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Applications for Satellite Earth Station licenses or registration (Part 25) Renewal of license or authorization

Latest Satellite Earth Station : Renewal Filings by Status Update

Last UpdateFile NumberApplicantCallsignStatus
2021-07-07SES-RWL-20210625-00986 Alascom, Inc.KD24 Action Complete
2021-07-07SES-RWL-20210625-00988 NBC Telemundo License LLCE6156 Action Complete
2021-07-07SES-RWL-20210629-00995 Alascom, Inc.KD52 Action Complete
2021-07-07SES-RWL-20210629-00996 Alascom, Inc.KB36 Action Complete
2021-07-07SES-RWL-20210629-00998 Alascom, Inc.KE50 Action Complete
2021-07-07SES-RWL-20210630-01007 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.E860634 Action Taken Public Notice
2021-07-07SES-RWL-INTR2021-02432 Alascom, Inc. Filed - payment received
2021-07-07SES-RWL-20210706-01015 Good Karma Brands Milwaukee, LLCE060297 System Entry
2021-07-07SES-RWL-20210707-01016 Alascom, Inc.KG82 Action Complete
2021-07-06SES-RWL-INTR2021-02422 Good Karma Brands Milwaukee, LLC Filed - payment received
2021-06-30SES-RWL-20171024-01197 DIRECTV Enterprises, LLCE020242 Action Taken Public Notice
2021-06-30SES-RWL-INTR2021-02249 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. Filed - payment received
2021-06-30SES-RWL-20210621-00975 All Mobile Video IncE960096 Action Taken Public Notice
2021-06-30SES-RWL-20210623-00978 Alascom, Inc.KE42 Action Taken Public Notice
2021-06-29SES-RWL-INTR2021-02342 Alascom, Inc. Filed - payment received
2021-06-29SES-RWL-INTR2021-02343 Scripps Broadcasting Holdings LLC Filed - payment received
2021-06-29SES-RWL-INTR2021-02344 Alascom, Inc. Filed - payment received
2021-06-29SES-RWL-INTR2021-02345 Alascom, Inc. Filed - payment received
2021-06-29SES-RWL-20210628-00991 Scripps Broadcasting Holdings LLCE860971 System Entry
2021-06-28SES-RWL-20210625-00989 NBC Telemundo License LLCE860708 System Entry
2021-06-28SES-RWL-20210625-00990 NBC Telemundo License LLCE860723 System Entry
2021-06-28SES-RWL-INTR2021-02333 Alascom, Inc. Internet Not Processed
2021-06-28SES-RWL-INTR2021-02334 Alascom, Inc. Internet Not Processed
2021-06-28SES-RWL-INTR2021-02339 Alascom, Inc. Internet Not Processed
2021-06-28SES-RWL-INTR2021-02340 Alascom, Inc. Internet Not Processed
2021-06-28SES-RWL-INTR2021-02341 Alascom, Inc. Internet Not Processed
2021-06-25SES-RWL-INTR2021-02307 NBC Telemundo License LLC Filed - payment received
2021-06-25SES-RWL-INTR2021-02308 NBC Telemundo License LLC Filed - payment received
2021-06-25SES-RWL-INTR2021-02309 NBC Telemundo License LLC Filed - payment received
2021-06-25SES-RWL-INTR2021-02311 Alascom, Inc. Internet Not Processed
2021-06-25SES-RWL-INTR2021-02315 Alascom, Inc. Internet Not Processed
2021-06-25SES-RWL-INTR2021-02316 Alascom, Inc. Filed - payment received
2021-06-25SES-RWL-INTR2021-02317 Alascom, Inc. Internet Not Processed
2021-06-24SES-RWL-20210624-00977 Miami Valley Public Media, Inc.E060293 System Entry
2021-06-23SES-RWL-INTR2021-02278 Alascom, Inc. Filed - payment received
2021-06-23SES-RWL-20210614-00933 Hearst Properties Inc.E060274 Action Taken Public Notice
2021-06-23SES-RWL-20210614-00934 DIRECTV Enterprises, LLCE950349 Action Taken Public Notice
2021-06-23SES-RWL-20210614-00935 DIRECTV Enterprises, LLCE060236 Action Taken Public Notice
2021-06-23SES-RWL-20210614-00936 Sirius XM Radio Inc.E060276 Action Taken Public Notice
2021-06-23SES-RWL-20210614-00937 CBS Communications Services Inc.E060225 Action Taken Public Notice
2021-06-23SES-RWL-20210615-00932 KSTP-TV, LLCE960292 Action Taken Public Notice
2021-06-23SES-RWL-20210616-00960 Viacom International Inc.E960314 Action Taken Public Notice
2021-06-22SES-RWL-INTR2021-02254 All Mobile Video Inc Filed - payment received
2021-06-21SES-RWL-20210618-00966 Scripps Broadcasting Holdings LLCE060296 System Entry
2021-06-18SES-RWL-INTR2021-02242 Scripps Broadcasting Holdings LLC Filed - payment received
2021-06-17SES-RWL-INTR2021-02228 Towson University Internet Not Processed
2021-06-17SES-RWL-20210617-00964 Towson UniversityE060242 System Entry
2021-06-16SES-RWL-20180423-00389 MOBILE SATELLITE CONNECTION,LLCE030046 Action Taken Public Notice
2021-06-16SES-RWL-20060602-00919 KSTP-TV, LLCE8162 Action Taken Public Notice
2021-06-16SES-RWL-20181011-03179 The Curators of the University of MissouriE030308 Action Taken Public Notice
2021-06-16SES-RWL-20210412-00660 DIRECTV Enterprises, LLCE060188 Action Taken Public Notice
2021-06-16SES-RWL-20210412-00661 DIRECTV Enterprises, LLCE060187 Action Taken Public Notice
2021-06-16SES-RWL-20210525-00838 WYPR License Holding, LLCE060190 Action Taken Public Notice
2021-06-16SES-RWL-20210602-00881 WWMT Licensee, LLCE860720 Action Taken Public Notice
2021-06-16SES-RWL-20210603-00906 Sacramento Television Stations Inc.E860687 Action Taken Public Notice
2021-06-16SES-RWL-20210610-00922 GCI Communication Corp.E960383 Action Taken Public Notice
2021-06-16SES-RWL-20210610-00923 GCI Communication Corp.E960384 Action Taken Public Notice
2021-06-16SES-RWL-INTR2021-02214 Viacom International Inc. Filed - payment received
2021-06-15SES-RWL-INTR2021-02188 Hearst Properties Inc. Filed - payment received
2021-06-15SES-RWL-INTR2021-02189 DIRECTV Enterprises, LLC Filed - payment received
2021-06-15SES-RWL-INTR2021-02190 DIRECTV Enterprises, LLC Filed - payment received
2021-06-15SES-RWL-INTR2021-02191 Sirius XM Radio Inc. Filed - payment received
2021-06-15SES-RWL-INTR2021-02192 CBS Communications Services Inc. Filed - payment received
2021-06-15SES-RWL-INTR2021-02205 KSTP-TV, LLC Filed - payment received
2021-06-10SES-RWL-INTR2021-02150 GCI Communication Corp. Filed - payment received
2021-06-10SES-RWL-INTR2021-02151 GCI Communication Corp. Filed - payment received
2021-06-09SES-RWL-20210526-00851 Alascom, Inc.KE41 Action Taken Public Notice
2021-06-09SES-RWL-20210526-00852 Alascom, Inc.KD22 Action Taken Public Notice
2021-06-09SES-RWL-20210526-00853 Alascom, Inc.KB85 Action Taken Public Notice
2021-06-09SES-RWL-20210602-00882 Alascom, Inc.KB41 Action Taken Public Notice
2021-06-09SES-RWL-20210603-00894 The Asso for Community Education IncE960309 Action Taken Public Notice
2021-06-08SES-RWL-INTR2021-02131 CBS Television Stations Inc. Filed - payment received
2021-06-08SES-RWL-20210607-00917 CBS Television Stations Inc.E960252 Action Complete
2021-06-03SES-RWL-INTR2021-01996 Sacramento Television Stations Inc. Filed - payment received
2021-06-03SES-RWL-INTR2021-02109 The Asso for Community Education Inc Internet Not Processed
2021-06-02SES-RWL-20210525-00839 PSSI Global Services LLCE060256 Action Taken Public Notice
2021-06-02SES-RWL-20210526-00850 Alascom, Inc.KE45 Action Taken Public Notice
2021-06-02SES-RWL-20210526-00854 Alascom, Inc.KB85 Action Taken Public Notice
2021-06-02SES-RWL-INTR2021-02079 WWMT Licensee, LLC Filed - payment received
2021-06-02SES-RWL-INTR2021-02080 Alascom, Inc. Filed - payment received
2021-05-26SES-RWL-20060407-00589 FAMILY BROADCASTING CORPORATIONE960195 Action Taken Public Notice
2021-05-26SES-RWL-20210517-00796 Temple University of the Commonwealth System of Higher EducaE060237 Action Taken Public Notice
2021-05-26SES-RWL-20210518-00801 TEGNA Broadcast Holdings, LLCE960251 Action Taken Public Notice
2021-05-26SES-RWL-20210518-00802 West Virginia Educational Broadcasting AuthorityE960416 Action Taken Public Notice
2021-05-26SES-RWL-20210519-00818 Ace Telephone AssociationE060308 Action Taken Public Notice
2021-05-26SES-RWL-20210519-00819 Hispanic Information and Telecommunications Network, Inc.E960197 Action Taken Public Notice
2021-05-26SES-RWL-20210519-00820 Georgia Television, LLCE860737 Action Taken Public Notice
2021-05-26SES-RWL-20210520-00825 Comsat, Inc.KA31 Action Taken Public Notice
2021-05-26SES-RWL-20210524-00836 Cox Communications California, LLCE860408 Action Taken Public Notice
2021-05-26SES-RWL-INTR2021-02009 Alascom, Inc. Filed - payment received
2021-05-26SES-RWL-INTR2021-02010 Alascom, Inc. Filed - payment received
2021-05-26SES-RWL-INTR2021-02011 Alascom, Inc. Filed - payment received
2021-05-26SES-RWL-INTR2021-02012 Alascom, Inc. Filed - payment received
2021-05-26SES-RWL-INTR2021-02013 Alascom, Inc. Filed - payment received
2021-05-26SES-RWL-INTR2021-02016 GEE Licensing Holdings LLC Filed - payment received
2021-05-26SES-RWL-20210526-00858 GEE Licensing Holdings LLCE860029 System Entry
2021-05-25SES-RWL-INTR2021-02003 WYPR License Holding, LLC Internet Not Processed
2021-05-25SES-RWL-INTR2021-01993 Cox Communications California, LLC Filed - payment received
2021-05-25SES-RWL-INTR2021-02000 PSSI Global Services LLC Filed - payment received
2021-05-20SES-RWL-INTR2021-01955 Comsat, Inc. Filed - payment received
2021-05-19SES-RWL-20100505-00553 North Texas Public BroadcastingKD82 Action Taken Public Notice
2021-05-19SES-RWL-20090526-00653 MX1 Inc.E990165 Action Taken Public Notice
2021-05-19SES-RWL-20210331-00589 KQED IncE060253 Action Taken Public Notice
2021-05-19SES-RWL-20210331-00590 Koahnic Broadcast CorporationE060207 Action Taken Public Notice
2021-05-19SES-RWL-20210405-00604 WSOC Television, LLCE860535 Action Taken Public Notice
2021-05-19SES-RWL-20210405-00606 Spokane Public Radio IncE060248 Action Taken Public Notice
2021-05-19SES-RWL-20210412-00639 Deerfield Media (Rochester) Licensee, LLCE860485 Action Taken Public Notice
2021-05-19SES-RWL-20210511-00783 Nexstar Media Inc.E060145 Action Taken Public Notice
2021-05-19SES-RWL-20210511-00786 LSB Broadcasting, Inc.E060155 Action Taken Public Notice
2021-05-19SES-RWL-INTR2021-01931 Ace Telephone Association Filed - payment received
2021-05-19SES-RWL-INTR2021-01933 Hispanic Information and Telecommunications Network, Inc. Filed - payment received
2021-05-19SES-RWL-INTR2021-01938 Georgia Television, LLC Filed - payment received
2021-05-18SES-RWL-INTR2021-01925 TEGNA Broadcast Holdings, LLC Filed - payment received
2021-05-18SES-RWL-INTR2021-01926 West Virginia Educational Broadcasting Authority Internet Not Processed
2021-05-17SES-RWL-INTR2021-01914 Temple University of the Commonwealth System of Higher Educa Internet Not Processed
2021-05-12SES-RWL-20110107-00016 Comcast of Florida/Michigan/New Mexico/Pennsylvania/Washington, LLCKG87 Action Taken Public Notice
2021-05-12SES-RWL-20060315-00444 Scripps Broadcasting Holdings LLCE960375 Action Taken Public Notice
2021-05-12SES-RWL-20210419-00703 Scripps Broadcasting Holdings LLCE060170 Action Taken Public Notice
2021-05-12SES-RWL-20210422-00727 UNIVERSITY OF NEW ORLEANSE060203 Action Taken Public Notice
2021-05-12SES-RWL-20210422-00729 Gray Television Licensee, LLCE860368 Action Taken Public Notice
2021-05-12SES-RWL-20210430-00752 Carol L IvesE060150 Action Taken Public Notice
2021-05-12SES-RWL-20210430-00753 Denali 20020, LLCE960222 Action Taken Public Notice
2021-05-12SES-RWL-20210430-00754 Lumos Media Inc.E060217 Action Taken Public Notice
2021-05-12SES-RWL-20210507-00780 Sacramento Television Stations Inc.E860670 Action Taken Public Notice
2021-05-11SES-RWL-INTR2021-01850 LSB Broadcasting, Inc. Filed - payment received
2021-05-10SES-RWL-INTR2021-01822 Nexstar Media Inc. Internet Not Processed
2021-05-10SES-RWL-INTR2021-01823 Tribune Broadcasting Company II, LLC Internet Not Processed
2021-05-07SES-RWL-INTR2021-01814 Sacramento Television Stations Inc. Filed - payment received
2021-05-05SES-RWL-20190315-00378 Pennsylvania Educational Communications Systems d/b/a PennsyE940196 Action Taken Public Notice
2021-05-05SES-RWL-20210412-00659 Back Porch Radio Broadcasting, Inc.E060240 Action Taken Public Notice
2021-05-05SES-RWL-20210413-00663 Hearst Properties Inc.E060204 Action Taken Public Notice
2021-05-05SES-RWL-20210426-00734 RCN License Subsidiary, Inc.E060119 Action Taken Public Notice
2021-05-05SES-RWL-20210426-00735 Comcast Cable Communications Management, LLCE060140 Action Taken Public Notice
2021-05-05SES-RWL-20210426-00736 RCN License Subsidiary, Inc.E060111 Action Taken Public Notice
2021-05-05SES-RWL-20210427-00739 Spectrum NLP, LLCE060138 Action Taken Public Notice
2021-05-05SES-RWL-20210429-00749 Intelsat License LLC, as debtor-in-possessionE960186 Action Complete
2021-04-30SES-RWL-INTR2021-01745 Cox Communications California, LLC Internet Not Processed
2021-04-30SES-RWL-INTR2021-01753 Lumos Media Inc. Filed - payment received
2021-04-30SES-RWL-INTR2021-01754 Denali 20020, LLC Filed - payment received
2021-04-30SES-RWL-INTR2021-01756 Carol L Ives Filed - payment received
2021-04-30SES-RWL-INTR2021-01757 Carol L Ives Internet Not Processed
2021-04-29SES-RWL-INTR2021-01737 Intelsat License LLC, as debtor-in-possession Filed - payment received
2021-04-28SES-RWL-20210331-00588 FTC Management Group, Inc.E060113 Action Taken Public Notice
2021-04-28SES-RWL-20210405-00599 SES Americom, Inc.E960207 Action Taken Public Notice
2021-04-28SES-RWL-20210419-00712 KVUE Television, Inc.E060176 Action Taken Public Notice
2021-04-28SES-RWL-20210419-00720 RCN License Subsidiary, Inc.E060136 Action Taken Public Notice
2021-04-28SES-RWL-20210420-00723 Lazer Licenses LLCE060180 Action Taken Public Notice
2021-04-27SES-RWL-INTR2021-01709 Spectrum NLP, LLC Filed - payment received
2021-04-26SES-RWL-INTR2021-01688 Comcast Cable Communications Management, LLC Filed - payment received
2021-04-26SES-RWL-INTR2021-01689 RCN License Subsidiary, Inc. Filed - payment received

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