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Applications for satellite space station authorizations (Part 25)

Latest Satellite Space Stations : Amendment of Permitted List App Filings by Status Update

Last UpdateFile NumberApplicantCallsignStatus
2020-07-27SAT-APL-20200727-00088 AST&ScienceS3065 Filed - fee not required
2020-05-26SAT-APL-20200526-00060 New Spectrum Satellite, Ltd Filed - fee not required
2019-12-03SAT-APL-20180927-00076 ViaSat, Inc.S2985 Unblocked
2013-06-07SAT-APL-20130308-00028 Satelites Mexicanos, S.A. de C.V.S2589 Action Taken Public Notice
2012-04-13SAT-APL-20111117-00222 Telesat CanadaS2703 Action Taken Public Notice
2011-10-14SAT-APL-20110120-00015 SES Satellites (Gibraltar) LimitedS2818 Action Taken Public Notice
2010-12-29SAT-APL-20101209-00257 Jansky-barmat telecommunications inc.S2793 Action Taken Public Notice
2010-06-11SAT-APL-20100219-00034 New Skies Satellites B.V.S2802 Action Taken Public Notice
2009-09-11SAT-APL-20090609-00068 Inmarsat plcS2780 Action Taken Public Notice
2009-04-10SAT-APL-20090115-00005 Inmarsat plc Action Taken Public Notice
2009-02-10SAT-APL-20081212-00230 New Skies Satellites B.V.S2756 Action Complete

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