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Applications for Satellite Earth Station licenses or registration (Part 25) Renewal of license or authorization

Latest Satellite Earth Station : Renewal Filings by Status Update

Last UpdateFile NumberApplicantCallsignStatus
2023-06-14SES-RWL-20230530-01130 GATR TechnologiesE080108 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-06-14SES-RWL-20230605-01198 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.E7190 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-06-14SES-RWL-20230608-01213 BFI Licenses, LLCE920477 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-06-14SES-RWL-20230613-01222 Production & Satellite Services, Inc.E980214 System Entry
2023-06-14SES-RWL-20230613-01223 Production & Satellite Services, Inc.E980213 System Entry
2023-06-14SES-RWL-20230501-01138 TGC, LLCE080069 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-06-14SES-RWL-20230606-01204 DISH Broadcasting CorporationE980128 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-06-14SES-RWL-20230608-01211 Nexstar Media Inc.E8292 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-06-14SES-RWL-20230608-01212 Nexstar Media Inc.E8591 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-06-13SES-RWL-INTR2023-02643 GlobeCast America Incorporated Filed - payment received
2023-06-13SES-RWL-20230612-01221 GlobeCast America IncorporatedKA224 System Entry
2023-06-13SES-RWL-INTR2023-02675 Production & Satellite Services, Inc. Filed - payment received
2023-06-13SES-RWL-INTR2023-02676 Production & Satellite Services, Inc. Filed - payment received
2023-06-09SES-RWL-20230609-01219 RigNet, Inc.E980235 System Entry
2023-06-06SES-RWL-INTR2023-02547 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. Filed - payment received
2023-06-06SES-RWL-INTR2023-02569 DISH Broadcasting Corporation Filed - payment received
2023-06-06SES-RWL-INTR2023-02570 DISH Broadcasting Corporation Filed - payment received
2023-06-06SES-RWL-INTR2023-02571 DISH Broadcasting Corporation Filed - payment received
2023-06-05SES-RWL-INTR2023-02248 Corporate Satellite Communications, Florida Inc. Filed - payment received
2023-06-05SES-RWL-20230524-01194 Corporate Satellite Communications, Florida Inc.E080084 System Entry
2023-06-02SES-RWL-INTR2023-02525 Nexstar Media Inc. Internet Not Processed
2023-06-02SES-RWL-INTR2023-02526 Nexstar Media Inc. Internet Not Processed
2023-06-02SES-RWL-INTR2023-02527 Nexstar Media Inc. Internet Not Processed
2023-05-31SES-RWL-INTR2023-02491 LMG NOC LLC Internet Not Processed
2023-05-30SES-RWL-20220926-01020 CBS Communications Services Inc.E880081 Action Complete
2023-05-30SES-RWL-INTR2023-02435 GATR Technologies Filed - payment received
2023-05-24SES-RWL-20230523-01069 Milwaukee Area Technical College District BoardE080166 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-05-23SES-RWL-20230519-01033 DISH Broadcasting CorporationE980143 Action Complete
2023-05-23SES-RWL-INTR2023-02345 Milwaukee Area Technical College District Board Internet Not Processed
2023-05-22SES-RWL-20220926-01019 CBS Broadcasting Inc.E880079 Action Complete
2023-05-22SES-RWL-20220926-01021 CBS Broadcasting Inc.E880080 Action Complete
2023-05-19SES-RWL-INTR2023-02116 DISH Broadcasting Corporation Filed - payment received
2023-05-18SES-RWL-20230426-00865 Telesat Network Services, Inc.E980149 Action Complete
2023-05-15SES-RWL-20230510-00969 CBS Communications Services Inc.E980216 Action Complete
2023-05-15SES-RWL-20230509-00956 MICROSPACE COMMUNICATIONS CORPORATIONE880104 Action Complete
2023-05-15SES-RWL-20230510-01001 NLG Merger Corp.E872068 Action Complete
2023-05-12SES-RWL-20230512-01006 Public Broadcasting of Northwest PAE880609 System Entry
2023-05-10SES-RWL-INTR2023-02104 General Dynamics Satellite Communication Services, LLC. Internet Not Processed
2023-05-09SES-RWL-INTR2023-02069 Oregon TV License Company LLC Filed - payment received
2023-05-09SES-RWL-INTR2023-02078 WTVQ-TV, L.L.C. Filed - payment received
2023-05-09SES-RWL-20230428-00926 SpeedCast Communications IncE080102 System Entry
2023-05-09SES-RWL-20230505-00927 WDEF-TV, Inc.E8202 System Entry
2023-05-09SES-RWL-20230508-00921 Oregon TV License Company LLCE980172 System Entry
2023-05-09SES-RWL-20230508-00922 WTVQ-TV, L.L.C.E865092 System Entry
2023-05-09SES-RWL-INTR2023-02082 MICROSPACE COMMUNICATIONS CORPORATION Filed - payment received
2023-05-09SES-RWL-INTR2023-02083 NLG Merger Corp. Internet Not Processed
2023-05-05SES-RWL-INTR2023-02040 MICROSPACE COMMUNICATIONS CORPORATION Filed - payment received
2023-05-05SES-RWL-20230501-00854 AT&T Corp.KA246 System Entry
2023-05-05SES-RWL-20230505-00863 MICROSPACE COMMUNICATIONS CORPORATIONE880103 System Entry
2023-05-05SES-RWL-INTR2023-02043 WALGREEN CO. Internet Not Processed
2023-05-05SES-RWL-INTR2023-02060 WDEF-TV, Inc. Filed - payment received
2023-05-03SES-RWL-20220405-00365 BFI Licenses, LLCE970070 Action Complete
2023-05-03SES-RWL-20230227-00218 DISH Broadcasting CorporationE080058 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-05-03SES-RWL-20230425-00669 Shell Communications, Inc.E080139 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-05-03SES-RWL-20230424-00676 KHOU-TV, Inc.E980227 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-05-03SES-RWL-20220405-00366 BFI Licenses, LLCE970068 Action Complete
2023-05-03SES-RWL-20220405-00367 BFI Licenses, LLCE970061 Action Complete
2023-05-02SES-RWL-INTR2023-01961 AT&T Corp. Filed - payment received
2023-04-28SES-RWL-INTR2023-01919 TGC, LLC Internet Not Processed
2023-04-28SES-RWL-INTR2023-01921 SpeedCast Communications Inc Filed - payment received
2023-04-26SES-RWL-20230418-00571 Commonwealth of Kentucky-Kentucky Authority for Educational TelevisionE870490 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-04-26SES-RWL-20230419-00616 WKYC-TV, LLCE080085 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-04-26SES-RWL-20230419-00617 WBAL Hearst Television Inc.E080097 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-04-26SES-RWL-20230420-00615 CAPITOL BROADCASTING COMPANY, INC.E080074 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-04-26SES-RWL-INTR2023-01895 Telesat Network Services, Inc. Filed - payment received
2023-04-25SES-RWL-INTR2023-01848 KHOU-TV, Inc. Filed - payment received
2023-04-25SES-RWL-INTR2023-01868 Shell Communications, Inc. Filed - payment received
2023-04-13SES-RWL-20230411-00541 WTOL Television, LLCE980177 Action Complete
2023-04-12SES-RWL-20080416-00464 TEGNA Broadcast Holdings, LLCE880774 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-04-12SES-RWL-20230329-00475 DISH Broadcasting CorporationE980174 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-04-12SES-RWL-20230405-00514 Alascom, Inc.E890619 Action Complete
2023-04-12SES-RWL-20230405-00515 Alascom, Inc.E890622 Action Complete
2023-04-12SES-RWL-20230404-00521 Scripps Broadcasting Holdings LLCE080109 Action Complete
2023-04-12SES-RWL-INTR2023-01708 LMG NOC LLC Internet Not Processed
2023-04-11SES-RWL-INTR2023-01680 Gray Television Licensee, LLC Filed - payment received
2023-04-11SES-RWL-INTR2023-01689 WTOL Television, LLC Filed - payment received
2023-04-05SES-RWL-20230301-00234 PSSI Global Services LLCE080014 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-04-05SES-RWL-20230320-00379 Nexstar Media Inc.E080047 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-04-05SES-RWL-20230321-00371 Multimedia KSDK, LLCE880678 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-04-05SES-RWL-20230321-00378 SES Americom, Inc.E861065 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-04-05SES-RWL-20230329-00473 DBSD CorporationE080070 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-04-05SES-RWL-20230329-00476 DISH Broadcasting CorporationE980178 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-04-05SES-RWL-20230329-00477 DISH Broadcasting CorporationE980142 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-04-05SES-RWL-INTR2023-01588 Alascom, Inc. Filed - payment received
2023-04-05SES-RWL-INTR2023-01590 Alascom, Inc. Filed - payment received
2023-04-05SES-RWL-20230321-00377 Mississippi Authority for Educational TelevisionE880594 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-04-05SES-RWL-INTR2023-01638 Carol L Ives Internet Not Processed
2023-04-04SES-RWL-INTR2023-01612 Scripps Broadcasting Holdings LLC Filed - payment received
2023-03-30SES-RWL-20230329-00474 DISH Broadcasting CorporationE980180 System Entry
2023-03-28SES-RWL-20230125-00090 Inmarsat Solutions US Inc.E050249 Action Complete
2023-03-22SES-RWL-20190417-00531 BFI Licenses, LLCE040216 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-03-22SES-RWL-20190417-00532 BFI Licenses, LLCE040218 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-03-22SES-RWL-20190417-00533 BFI Licenses, LLCE040215 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-03-22SES-RWL-20190621-00798 BFI Licenses, LLCE040290 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-03-22SES-RWL-20190621-00801 BFI Licenses, LLCE040291 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-03-22SES-RWL-20230303-00250 ESPN, Inc.E070055 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-03-22SES-RWL-20230303-00251 ESPN, Inc.E070054 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-03-22SES-RWL-20230302-00245 KSTP-TV, LLCE880479 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-03-22SES-RWL-20230307-00262 Pacific and Southern, LLCE880543 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-03-22SES-RWL-20230310-00269 New Hampshire Public Radio, Inc.E080020 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-03-22SES-RWL-20220922-01589 Peak Uplink, IncE070255 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-03-22SES-RWL-20230204-00237 AT&T Corp.E980066 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-03-22SES-RWL-20230309-00267 Ohio/Oklahoma Hearst Television Inc.E980165 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-03-22SES-RWL-20230309-00270 NBC Telemundo License LLCE980067 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-03-22SES-RWL-20230314-00282 NW Communications of Phoenix, Inc.E080033 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-03-21SES-RWL-INTR2023-01355 SES Americom, Inc. Filed - payment received
2023-03-21SES-RWL-INTR2023-01362 Nexstar Media Inc. Filed - payment received
2023-03-21SES-RWL-INTR2023-01396 Mississippi Authority for Educational Television Internet Not Processed
2023-03-21SES-RWL-INTR2023-01408 Multimedia KSDK, LLC Filed - payment received
2023-03-17SES-RWL-INTR2023-01376 Gray Television Licensee, LLC Filed - payment received
2023-03-17SES-RWL-INTR2023-01387 SES Space & Defense, Inc. Filed - payment received
2023-03-14SES-RWL-INTR2022-02865 Peak Uplink, Inc Filed - payment received
2023-03-14SES-RWL-INTR2023-00928 NW Communications of Phoenix, Inc. Filed - payment received
2023-03-13SES-RWL-20230307-00261 Cox Communications Las Vegas IncE080061 Action Complete
2023-03-09SES-RWL-INTR2023-00793 Ohio/Oklahoma Hearst Television Inc. Filed - payment received
2023-03-08SES-RWL-20171018-01184 BFI Licenses, LLCE930047 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-03-08SES-RWL-20170913-01009 BFI Licenses, LLCE920540 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-03-08SES-RWL-20170913-01015 BFI Licenses, LLCE920535 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-03-08SES-RWL-20100806-01014 BFI Licenses, LLCE000316 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-03-08SES-RWL-20230103-00007 EchoStar BSS CorporationE070273 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-03-08SES-RWL-20230103-00008 DISH Broadcasting CorporationE070283 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-03-08SES-RWL-INTR2023-00823 Cox Communications Las Vegas Inc Filed - payment received
2023-03-07SES-RWL-INTR2023-00808 Pacific and Southern, LLC Filed - payment received
2023-03-01SES-RWL-20100720-00920 CBS Broadcasting Inc.E900430 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-03-01SES-RWL-20090406-00411 Sprint Communications Company L.P.E6777 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-03-01SES-RWL-20081208-01543 BFI Licenses, LLCE980381 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-03-01SES-RWL-20080708-00905 BFI Licenses, LLCE880015 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-03-01SES-RWL-20080327-00364 BFI Licenses, LLCE970071 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-03-01SES-RWL-20080320-00335 CBS Broadcasting Inc.E880691 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-03-01SES-RWL-20220517-00553 CBS Broadcasting Inc.E850098 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-03-01SES-RWL-20220621-00660 Scripps Broadcasting Holdings LLCE970317 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-03-01SES-RWL-20230210-00154 Multimedia Holdings CorporationE080045 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-03-01SES-RWL-20230210-00157 NBC Telemundo License LLCE980090 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-03-01SES-RWL-20230210-00158 Ohio/Oklahoma Hearst Television Inc.E880679 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-03-01SES-RWL-20230216-00175 WWMT Licensee, LLCE080029 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-03-01SES-RWL-20230131-00106 Production & Satellite Services, Inc.E080052 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-03-01SES-RWL-20230131-00108 Arctek Satellite Productions, LLCE980107 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-03-01SES-RWL-20230131-00145 Production & Satellite Services, Inc.E080053 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-03-01SES-RWL-20230201-00132 DISH Broadcasting CorporationE980117 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-03-01SES-RWL-20230203-00127 WDIO-TV, LLCE7222 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-03-01SES-RWL-20230206-00130 Tribune Media CompanyE980088 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-02-28SES-RWL-INTR2023-00674 Alascom, Inc. Filed - payment received
2023-02-28SES-RWL-INTR2023-00682 DBSD Corporation Filed - payment received
2023-02-28SES-RWL-INTR2023-00683 DBSD Corporation Filed - payment received
2023-02-28SES-RWL-INTR2023-00684 DBSD Corporation Filed - payment received
2023-02-28SES-RWL-INTR2023-00685 DISH Broadcasting Corporation Filed - payment received
2023-02-28SES-RWL-20230227-00217 Alascom, Inc.E980021 System Entry
2023-02-28SES-RWL-20230227-00219 DBSD CorporationE080035 System Entry
2023-02-28SES-RWL-20230227-00220 DBSD CorporationE070291 System Entry
2023-02-28SES-RWL-20230227-00221 DBSD CorporationE070290 System Entry

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