-20080501-00516 Carol L IvesE980163 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-11-30SES-RWL-20080410-00449 Idaho State Board of Education (Boise State University)E880475 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-11-30SES-RWL-20080310-00272 RCN License Subsidiary, Inc.E980133 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-11-30SES-RWL-20071023-01450 Board of Education of the City of AtlantaE880077 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-11-30SES-RWL-20070329-00415 West Virginia Radio CorporationE859657 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-11-30SES-RWL-20221110-01227 Intelsat License LLCE970051 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-11-30SES-RWL-20221108-01192 Gray Television Licensee, LLCE870933 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-11-30SES-RWL-20221116-01259 L3HARRIS TECHNOLOGIES, INC.E070235 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-11-30SES-RWL-20221028-01189 Scripps Broadcasting Holdings LLCE070268 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-11-30SES-RWL-20221028-01191 Gray Television Licensee, LLCE874277 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-11-30SES-RWL-20221104-01193 WPVI Television Philadelphia, LLCE880066 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-11-30SES-RWL-20221104-01206 WLS Television, Inc.E860462 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-11-30SES-RWL-20221108-01207 Sarkes Tarzian, Inc.E880083 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-11-29SES-RWL-INTR2022-03831 L3HARRIS TECHNOLOGIES, INC. Filed - payment received
2022-11-29SES-RWL-INTR2022-03843 Nexstar Media Inc. Internet Not Processed
2022-11-29SES-RWL-INTR2022-03844 Tribune Broadcasting Company II, LLC Internet Not Processed
2022-11-29SES-RWL-INTR2022-03846 Tribune Media Company Internet Not Processed
2022-11-16SES-RWL-20100119-00095 Comcast Cable Communications Management, LLCWZ34 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-11-16SES-RWL-20220301-00219 Cablevision Systems Long Island CorporationE865183 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-11-16SES-RWL-20221110-01228 LSB Broadcasting, Inc.E070285 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-11-16SES-RWL-20221028-01190 Gray Television Licensee, LLCE874001 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-11-16SES-RWL-INTR2022-03743 L3HARRIS TECHNOLOGIES, INC. Filed - payment received
2022-11-16SES-RWL-20221028-01179 Nexstar Media Inc.E850115 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-11-09SES-RWL-20111006-01183 Satcom Systems, IncorporatedWK42 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-11-09SES-RWL-20110829-01002 VPM Media CorporationE861068 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-11-09SES-RWL-20110531-00645 The Rector and Visitors of the University of VirginiaE010160 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-11-09SES-RWL-20110523-00612 Satcom Systems, IncorporatedE910311 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-11-09SES-RWL-20100831-01113 RCN License Subsidiary, Inc.E000577 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-11-09SES-RWL-20100831-01114 RCN License Subsidiary, Inc.E000572 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-11-09SES-RWL-20100516-00605 The University of WashingtonE000140 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-11-09SES-RWL-20091223-01620 Tri-State Christian TV, Inc.E000046 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-11-09SES-RWL-20091009-01310 Purdue UniversityE980378 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-11-09SES-RWL-20091009-01311 Purdue UniversityE980379 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-11-09SES-RWL-20071205-01664 RCN License Subsidiary, Inc.E873910 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-11-09SES-RWL-20110630-00775 R&C Productions, Inc.E010114 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-11-09SES-RWL-20090731-00945 Prime Time Christian Broadcasting, Inc.E990128 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-11-09SES-RWL-20190708-00906 University of KansasE940245 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-11-09SES-RWL-20191220-01766 Roberts Communications Network, Inc.E050016 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-11-09SES-RWL-20200421-00430 Roberts Communications Network, Inc.E201941 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-11-09SES-RWL-20200916-01021 Soldiers of the Cross D/B/A Shepherds Chapel NE9332 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-11-09SES-RWL-20200904-01052 Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., a Delaware corporationE950140 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-11-09SES-RWL-20210111-00031 Westar Satellite Services LPE960044 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-11-09SES-RWL-20210309-00451 RCN License Subsidiary, Inc.E060122 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-11-09SES-RWL-20210309-00453 RCN License Subsidiary, Inc.E060118 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-11-09SES-RWL-20210719-01072 RCN License Subsidiary, Inc.E060333 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-11-09SES-RWL-20210914-01531 WITF, IncE060378 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-11-09SES-RWL-20211101-01764 WITF, IncE060415 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-11-09SES-RWL-20221025-01124 RCN License Subsidiary, Inc.E970430 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-11-09SES-RWL-20221024-01145 RCN License Subsidiary, Inc.E6393 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-11-09SES-RWL-20221024-01146 RCN License Subsidiary, Inc.E7508 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-11-09SES-RWL-20221024-01148 RCN License Subsidiary, Inc.E890995 Action Taken Public Notice

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