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Applications for Satellite Earth Station licenses or registration (Part 25) Renewal of license or authorization

Latest Satellite Earth Station : Renewal Filings by Status Update

Last UpdateFile NumberApplicantCallsignStatus
2022-09-26SES-RWL-INTR2022-03041 CBS Broadcasting Inc. Internet Not Processed
2022-09-26SES-RWL-INTR2022-03042 CBS Broadcasting Inc. Internet Not Processed
2022-09-26SES-RWL-INTR2022-03043 CBS Communications Services Inc. Internet Not Processed
2022-09-23SES-RWL-INTR2022-03019 Comcast of Connecticut, Inc. Filed - payment received
2022-09-23SES-RWL-INTR2022-03027 SpeedCast Communications Inc Filed - payment received
2022-09-23SES-RWL-20220923-01005 Comcast of Connecticut, Inc.E070237 System Entry
2022-09-22SES-RWL-20220914-00973 CBS Communications Services Inc.E874275 Action Complete
2022-09-22SES-RWL-20220915-00974 Scripps Broadcasting Holdings LLCE873875 Action Complete
2022-09-22SES-RWL-20220916-00975 NBC Telemundo License LLCE873608 Action Complete
2022-09-22SES-RWL-20220918-00978 TEGNA East Coast Broadcasting, LLCE8335 Action Complete
2022-09-22SES-RWL-20220920-00992 NBC Telemundo License LLCE970389 Action Complete
2022-09-22SES-RWL-20220920-00993 Production & Satellite Services, Inc.E070185 Action Complete
2022-09-22SES-RWL-20220920-00994 Hearst Properties Inc.E970445 Action Complete
2022-09-21SES-RWL-20111219-01472 Allen Holdings, Inc. d/b/a Allen CommunicationsE010293 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-09-21SES-RWL-20090821-01041 Allen Holdings, Inc. d/b/a Allen CommunicationsE990219 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-09-21SES-RWL-20090821-01042 Allen Holdings, Inc. d/b/a Allen CommunicationsE990220 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-09-21SES-RWL-20080724-00976 Fox Television Stations, LLCE980339 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-09-20SES-RWL-INTR2022-02887 Production & Satellite Services, Inc. Action Complete
2022-09-20SES-RWL-INTR2022-02940 TEGNA East Coast Broadcasting, LLC Filed - payment received
2022-09-20SES-RWL-INTR2022-02953 Hearst Properties Inc. Filed - payment received
2022-09-20SES-RWL-INTR2022-02965 NBC Telemundo License LLC Filed - payment received
2022-09-20SES-RWL-INTR2022-02966 Production & Satellite Services, Inc. Filed - payment received
2022-09-16SES-RWL-INTR2022-02932 NBC Telemundo License LLC Filed - payment received
2022-09-15SES-RWL-INTR2022-02900 Scripps Broadcasting Holdings LLC Filed - payment received
2022-09-14SES-RWL-20110415-00458 Kent State UniversityE010119 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-09-14SES-RWL-20210405-00603 Nexstar Media Inc.E860305 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-09-14SES-RWL-20220906-00934 Skyline Telephone Membership CorporationE070267 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-09-14SES-RWL-20220907-00945 Gray Television Licensee, LLCE070188 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-09-14SES-RWL-20220912-00967 Iowa Public Radio, Inc.E980070 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-09-14SES-RWL-20210805-01989 Mission Broadcasting, Inc.E860695 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-09-14SES-RWL-20220912-00971 Fox Television Stations, LLCE970359 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-09-14SES-RWL-INTR2022-02880 CBS Communications Services Inc. Filed - payment received
2022-09-13SES-RWL-INTR2022-02858 Fox Television Stations, LLC Filed - payment received
2022-09-13SES-RWL-INTR2022-02865 Peak Uplink, Inc Internet Not Processed
2022-09-07SES-RWL-20220729-00814 Open Plaza Corp.E070123 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-09-07SES-RWL-20220823-00901 SES Americom, Inc.E070182 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-09-07SES-RWL-20220823-00902 SES Americom, Inc.E070181 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-09-07SES-RWL-20220824-00909 SES Americom, Inc.E070183 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-09-07SES-RWL-20220824-00910 SES Americom, Inc.E970336 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-09-07SES-RWL-20220825-00908 Alascom, Inc.E2303 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-09-07SES-RWL-20220825-00911 Knoxville TV LLCE970419 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-09-07SES-RWL-INTR2022-02810 Gray Television Licensee, LLC Filed - payment received
2022-09-06SES-RWL-INTR2022-02776 Skyline Telephone Membership Corporation Filed - payment received
2022-08-31SES-RWL-20220812-00872 Alascom, Inc.E2264 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-08-31SES-RWL-20220812-00873 Alascom, Inc.E2253 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-08-31SES-RWL-20220816-00884 Hispanic Information and Telecommunications Network, Inc.E970175 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-08-31SES-RWL-20220818-00887 WFTV, LLCE070184 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-08-25SES-RWL-INTR2022-02581 Alascom, Inc. Filed - payment received
2022-08-25SES-RWL-INTR2022-02676 Knoxville TV LLC Filed - payment received
2022-08-24SES-RWL-INTR2022-02697 SES Americom, Inc. Filed - payment received
2022-08-24SES-RWL-INTR2022-02701 SES Americom, Inc. Filed - payment received
2022-08-24SES-RWL-INTR2022-02703 Alascom, Inc. Internet Not Processed
2022-08-23SES-RWL-INTR2022-02677 SES Americom, Inc. Filed - payment received
2022-08-23SES-RWL-INTR2022-02680 SES Americom, Inc. Filed - payment received
2022-08-18SES-RWL-INTR2022-02632 WFTV, LLC Filed - payment received
2022-08-18SES-RWL-INTR2022-02634 Anuvu Licensing Holdings LLC Filed - payment received
2022-08-18SES-RWL-INTR2022-02635 Anuvu Licensing Holdings LLC Filed - payment received
2022-08-18SES-RWL-20220818-00888 Anuvu Licensing Holdings LLCE070219 System Entry
2022-08-18SES-RWL-20220818-00889 Anuvu Licensing Holdings LLCE070218 System Entry
2022-08-17SES-RWL-20081103-01442 Coastal Satellite, Inc.E890110 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-08-17SES-RWL-20220722-00798 Western Inspirational Broadcasters IncE970421 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-08-17SES-RWL-20220725-00800 BFI Licenses, LLCE8634 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-08-17SES-RWL-20220725-00801 WCHS Licensee, LLCE873865 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-08-17SES-RWL-20220727-00802 Nexstar Media Inc.E070118 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-08-17SES-RWL-20220729-00806 Pennsylvania Educational Communications Systems d/b/a PennsyE873697 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-08-17SES-RWL-20220804-00835 Graham Media Group, Houston, Inc.E970434 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-08-17SES-RWL-20220804-00836 Graham Media Group, Virginia, LLCE970363 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-08-17SES-RWL-20220805-00853 Graham Media Group, Orlando, Inc.E070217 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-08-16SES-RWL-INTR2022-02614 Hispanic Information and Telecommunications Network, Inc. Internet Not Processed
2022-08-12SES-RWL-INTR2022-02582 Alascom, Inc. Filed - payment received
2022-08-12SES-RWL-INTR2022-02583 Alascom, Inc. Filed - payment received
2022-08-10SES-RWL-20100323-00346 South Carolina Educational Television CommissionWD55 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-08-10SES-RWL-20220613-00797 WICD Licensee, LLCE070169 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-08-05SES-RWL-INTR2022-02538 Graham Media Group, Florida, Inc. Filed - payment received
2022-08-05SES-RWL-INTR2022-02540 Graham Media Group, Orlando, Inc. Internet Not Processed
2022-08-04SES-RWL-INTR2022-02518 Graham Media Group, Florida, Inc. Filed - payment received
2022-08-04SES-RWL-INTR2022-02519 Graham Media Group, Florida, Inc. Filed - payment received
2022-08-03SES-RWL-20070710-00916 NBC Telemundo License LLCE870840 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-08-03SES-RWL-20070710-00917 NBC Telemundo License LLCE870839 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-08-03SES-RWL-20070710-00918 NBC Telemundo License LLCE870838 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-08-03SES-RWL-20220125-00197 DIRECTV Enterprises, LLCE070023 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-08-03SES-RWL-20220715-00761 Tribune Television New Orleans, Inc.E070143 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-07-29SES-RWL-INTR2022-02434 DIRECTV Enterprises, LLC Filed - payment received
2022-07-29SES-RWL-INTR2022-02435 DIRECTV Enterprises, LLC Filed - payment received
2022-07-29SES-RWL-20220729-00805 DIRECTV Enterprises, LLCE070111 System Entry
2022-07-29SES-RWL-20220729-00807 DIRECTV Enterprises, LLCE070122 System Entry
2022-07-29SES-RWL-INTR2022-02466 Open Plaza Corp. Filed - payment received
2022-07-27SES-RWL-20220624-00691 PSSI Global Services LLCE070095 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-07-27SES-RWL-20220706-00722 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.E860615 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-07-27SES-RWL-20220706-00723 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.E070134 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-07-27SES-RWL-20220711-00739 SES Americom, Inc.E860317 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-07-27SES-RWL-20220712-00740 GEORGIA PUBLIC TELECOMMUNICATIONS COMMISSIONE970424 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-07-27SES-RWL-20220712-00741 Gray Television Licensee, LLCE070128 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-07-27SES-RWL-20220712-00745 Gray Television Licensee, LLCE070150 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-07-27SES-RWL-20220712-00747 CoxCom, LLCE070147 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-07-27SES-RWL-20220713-00748 Disney Streaming Services LLCE070132 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-07-27SES-RWL-20220713-00749 FEDERAL EXPRESS CORPORATIONE861088 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-07-27SES-RWL-20220713-00750 Disney Streaming Services LLCE070130 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-07-27SES-RWL-20220713-00751 Disney Streaming Services LLCE070131 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-07-27SES-RWL-20220714-00760 SageNet LLCE4412 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-07-27SES-RWL-20220715-00762 Nexstar Media Inc.E070113 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-07-27SES-RWL-20220718-00772 Nexstar Media Inc.E872066 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-07-27SES-RWL-20220719-00773 The Boeing CompanyE070186 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-07-27SES-RWL-INTR2022-02416 Nexstar Media Inc. Filed - payment received
2022-07-26SES-RWL-INTR2022-02354 WCHS Licensee, LLC Filed - payment received
2022-07-26SES-RWL-INTR2022-02363 BFI Licenses, LLC Filed - payment received
2022-07-25SES-RWL-INTR2022-01912 WICD Licensee, LLC Filed - payment received
2022-07-22SES-RWL-INTR2022-02349 Western Inspirational Broadcasters Inc Internet Not Processed
2022-07-20SES-RWL-20080717-00945 Intelsat License LLCE881286 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-07-19SES-RWL-INTR2022-02283 Nexstar Media Inc. Filed - payment received
2022-07-19SES-RWL-INTR2022-02297 The Boeing Company Internet Not Processed
2022-07-18SES-RWL-INTR2022-02177 The Boeing Company Action Complete
2022-07-15SES-RWL-INTR2022-02276 Tribune Television New Orleans, Inc. Filed - payment received
2022-07-15SES-RWL-INTR2022-02277 Nexstar Media Inc. Filed - payment received
2022-07-14SES-RWL-INTR2022-02205 FEDERAL EXPRESS CORPORATION Filed - payment received
2022-07-14SES-RWL-INTR2022-02245 Disney Streaming Services LLC Filed - payment received
2022-07-14SES-RWL-INTR2022-02264 SageNet LLC Filed - payment received
2022-07-13SES-RWL-20201117-01255 Leidos, Inc.E050330 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-07-13SES-RWL-20210111-00028 Leidos, Inc.E050350 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-07-13SES-RWL-INTR2022-02244 Disney Streaming Services LLC Filed - payment received
2022-07-13SES-RWL-INTR2022-02246 Disney Streaming Services LLC Filed - payment received
2022-07-12SES-RWL-20180327-00273 Nexstar Media Inc.E030122 Action Complete
2022-07-12SES-RWL-20100813-01027 Nexstar Media Inc.E900592 Action Complete
2022-07-12SES-RWL-20080925-01239 TEGNA Broadcast Holdings, LLCE880982 Action Complete
2022-07-12SES-RWL-20080528-00683 Antilles Wireless LLCE980270 Action Complete
2022-07-12SES-RWL-20080528-00684 Antilles Wireless LLCE980263 Action Complete
2022-07-12SES-RWL-20071213-01697 TEGNA Broadcast Holdings, LLCE880192 Action Complete
2022-07-12SES-RWL-20190628-00852 Nexstar Media Inc.E7587 Action Complete
2022-07-12SES-RWL-20200522-00556 Scripps Broadcasting Holdings LLCE050213 Action Complete
2022-07-12SES-RWL-INTR2022-02209 SES Americom, Inc. Filed - payment received
2022-07-12SES-RWL-INTR2022-02221 Gray Television Licensee, LLC Filed - payment received
2022-07-12SES-RWL-INTR2022-02222 Gray Television Licensee, LLC Filed - payment received
2022-07-12SES-RWL-INTR2022-02234 CoxCom, LLC Filed - payment received
2022-07-06SES-RWL-20070830-01159 Associated PressE970500 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-07-06SES-RWL-20070830-01160 Associated PressE970503 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-07-06SES-RWL-20070830-01161 Associated PressE970505 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-07-06SES-RWL-20070830-01162 Associated PressE970487 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-07-06SES-RWL-20070830-01164 Associated PressE970489 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-07-06SES-RWL-20070830-01165 Associated PressE970494 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-07-06SES-RWL-20070830-01166 Associated PressE970496 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-07-06SES-RWL-20070830-01167 Associated PressE970472 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-07-06SES-RWL-20070830-01168 Associated PressE970474 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-07-06SES-RWL-20070830-01169 Associated PressE970475 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-07-06SES-RWL-20070830-01170 Associated PressE970476 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-07-06SES-RWL-20070830-01171 Associated PressE970480 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-07-06SES-RWL-20070830-01172 Associated PressE970481 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-07-06SES-RWL-20070830-01173 Associated PressE970483 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-07-06SES-RWL-20070830-01174 Associated PressE970485 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-07-06SES-RWL-20070830-01175 Associated PressE970486 Action Taken Public Notice

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