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Applications for Satellite Earth Station licenses or registration (Part 25) Amendment to a pending application

Latest Satellite Earth Station : Amended Filing Filings by Status Update

Last UpdateFile NumberApplicantCallsignStatus
2023-06-07SES-AMD-20230517-01018 KWES Television, LLCE202137 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-06-07SES-AMD-INTR2023-02601 SpaceX Services, Inc.E220074 Internet Not Processed
2023-06-06SES-AMD-20210128-00165 HNS License Sub, LLCE170164 Action Complete
2023-06-06SES-AMD-INTR2023-02575 SpaceX Services, Inc. Internet Not Processed
2023-06-02SES-AMD-INTR2023-02541 SpaceX Services, Inc.E220082 Internet Not Processed
2023-06-01SES-AMD-INTR2023-02519 SpaceX Services, Inc.E220068 Internet Not Processed
2023-05-30SES-AMD-20220831-00933 ATLAS Space Operations, IncE190037 Action Complete
2023-05-30SES-AMD-20230525-01127 SpaceX Services, Inc.E220066 System Entry
2023-05-30SES-AMD-20230525-01128 SpaceX Services, Inc.E230014 System Entry
2023-05-30SES-AMD-20230525-01129 SpaceX Services, Inc.E220088 System Entry
2023-05-30SES-AMD-INTR2023-02465 SpaceX Services, Inc.E220087 Internet Not Processed
2023-05-30SES-AMD-INTR2023-02472 SpaceX Services, Inc.E220071 Internet Not Processed
2023-05-25SES-AMD-INTR2023-02370 SpaceX Services, Inc.E230014 Filed - payment received
2023-05-25SES-AMD-INTR2023-02429 SpaceX Services, Inc.E220066 Filed - payment received
2023-05-25SES-AMD-INTR2023-02443 SpaceX Services, Inc.E220088 Filed - payment received
2023-05-22SES-AMD-INTR2023-02325 Intelsat License LLCS2715 Action Complete
2023-05-14SES-AMD-INTR2023-02144 SpaceX Services, Inc.E220062 Internet Not Processed
2023-05-10SES-AMD-INTR2023-02109 SpaceX Services, Inc.E220075 Internet Not Processed
2023-05-09SES-AMD-INTR2023-02039 Isotropic Networks, Inc. Filed - payment received
2023-05-09SES-AMD-20230501-00923 Kongsberg Satellite Services ASE220160 System Entry
2023-05-09SES-AMD-20230502-00928 SpaceX Services, Inc.E220078 System Entry
2023-05-07SES-AMD-20230505-00870 SpaceX Services, Inc.E210432 System Entry
2023-05-05SES-AMD-INTR2023-02019 SpaceX Services, Inc.E210432 Filed - payment received
2023-05-05SES-AMD-20230502-00855 SpaceX Services, Inc.E220072 System Entry
2023-05-03SES-AMD-20220216-00190 Viasat, Inc.E210073 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2023-05-03SES-AMD-20221216-01366 SpaceX Services, Inc.E210127 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-05-03SES-AMD-20230213-00163 SpaceX Services, Inc.E220069 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2023-05-03SES-AMD-20230214-00171 SpaceX Services, Inc.E220080 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2023-05-03SES-AMD-20230315-00287 Viasat, Inc.E210257 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2023-05-03SES-AMD-20221021-01158 Viasat, Inc.E210436 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2023-05-03SES-AMD-20221021-01160 Viasat, Inc.E210438 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2023-05-03SES-AMD-20221021-01161 Viasat, Inc.E210444 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2023-05-03SES-AMD-20230228-00231 SpaceX Services, Inc.E220064 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2023-05-02SES-AMD-INTR2023-01970 SpaceX Services, Inc.E220078 Filed - payment received
2023-05-02SES-AMD-INTR2023-01964 Kongsberg Satellite Services ASE220160 Filed - payment received
2023-05-02SES-AMD-INTR2023-01988 SpaceX Services, Inc.E220072 Filed - payment received
2023-04-26SES-AMD-20230327-00435 SpaceX Services, Inc.E220048 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2023-04-26SES-AMD-20230425-00672 RBC Signals, LLCE220185 System Entry
2023-04-25SES-AMD-INTR2023-01888 RBC Signals, LLCE220185 Filed - payment received
2023-04-10SES-AMD-20230406-00523 Kymeta CorporationE170070 System Entry
2023-04-06SES-AMD-INTR2023-01644 Kymeta CorporationE170070 Filed - payment received
2023-03-30SES-AMD-20230329-00472 Altice USA, Inc.E182049 System Entry
2023-03-28SES-AMD-INTR2023-01487 SpaceX Services, Inc.E220048 Filed - payment received
2023-03-17SES-AMD-INTR2023-01388 Kuiper Systems LLCE220027 Internet Not Processed
2023-02-28SES-AMD-INTR2023-00691 SpaceX Services, Inc.E220064 Filed - payment received
2023-02-15SES-AMD-20221129-01285 WML Services, LLCE220146 Action Taken Public Notice
2023-02-15SES-AMD-20230207-00128 SpaceX Services, Inc.E220089 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2023-02-14SES-AMD-INTR2023-00526 SpaceX Services, Inc.E220073 Filed - payment received
2023-02-14SES-AMD-INTR2023-00523 SpaceX Services, Inc.E220069 Filed - payment received
2023-02-14SES-AMD-20230213-00162 SpaceX Services, Inc.E220073 System Entry
2023-02-14SES-AMD-INTR2023-00534 SpaceX Services, Inc.E220080 Filed - payment received
2023-02-01SES-AMD-20220610-00634 SpaceX Services, Inc.E220020 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2023-02-01SES-AMD-20221221-01422 SpaceX Services, Inc.E202113 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2023-02-01SES-AMD-20221221-01425 SpaceX Services, Inc.E220189 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2023-02-01SES-AMD-20221222-01433 SpaceX Services, Inc.E220020 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2023-01-31SES-AMD-INTR2023-00348 Kymeta CorporationE170070 Internet Not Processed
2023-01-11SES-AMD-20221221-01418 SpaceX Services, Inc.E220122 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2023-01-11SES-AMD-20221222-01429 SpaceX Services, Inc.E210417 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2023-01-11SES-AMD-20221222-01431 SpaceX Services, Inc.E220007 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2023-01-11SES-AMD-20221222-01434 SpaceX Services, Inc.E220025 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2022-12-20SES-AMD-INTR2022-04182 SpaceX Services, Inc.E220025 Internet Not Processed
2022-12-20SES-AMD-INTR2022-04162 SpaceX Services, Inc.E220122 Internet Not Processed
2022-12-20SES-AMD-INTR2022-04169 SpaceX Services, Inc.E202113 Internet Not Processed
2022-12-20SES-AMD-INTR2022-04172 SpaceX Services, Inc.E201606 Internet Not Processed
2022-12-20SES-AMD-INTR2022-04179 SpaceX Services, Inc.E210417 Internet Not Processed
2022-12-20SES-AMD-INTR2022-04181 SpaceX Services, Inc.E220007 Internet Not Processed
2022-12-20SES-AMD-INTR2022-04184 SpaceX Services, Inc.E220020 Internet Not Processed
2022-12-20SES-AMD-INTR2022-04187 SpaceX Services, Inc.E220189 Internet Not Processed
2022-12-07SES-AMD-20190624-00830 Intelsat License LLCE940532 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-12-07SES-AMD-20221025-01140 WML Services, LLCE220152 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-11-29SES-AMD-INTR2022-03855 WML Services, LLC Filed - payment received
2022-11-23SES-AMD-20201030-01201 GUSA Licensee LLCE050097 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-11-23SES-AMD-20201221-01423 GUSA Licensee LLCE050097 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-11-14SES-AMD-20221110-01253 Alaska Communications Internet, LLCE170205 System Entry
2022-11-10SES-AMD-INTR2022-03694 Alaska Communications Internet, LLCE170205 Filed - payment received
2022-11-09SES-AMD-20221021-01170 WML Services, LLCE220148 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-11-09SES-AMD-20221025-01163 WML Services, LLCE220150 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-10-25SES-AMD-INTR2022-03449 WML Services, LLC Filed - payment received
2022-10-25SES-AMD-INTR2022-03450 WML Services, LLC Filed - payment received
2022-10-21SES-AMD-INTR2022-03451 WML Services, LLC Internet Not Processed
2022-10-21SES-AMD-INTR2022-03466 Viasat, Inc.E210436 Filed - payment received
2022-10-21SES-AMD-INTR2022-03467 Viasat, Inc.E210441 Filed - payment received
2022-10-21SES-AMD-INTR2022-03468 Viasat, Inc.E210438 Filed - payment received
2022-10-21SES-AMD-INTR2022-03469 Viasat, Inc.E210444 Filed - payment received
2022-10-06SES-AMD-20220929-01044 Alaska Communications Internet, LLCE170205 System Entry
2022-10-05SES-AMD-INTR2022-03104 Alaska Communications Internet, LLCE170205 Filed - payment received
2022-09-28SES-AMD-20220718-00771 Microsoft Infrastructure Group, LLCE202212 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-09-28SES-AMD-20220919-00979 Hawaii Pacific Teleport LLLPE220035 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2022-09-21SES-AMD-20190410-00520 SpaceX Services, Inc.E190131 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-09-21SES-AMD-20190410-00521 SpaceX Services, Inc.E190130 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-09-21SES-AMD-20190410-00522 SpaceX Services, Inc.E190129 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-09-21SES-AMD-20190410-00523 SpaceX Services, Inc.E190162 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-09-21SES-AMD-20190410-00524 SpaceX Services, Inc.E190164 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-09-21SES-AMD-20190410-00525 SpaceX Services, Inc.E190161 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-09-20SES-AMD-INTR2022-02954 Hawaii Pacific Teleport LLLPE220035 Filed - payment received
2022-09-14SES-AMD-20220707-00737 GCI Communication Corp.E220086 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-08-31SES-AMD-INTR2022-02760 ATLAS Space Operations, IncE190037 Filed - payment received
2022-08-03SES-AMD-20220325-00347 Intelsat License LLCE210040 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2022-07-19SES-AMD-INTR2022-02296 Microsoft Infrastructure Group, LLC Filed - payment received
2022-07-07SES-AMD-INTR2022-02197 GCI Communication Corp. Filed - payment received
2022-06-29SES-AMD-20210507-00781 ATLAS Space Operations, IncE202173 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-06-20SES-AMD-INTR2022-01965 Arctek Satellite Productions, LLCE220001 Action Complete
2022-06-10SES-AMD-INTR2022-01901 SpaceX Services, Inc.E220020 Filed - payment received
2022-06-01SES-AMD-20211111-01804 MCI Communications Services LLCE210117 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-05-18SES-AMD-20211202-01875 SpaceX Services, Inc.E210298 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-05-10SES-AMD-20220509-00459 Kuiper Systems LLCE220043 System Entry
2022-05-10SES-AMD-INTR2022-01516 Kuiper Systems LLCE220043 Filed - payment received
2022-05-04SES-AMD-20201030-01204 GUSA Licensee LLCE202184 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2022-04-27SES-AMD-20220125-00080 SpaceX Services, Inc.E210421 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-04-06SES-AMD-20210618-00968 SATELLITE TECHNOLOGY SYSTEMS, LLCE110108 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-04-06SES-AMD-20210618-00970 SATELLITE TECHNOLOGY SYSTEMS, LLCE110106 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-04-06SES-AMD-20220112-00038 FAMILY BROADCASTING CORPORATIONE210431 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-03-25SES-AMD-INTR2022-00984 Intelsat License LLCE210040 Filed - payment received
2022-03-02SES-AMD-20211124-01846 SpaceX Services, Inc.E202178 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-02-23SES-AMD-20210409-00641 SpaceX Services, Inc.E201194 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-02-16SES-AMD-INTR2022-00550 Viasat, Inc.E210073 Filed - payment received
2022-02-09SES-AMD-20210731-01295 SpaceX Services, Inc. Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2022-02-09SES-AMD-20220110-00030 Bushtex, Inc.E210411 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2022-02-09SES-AMD-20220208-00161 Intelsat License LLC, as debtor-in-possessionE210041 System Entry
2022-02-09SES-AMD-20220208-00166 Intelsat License LLC, as debtor-in-possessionE210042 System Entry
2022-02-08SES-AMD-INTR2022-00466 Intelsat License LLC, as debtor-in-possessionE210042 Filed - payment received
2022-02-08SES-AMD-INTR2022-00467 Intelsat License LLC, as debtor-in-possessionE210041 Filed - payment received
2022-02-02SES-AMD-20211018-01724 Viasat, Inc.E210132 Accepted for Filing Public Notice
2022-02-01SES-AMD-INTR2022-00367 SpaceX Services, Inc.E210127 Filed - payment received
2022-02-01SES-AMD-20220131-00115 SpaceX Services, Inc.E210127 System Entry
2022-01-26SES-AMD-20220112-00037 GCI Communication Corp.E210427 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-01-26SES-AMD-INTR2022-00279 SpaceX Services, Inc.E210421 Filed - payment received
2022-01-12SES-AMD-20200609-00618 SpaceX Services, Inc.E201194 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-01-12SES-AMD-20211104-01791 Miami Valley Broadcasting CorporationE110159 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-01-12SES-AMD-20210817-01483 SpeedCast Communications IncE210125 Action Taken Public Notice
2022-01-12SES-AMD-INTR2022-00142 FAMILY BROADCASTING CORPORATION Filed - payment received
2022-01-12SES-AMD-INTR2022-00150 GCI Communication Corp.E210427 Filed - payment received
2022-01-11SES-AMD-INTR2021-04105 Bushtex, Inc.E210411 Filed - payment received
2021-12-22SES-AMD-20211108-01800 Lowcountry 34 Media, LLCE090189 Action Taken Public Notice
2021-12-15SES-AMD-20210409-00640 SpaceX Services, Inc.E200453 Action Taken Public Notice
2021-12-07SES-AMD-INTR2021-04507 SpaceX Services, Inc.E210298 Filed - payment received
2021-11-30SES-AMD-INTR2021-04432 SpaceX Services, Inc.E202178 Filed - payment received
2021-11-17SES-AMD-20210520-00826 Anuvu Licensing Holdings LLCE080100 Action Taken Public Notice
2021-11-11SES-AMD-INTR2021-04292 MCI Communications Services LLCE210117 Filed - payment received
2021-11-08SES-AMD-INTR2021-04248 Lowcountry 34 Media, LLCE090189 Internet Not Processed
2021-11-04SES-AMD-INTR2021-04212 Miami Valley Broadcasting CorporationE110159 Internet Not Processed
2021-11-01SES-AMD-20211030-01761 COMTECH MOBILE DATACOM CORP.E090027 System Entry
2021-10-30SES-AMD-INTR2021-04159 COMTECH MOBILE DATACOM CORP.E090027 Filed - payment received
2021-10-27SES-AMD-20210812-01399 GCI Communication Corp.E210126 Action Taken Public Notice
2021-10-20SES-AMD-20210923-01626 Viasat, Inc.E210132 Action Taken Public Notice
2021-10-13SES-AMD-20181003-03223 Anuvu Licensing Holdings LLCE160163 Action Taken Public Notice
2021-09-29SES-AMD-20210615-00963 SpaceX Services, Inc.E202175 Action Taken Public Notice
2021-09-23SES-AMD-INTR2021-03674 Viasat, Inc.E210132 Filed - payment received
2021-09-22SES-AMD-20210729-01282 MCI Communications Services LLCE210117 Action Taken Public Notice
2021-09-15SES-AMD-20201030-01203 GUSA Licensee LLCE201992 Action Taken Public Notice

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