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SCS-F26 Modular Approval Letter                         Page 1 of 2                             Rev 11.0

                                                                TCL Technoly Electronics(Huizhou) Co., Ltd

(Date) 2019/4/10

(Product name) FCC ID : ZVAMS000026

is seeking FCC Authorization as a Single Modular transmitter /       Single Limited Modular Approval (Please check one)
The EUT meets the requirements for Single Modular approval /          Single Limited Modular Approval (please check one)
as detailed in KDB 996369. Compliance to each of the requirements is described below:

Item                                    Modular requirement                                             Yes       No          Please provide a detailed explanation if the answer is

 1            Have its own RF shielding                                                                           ✔        Module have’t shield cover

 2            Have buffered modulation/data inputs (if such inputs are provided)                        ✔

              The modular transmitter must have its own power supply
 3            regulation.

 4            Meet the antenna requirements of section 15.203                                           ✔
              Be tested in a stand-alone configuration, i.e., the antenna, AC or
              DC power and data input/output lines must be connected to the                                                Modular test with host Unit
 5                                                                                                                ✔
              module but, the module must not be inside another case during
              Be labeled with its own FCC ID number, and if the FCC ID is not
              visible when the module is installed inside another device, then
 6                                                                                                      ✔
              the outside of the device into which the module is installed must
              also display a label referring to the enclosed module.
              The modular transmitter is manufactured so that the user can not
 7            influence the operation of the transmitter that will operate outside                      ✔
              of the scope of the regulations.
              Address compliance with the Commission`s RF exposure limits                                                  Address compliance with the Commission`s RF
 8                                                                                                      ✔
              in Sections 1.1310 and 2.1093.                                                                               exposure limits in Sections 1.1310 and 2.1091
        (1)    LMA may be granted when one or more of the requirements in the table above cannot be demonstrated.
               LMA will also be issued in those instances where applicants can demonstrate that they will retain control over the final installation of the device, such that compliance of the
               end product is assured. In such cases, an operating condition on the LMA for the module must state that the module is only approved for use when installed in devices
               produced by a specific manufacturer.
               When LMA is sought, the application for equipment certification must specifically state how control of the end product into which the module will be installed, and will be
               maintained, such that full compliance of the end product is always ensured.
        (2)    Please provide Clear and specific instructions describing the conditions, limitations and procedures for third-parties to use and/or integrate the module into a host device.
        (3)    For non-Software Defined Radio transmitter modules where software is used to ensure compliance of the device, technical description of how such control is implemented
               to ensure prevention of third party modification must be provided (see KDB 594280).

Note 1: Compliance of a module in its final configuration is the responsibility of the applicant. A host device will not be considered certified if the instructions
regarding antenna configuration provided in the original description, of one or more separately certified modules it contains, were not followed.
Example: A separately certified low-power transceiver module using Bluetooth technology which is housed in a desktop computer, laptop or peripheral does not
require the overall system to be recertified, if the desktop computer, laptop or peripheral, as a stand-alone unit, complies with all applicable technical standards.

Client’s signature

Client’s name / title Weirun Peng&Approbation Engineer
Contact information / address Section 37, Zhongkai High-tech Development Zone, Huizhou City, Guang Dong Province, China,

SCS-F26 Modular Approval Letter                                                     Page 2 of 2                                                           Rev 11.0

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