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Applications for Satellite Earth Station licenses or registration (Part 25) Renewal of license or authorization

Latest Satellite Earth Station : Renewal Filings by Status Update

Last UpdateFile NumberApplicantCallsignStatus
2020-01-17SES-RWL-INTR2020-00142 Accelerated Media Technologies, Inc. Filed - payment received
2020-01-17SES-RWL-INTR2020-00143 Ligado Networks Subsidiary LLC Filed - payment received
2020-01-17SES-RWL-20200117-00044 Accelerated Media Technologies, Inc.E050023 System Entry
2020-01-17SES-RWL-INTR2020-00144 WHNT License, LLC Internet Not Processed
2020-01-16SES-RWL-20200115-00031 KPHO Broadcasting CorporationE950195 System Entry
2020-01-15SES-RWL-20191203-01623 Graham Media Group, San Antonio, Inc.E050030 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-01-15SES-RWL-20191223-01770 Gray Television Licensee, LLCE8290 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-01-15SES-RWL-20191226-01774 WAOW-WYOW License, LLCE050037 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-01-15SES-RWL-20200107-00006 Comcast Cable Communications Management, LLCE950115 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-01-15SES-RWL-20200107-00007 Comcast Cable Communications Management, LLCE950028 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-01-15SES-RWL-20200108-00019 Intelsat License LLCE950067 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-01-15SES-RWL-20200108-00020 NBC Telemundo License LLCE040464 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-01-15SES-RWL-20200109-00022 Alascom, Inc.KB45 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-01-15SES-RWL-20200108-00023 Florida State UniversityE050011 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-01-15SES-RWL-20200110-00025 SES Americom, Inc.E040303 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-01-15SES-RWL-INTR2020-00122 KPHO Broadcasting Corporation Filed - payment received
2020-01-13SES-RWL-INTR2020-00082 Cox Communications Arizona, LLC Internet Not Processed
2020-01-13SES-RWL-INTR2020-00087 The University of Montana Internet Not Processed
2020-01-10SES-RWL-INTR2020-00071 SES Americom, Inc. Internet Not Processed
2020-01-10SES-RWL-INTR2020-00073 SES Americom, Inc. Filed - payment received
2020-01-09SES-RWL-INTR2020-00057 Alascom, Inc. Filed - payment received
2020-01-08SES-RWL-20191211-01698 Idaho State UniversityE191516 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-01-08SES-RWL-20191218-01741 WFMY Television, LLCE6644 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-01-08SES-RWL-20191220-01766 Roberts Communications Network, Inc.E050016 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-01-08SES-RWL-20191223-01769 Gray Television Licensee, LLCE950030 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-01-08SES-RWL-20200106-00003 CBS Broadcasting Inc.E950113 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-01-08SES-RWL-20200103-00004 Nexstar Broadcasting, Inc.E050003 Action Taken Public Notice
2020-01-08SES-RWL-INTR2020-00048 Intelsat License LLC Filed - payment received
2020-01-08SES-RWL-INTR2020-00050 NBC Telemundo License LLC Filed - payment received
2020-01-08SES-RWL-INTR2020-00051 Florida State University Internet Not Processed
2020-01-07SES-RWL-INTR2020-00036 Comcast Cable Communications Management, LLC Filed - payment received
2020-01-07SES-RWL-INTR2020-00037 Comcast Cable Communications Management, LLC Filed - payment received
2020-01-06SES-RWL-INTR2020-00033 CBS Broadcasting Inc. Filed - payment received
2020-01-03SES-RWL-INTR2020-00002 Nexstar Broadcasting, Inc. Filed - payment received
2019-12-30SES-RWL-20191203-01716 Spok, Inc.E040376 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-12-30SES-RWL-20191218-01742 Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., a Delaware corporationE940457 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-12-30SES-RWL-20191218-01743 Intelsat License LLCE040414 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-12-26SES-RWL-INTR2019-04337 WAOW-WYOW License, LLC Filed - payment received
2019-12-23SES-RWL-INTR2019-04325 Gray Television Licensee, LLC Filed - payment received
2019-12-23SES-RWL-INTR2019-04326 Gray Television Licensee, LLC Filed - payment received
2019-12-20SES-RWL-20191219-01733 Arctek Satellite Productions, LLCE050006 Action Complete
2019-12-20SES-RWL-20191218-01734 Intelsat License LLCKA450 System Entry
2019-12-20SES-RWL-INTR2019-04320 Roberts Communications Network, Inc. Filed - payment received
2019-12-19SES-RWL-INTR2019-04290 WFMY Television, LLC Filed - payment received
2019-12-19SES-RWL-INTR2019-04291 Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., a Delaware corporation Filed - payment received
2019-12-19SES-RWL-INTR2019-04293 Intelsat License LLC Filed - payment received
2019-12-19SES-RWL-INTR2019-04304 Intelsat License LLC Filed - payment received
2019-12-19SES-RWL-INTR2019-04311 Arctek Satellite Productions, LLC Filed - payment received
2019-12-19SES-RWL-INTR2019-04312 Arctek Satellite Productions, LLC Internet Not Processed
2019-12-18SES-RWL-20191121-01536 HNS License Sub, LLCE940460 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-12-18SES-RWL-INTR2019-04116 Spok, Inc. Filed - payment received
2019-12-18SES-RWL-20191209-01677 University of MinnesotaE050005 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-12-11SES-RWL-20090825-01047 KLZ Radio, Inc.E990350 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-12-11SES-RWL-20041004-01486 CENTRAL SATELLITE SERVICE, L.L.C.E940509 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-12-11SES-RWL-20190820-01060 Intelsat License LLCE040343 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-12-11SES-RWL-20191202-01546 TDS METROCOM, LLCE040462 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-12-11SES-RWL-20191203-01625 Gray Television Licensee, LLCE950024 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-12-11SES-RWL-20191203-01637 Spectrum Southeast, LLCE050001 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-12-11SES-RWL-20191205-01638 TEGNA Broadcast Holdings, LLCE8190 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-12-11SES-RWL-20191206-01661 Midcontinent CommunicationsE7752 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-12-11SES-RWL-20191209-01668 Roberts Communications Network, Inc.E050015 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-12-11SES-RWL-20191209-01669 Roberts Communications Network, Inc.E050014 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-12-11SES-RWL-20191209-01670 Roberts Communications Network, Inc.E050013 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-12-11SES-RWL-INTR2019-04212 Idaho State University Internet Not Processed
2019-12-09SES-RWL-INTR2019-04163 University of Minnesota Internet Not Processed
2019-12-09SES-RWL-INTR2019-04174 Roberts Communications Network, Inc. Filed - payment received
2019-12-09SES-RWL-INTR2019-04175 Roberts Communications Network, Inc. Filed - payment received
2019-12-09SES-RWL-INTR2019-04176 Roberts Communications Network, Inc. Filed - payment received
2019-12-06SES-RWL-INTR2019-04141 Midcontinent Communications Filed - payment received
2019-12-05SES-RWL-INTR2019-04130 TEGNA Broadcast Holdings, LLC Filed - payment received
2019-12-04SES-RWL-INTR2019-04123 Omnitracs, LLC Internet Not Processed
2019-12-03SES-RWL-INTR2019-04112 Gray Television Licensee, LLC Filed - payment received
2019-12-03SES-RWL-INTR2019-04115 Graham Media Group, San Antonio, Inc. Filed - payment received
2019-12-03SES-RWL-INTR2019-04119 Spectrum Southeast, LLC Filed - payment received
2019-12-02SES-RWL-INTR2019-04098 TDS METROCOM, LLC Filed - payment received
2019-12-02SES-RWL-20191127-01549 Intelsat License LLCE030020 System Entry
2019-11-27SES-RWL-20191021-01404 Apostolic Oneness Network, LLCE040374 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-11-27SES-RWL-20191104-01406 New England Sports NetworkE7462 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-11-27SES-RWL-20191104-01408 Pacific and Southern, LLCE7991 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-11-27SES-RWL-20191105-01405 Entravision Holdings, LLCE950068 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-11-27SES-RWL-20191107-01438 NBC Telemundo License LLCE7407 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-11-27SES-RWL-20191107-01439 NBC Telemundo License LLCE7406 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-11-27SES-RWL-20191107-01440 NBC Telemundo License LLCE7405 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-11-27SES-RWL-20191107-01441 NBC Telemundo License LLCE7380 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-11-27SES-RWL-20191107-01443 NBC Telemundo License LLCE7378 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-11-27SES-RWL-20191107-01444 NBC Telemundo License LLCE7379 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-11-27SES-RWL-20191114-01507 Comcast Cable Communications Management, LLCE950003 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-11-27SES-RWL-20191114-01508 HNS License Sub, LLCE950010 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-11-27SES-RWL-20191118-01515 GCI Communication Corp.E040395 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-11-27SES-RWL-20191118-01516 GCI Communication Corp.E040338 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-11-27SES-RWL-20191119-01518 Board of Trustees, University of FloridaE050024 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-11-27SES-RWL-20191119-01519 University of North CarolinaE950075 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-11-27SES-RWL-20191118-01517 GCI Communication Corp.E040394 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-11-27SES-RWL-20191119-01520 MICROSPACE COMMUNICATIONS CORPORATIONE950080 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-11-27SES-RWL-20191125-01537 KFSN TELEVISION, LLCE8191 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-11-27SES-RWL-INTR2019-04085 Intelsat License LLC Filed - payment received
2019-11-25SES-RWL-INTR2019-04016 KFSN TELEVISION, LLC Filed - payment received
2019-11-25SES-RWL-20191122-01541 Intelsat License LLCE940532 System Entry
2019-11-22SES-RWL-INTR2019-03980 Intelsat License LLC Filed - payment received
2019-11-21SES-RWL-INTR2019-03966 HNS License Sub, LLC Filed - payment received
2019-11-20SES-RWL-20041025-01587 Board of Supervisors of Louisiana State University A & M CollegeE8023 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-11-20SES-RWL-20191105-01407 WSKG Public Telecommunications CouncilE050022 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-11-20SES-RWL-20191107-01437 Spectrum Oceanic, LLCE6736 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-11-20SES-RWL-20191111-01442 WAND(TV) PartnershipE8151 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-11-20SES-RWL-20191112-01451 Northern Arizona UniversityE050032 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-11-19SES-RWL-INTR2019-03933 Board of Trustees, University of Florida Internet Not Processed
2019-11-19SES-RWL-INTR2019-03936 MICROSPACE COMMUNICATIONS CORPORATION Filed - payment received
2019-11-19SES-RWL-INTR2019-03942 University of North Carolina Internet Not Processed
2019-11-18SES-RWL-INTR2019-03924 GCI Communication Corp. Filed - payment received
2019-11-18SES-RWL-INTR2019-03925 GCI Communication Corp. Filed - payment received
2019-11-18SES-RWL-INTR2019-03926 GCI Communication Corp. Filed - payment received
2019-11-14SES-RWL-INTR2019-03895 Comcast Cable Communications Management, LLC Filed - payment received
2019-11-14SES-RWL-INTR2019-03900 HNS License Sub, LLC Filed - payment received
2019-11-13SES-RWL-20191107-01436 NBC Telemundo License LLCE7408 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-11-12SES-RWL-INTR2019-03870 Northern Arizona University Internet Not Processed
2019-11-11SES-RWL-INTR2019-03859 WAND(TV) Partnership Filed - payment received
2019-11-07SES-RWL-INTR2019-03792 Spectrum Oceanic, LLC Filed - payment received
2019-11-07SES-RWL-INTR2019-03804 NBC Telemundo License LLC Filed - payment received
2019-11-07SES-RWL-INTR2019-03805 NBC Telemundo License LLC Filed - payment received
2019-11-07SES-RWL-INTR2019-03806 NBC Telemundo License LLC Filed - payment received
2019-11-07SES-RWL-INTR2019-03807 NBC Telemundo License LLC Filed - payment received
2019-11-07SES-RWL-INTR2019-03808 NBC Telemundo License LLC Filed - payment received
2019-11-07SES-RWL-INTR2019-03809 NBC Telemundo License LLC Filed - payment received
2019-11-07SES-RWL-INTR2019-03810 NBC Telemundo License LLC Filed - payment received
2019-11-06SES-RWL-20191008-01315 Mt. Hood Community DistrictE040406 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-11-06SES-RWL-20191029-01372 Gray Television Licensee, LLCE040379 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-11-06SES-RWL-20191029-01373 Gray Television Licensee, LLCE7895 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-11-05SES-RWL-INTR2019-03765 WSKG Public Telecommunications Council Internet Not Processed
2019-11-05SES-RWL-INTR2019-03590 Apostolic Oneness Network, LLC Filed - payment received
2019-11-05SES-RWL-INTR2019-03763 Entravision Holdings, LLC Filed - payment received
2019-11-04SES-RWL-INTR2019-03749 Pacific and Southern, LLC Filed - payment received
2019-11-04SES-RWL-INTR2019-03757 New England Sports Network Filed - payment received
2019-10-30SES-RWL-20191004-01269 Oregon TV License Company LLCE040426 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-10-30SES-RWL-20191021-01337 Scripps Broadcasting Holdings LLCE040389 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-10-30SES-RWL-20191021-01353 AMC Networks Broadcasting and Technology LLCE040445 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-10-30SES-RWL-20191022-01354 NBC Telemundo License LLCE8018 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-10-30SES-RWL-20191022-01355 State of Illinois / Illinois Information ServiceE040449 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-10-30SES-RWL-20191025-01361 CBS Broadcasting Inc.E950004 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-10-29SES-RWL-INTR2019-03721 Gray Television Licensee, LLC Filed - payment received
2019-10-29SES-RWL-INTR2019-03723 Gray Television Licensee, LLC Filed - payment received
2019-10-28SES-RWL-INTR2019-03706 Peak Uplink, Inc Filed - payment received
2019-10-25SES-RWL-INTR2019-03686 CBS Broadcasting Inc. Filed - payment received
2019-10-23SES-RWL-20190918-01164 Cebridge Acquisition, L.P.E040459 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-10-23SES-RWL-20191011-01297 Gray Television Licensee, LLCE930402 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-10-23SES-RWL-20191011-01298 Gray Television Licensee, LLCE040401 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-10-23SES-RWL-20191011-01299 Gray Television Licensee, LLCE040060 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-10-23SES-RWL-20191016-01302 Rio Virgin Telephone CompanyE040431 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-10-23SES-RWL-20191016-01304 Nexstar Broadcasting, Inc.E8173 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-10-23SES-RWL-20191007-01319 The Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam, Inc. USAE940451 Action Taken Public Notice
2019-10-23SES-RWL-20191016-01313 Nexstar Broadcasting, Inc.E040435 Action Taken Public Notice

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