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                 User Manual


    Alert Buttons    Indicator light         Indicator light      Attachment Peg                  Charging Areas


                                                                                           Battery Level Indicator

                                                  Alert Buttons                       Find Clip             Night Mode

Wristband                                 Personal Emergency System Clip           Dock
The wristband is waterproof and           The clip lives on the dock at home       The Buddi dock charges the devices
designed to be worn at all times.        and is worn or carried when out. It      and communicates wirelessly with
It senses motion and communicates         utilises the latest location and         them, displaying clip and wristband
wirelessly with the clip and the dock.   communication technology to talk to      battery charge levels and helping
                                          Buddi systems.                           find a lost Buddi clip.


               WELCOME TO BUDDI

               Buddi is a mobile personal alarm service that
               provides the right assistance, wherever and
               whenever it’s needed.
               The wristband is waterproof and designed
               to be worn at all times. It senses motion and
               communicates wirelessly with the clip and
               the dock.
               The clip lives on the dock at home and can be
               worn or carriedin a number of ways when out
               and about. It utilises the latest location and
               communication technology to talk to
               Buddi systems.
               The Buddi dock charges the devices and
               communicates wirelessly with them, displaying
               clip and wristband batterycharge levels and
               helping find a lost Buddi clip.
               The Buddi website contains a secure user
               area where your personal Buddi system can be
               configured and where youcan record details for
               your chosen, registered contacts.
               The Buddi help centre is always fully
               mannedand available to offer the assistance
               you need.



 BEFORE YOU START                              • How to use your Buddi Web Dashboard             P16

 • How to set up your Buddi                              Viewing your Activity monitor
                                                         and setting up Activity notifications
           The Buddi Dock & Charging     P6
                                                         Locating your Buddi
           Activating Your Buddi         P7
 • Fitting the Band                      P8
                                                         Buddi intouch Zones
 • Testing communications                P9

                                               ADDITIONAL INFORMATION
                                               • Troubleshooting
 • Using the keyring attachment          P10
                                                         What to do if buddi isn’t working       P17
 • Using your Buddi
                                                         Troubleshooting your buddi dashboard    P23
           Button alarm                  P11
                                               • Safety Information
           Fall alarm                    P12
                                                         Safety/regulatory                       P25
           Cancelling an alarm           P12
                                                         Charger                                 P27
 • Using your dock                       P13
                                                         Compliance with other FCC regulations   P29
 • Flight mode & wearer alerts           P14
                                               • LE D alert guide & notes                        P30
 • Setting up your Buddi Web Dashboard   P15


    •   So you don’t forget your Buddi clip when you     •   To charge, place the clip and wristband onto
        go out, plug in your dock close to the front         the dock as shown below. The clip can be left
        door ensuring that it can receive wifi signal.       on the dock when you are at home.

                                                         •   LE Ds on the clip and the wristband glow
                                                             green to show they are charging.

                                                         •   The battery icons on the dock show how
                                                             much charge your devices have. The icons
                                                             flash during charging and continue to show
                                                             the battery charge level when the devices are


 •   Your Buddi should be activated and              •   If you have any issues you can call the Buddi
     registered to you prior to delivery.                helpline: 0800 978 8800


                                 Logi n
                                                         You may need to find you set I D, which is
                                                         writen on the base of your Buddi dock.

 •   You can check this when you log in at or via the link sent in your
     welcome email.

 •   You can test the Buddi service by “raising
     an alarm”. Squeeze both buttons on your
     Buddi band to make a call to the help
     center to check that it is working correctly.


    •   Wrap the band loosely around the wrist.              •   When the band fits, push in the locking tongue
        Mark on both sides where the band meets.                 using a phillips screwdriver.


    •   Cut the band where you marked it.
                                                             •   The band connects magnetically. To undo it,
        If in doubt, cut off less and trim later.
                                                                 push on the two dots and twist the clasp.


    •   Fit a clasp onto each end of the strap with the
        plain side facing outwards. Test the band for fit.



 AND THE CLIP                                      MOBILE PHONE NETWORK
 •   Your wristband needs to be in communication   •   Press either button on the clip for 1 second
     range with the clip to work

                                                                         1 sec

 •   To test, press either button on               •   Clip will vibrate and LE D will flash orange
     the wristband for 1 second                        every 1 second while signal test in progress

                   1 sec                           •   If successful, LE D will flash green.
                                                       The number of flashes indicate signal strength:

                                                   •   Three flashes: strong

 •   Wristband will vibrate and the LE D will      •   Two flashes: average
     flash green if communication with clip is
     successful, red if not                        •   One flash: weak

 •   If red, see Troubleshooting                   •   If red, see Troubleshooting


     THE LANYARD ATTACHMENT                                 THE KEYRING CLIP
     •   Attach the lanyard clip’s loop to the top of the   •   Attach your keyring to the Buddi keyring clip
         Buddi clip as shown

         1.                             2.

                                                            •   Then simply pinch the Buddi clip over the end
                                                                that has a tab sticking out

     •   Put the other part of the lanyard clip on your
         keyring, then attach the lanyard strap.

                    Attach to your keyring

                                      Clip together


 BUTTON ALARM                                            Buddi intouch users can configure or disable this feature

 •   Request help by pressing both buttons at the
     same time on either the clip or the wristband

 •   Both clip and wristband will vibrate and the
     LE D will flash blue continuously

 •   The clip will make a call to the Help Centre
     within 30 seconds and you will hear it ring

 •   If configured, an automatic message will be
     sent to your contacts

 •   When a Buddi operator in the Help Centre
     answers the call, he or she will seek to
     establish the right assistance you require and
     notify your contacts accordingly. If you need
     help from the Emergency Services, the operator
     will contact them

 •   If the Help Centre answers the call and cannot
     hear you, a call will be made to your own contact
     number before your other contacts are alerted

 •   When the call is ended, your Buddi will be
     re-set from the Help Centre

     FALL ALARM                                              CANCELLING AN ALARM
     •   If the wristband detects a fall, both clip and      •   If the alarm is triggered accidentally, it can be
         wristband will vibrate and the LE D will flash          cancelled before the call to the Help Centre is
         blue continuously                                       established by a further press of both buttons
                                                                 on either the clip or the wristband
     •   The clip will make a call to the Help Centre
         within 30” and you will hear the ringing tone       •   The LE D on both units will briefly flash green
                                                                 then go out
     •   If configured, an automatic message will be
         sent to your contacts                               •   If both buttons are pressed three or more times
                                                                 within 30”, the call to the Help Centre may not
     •   When an operator in the Help Centre answers             be cancelled
         the call, they will seek to establish the right
         assistance you require, notifying your contacts
         or contacting the Emergency Services accordingly.

     •   If the Help Centre answers the call and cannot
         hear you, a call will be made to your own
         contact number before your other contacts are

     •   When the call is ended, your Buddi will be
         re-set from the Help Centre

     •   Buddi intouch users can configure or disable            Buddi automatically detects if you’ve had a fall
         this feature                                            and sends an alert from the wrist band to the clip.

                                                   ARE AWAY FROM HOME
 •   If you have mislaid your Buddi clip, press
     the Find my Clip button on the dock           •   Your Buddi wristband needs to be in
                                                       communication with your clip to work
 •   The battery light bars will indicate that a
     search is in progress                         •   In the home your Buddi clip can remain on the
                                                       charging dock provided the wristband in range
 •   Provided it is in range, your Buddi clip
     will beep continuously until Find my Clip     •   When you leave home, remember to take your
     is cancelled by pressing the Find my Clip         clip with you
     button on the dock or by any button press
     on the clip                                   •   Keeping the dock near the front door and using
                                                       the keyring attachment may provide handy

 •   The battery indicator lights on your dock
     can be extinguished by pressing the Night
     Mode button on the dock once

 •   To exit Night Mode, press the Night Mode


     FLIGHT MODE                                         WEARER ALERTS
     Your Buddi can be placed in a standby mode,         Your Buddi clip and wristband will warn you if
     which is safe for aircraft travel.                  their batteries are low or if they are unable to
                                                         communicate with each other or the mobile phone
     •   This is done by five short presses of a         network. If you wish, in your Buddi Web Dashboard
         single button on either the clip or the         you can set up notifications for your contacts
         wristband                                       should this occur.

     •   The LE D on both units will then flash purple      LOW BATTE RY
         once and go out
                                                            •   If clip or wristband battery levels are low,
                                                                the LE D on the respective device will flash
     •   To exit Flight Mode, press any button on the
                                                                amber intermittently until the unit is placed
         clip and the wristband. This will need to be
                                                                on charge and battery levels recover
         done for BOTH units
                                                            OUT OF RANG E
     •   Flight mode can also be initiated and
         cancelled from the Flight Mode icon within         •   If the clip cannot communicate with the
         the Wearer section of the Buddi Web                    mobile phone network or the wristband
         Dashboard                                              cannot communicate with the clip, the LE D
                                                                on the respective device will pulse red
                                                                twice every 5 seconds

                                                            •   The red flashing LE D will extinguish when
                                                                communication is restored


 LOGGING IN TO YOUR                                 SETTING UP YOUR CONTACTS
                                                    •   You can add contact names and their details by
 •   Log in at or follow the link       clicking the Contacts icon on the Home page
     in your welcome email
                                                    •   If you have set up more than one wearer, you can
 •   Your Buddi should be activated and your            assign contacts to different wearers by clicking
     user profile set up                                the Contacts icon within the Wearers section.
                                                        Here you can also configure which notifications
 •   Go to User Profile to add telephone details        they will receive and how they will receive them
     and select your own password
                                                    •   Here you can also grant permissions to contacts
 SETTING UP YOUR WEARER                                 to see your information or act on your behalf
 •   If you will be wearing your Buddi yourself      

     and entered this information when you                                 Logi n

     made your purchase, your Wearer Profile
     should be set up and ready to use

 •   If not, from the Home page, click Add
     Wearer and follow the instructions to assign
     your Buddi to the wearer

 •   Complete the Wearer Profile by clicking the                The Buddi dashboard
     icon in the top right


                                                          •   Log in, select your Wearer icon, then click
     •   Log in to your Buddi account, select your            Notifications to see a list of communications
         Wearer icon, then click on the Activity icon         received from your Buddi and sent to Buddi’s
         to see your Activity levels                          Help Centre or your contacts

     •   Here Buddi intouch users can also set up         •   You can filter this list to find particular
         notifications for unusually high or low levels       notifications
         of activity, together with motionless and
         speed alerts                                     BUDDI INTOUCH ZONES
                                                          •   Buddi intouch users will see a Zones icon
                                                              within the Wearers section
     •   Log in, select your Wearer icon, then click
         on the Locate icon to see your Buddi’s last      •   Click on this to set up Safe and Unsafe Zones,
         reported position                                    which can be customized for particular days
                                                              and times
     •   Here you can also make a request for the
         system to find your Buddi’s current location

     •   Here Buddi intouch users can also see
         historical location information


 SYMPTOM        ITEMS TO CHECK           YOU SHOULD SEE                          RESOLUTION

 Buddi is not   Is there power to the    Do the Dock LE Ds light up when         Remove A/C adaptor from wall plug,
 working        charging Dock?           plugged in? Should be plugged into a    remove cord from adaptor. Replug
                                         known working outlet, not controlled    cord and adaptor. Verify LE Ds light up
                                         by a light switch.                      briefly on the Dock.

                Is the device charged?   Do any of the LE Ds light up (Clip,     See LE D matrix. Red indicates charge
                                         Wristband) when placed on the Dock?     is needed. Contact Customer Care.

                Are you properly         Verify that when seated, the device     If LE D is any color other than Green,
                placing devices on       LE D flashes green for 5 seconds        contact Customer Care.
                charging Dock?

                WAR N I NG: This         Pinch buttons. Confirm both Wristband   If connected to the Emergency
                troubleshooting step     and Communications Clip vibrate and     Response Center, report this was a
                may trigger your         LE Ds flash blue.                       test.
                emergency contacts
                                                                                 If devices do not vibrate nor does the
                or the Emergency
                                                                                 LE D flash, contact Customer Care.
                Response Center
                to see an Alert and
                contact you.


     SYMPTOM          ITEMS TO CHECK          YOU SHOULD SEE                            RESOLUTION

     Device LE Ds     Have the LE Ds on the   Confirm LE Ds on Clip and Wristband       Press LE D Sleep button on Dock twice
     light, but not   Dock been put into      light green when placed on Dock.          (like a door bell).
     the Dock LE Ds   sleep mode?

     Dock LE Ds       Has power to            1. Remove devices from Dock.
     light briefly,   the Dock been
                                              2. Unplug A/C adaptor from wall.
     but then         interrupted?
     immediately                              3. Unplug cord from A/C adaptor and Dock.
     go back out…
                                              4. Wait ten seconds.

                                              5. Plug cord into A/C adaptor and Dock, making sure they connect tightly.

                                              6. Plug in A/C Adaptor.

                                              7. First, replace Wristband on Dock until Dock LE Ds light up.

                                              8. Then, replace the Clip.

                                              9. LE Ds on Dock should now work. If not, contact Customer Care.


     Excess Panic                             These notifications come when the         Be sure the Wearer is familiar with
     Alerts                                   Wearer squeezes the buttons either on     how to cancel erroneous requests.
                                              the Wristband or the Communications       (Pinch both buttons again)


SYMPTOM          ITEMS TO CHECK            YOU SHOULD SEE                           RESOLUTION

Excess Auto      Consider changing         Consider adjusting or disabling          If you still have questions, contact
Fall Alerts      from wearing on wrist     Auto Alert by calling the Emergency      Customer Care.
                 of “dominant” hand to     Response Center or visiting
                 the other hand. 

Excess Low       NOTE: Batteries in        Both the Wristband and                   To reduce the number of notices about
Battery Alerts   the Wristband and         Communications Clip will indicate to     battery, instruct the Wearer to return
                 Communications Clip       the Wearer when they need recharging     the devices to the charging Dock
                 are lithium ion type      via the LE D on the device, the LE Ds    when the LE Ds on the Dock indicate
                 and do not suffer from    on the charging Dock, and by sending     a recharge is required. If you still have
                 “memory” problems         an SMS/email to those whose profile      questions or believe battery life is too
                 typical in previous       indicates they should receive such       short, contact Customer Care.
                 rechargeable battery      notices.
                 technologies. Wearers
                                           Expected life after a full charge is
                 do not need to allow
                                           three days for the Communications
                 devices to periodically
                                           Clip and seven days for the Wristband.
                 discharge in order to
                                           Please allow devices to remain on the
                 extend recharge life.
                                           charging Dock for at least three hours
                                           to obtain a full charge.


     SYMPTOM       ITEMS TO CHECK           YOU SHOULD SEE                            RESOLUTION

     Zone Alerts   The Communications       In ideal conditions, the G PS signal      To reduce the number of notices about
                   Clip generates an        received by the Communications            zones, be sure that the zone has been
                   Alert based on           Clip can indicate a location within       drawn large enough to account for
                   parameters defined       three meters of actual location.          occasional stray G PS signals. For help
                   by the Dashboard         Areas with tall buildings or placing      drawing, see demonstration video on
                   manager, who defines     the Communications Clip in an area under Help.
                   a geographic area        with an obstructed view of the sky
                                                                                      If you still have questions or need
                   from which the Wearer    can result in the device mistakenly
                                                                                      help creating zones, contact Customer
                   exits (inclusion zone)   reporting a location at the far edge of
                   or enters (exclusion     device accuracy, often more than 300
                   zone).                   meters from its actual location.


SYMPTOM        ITEMS TO CHECK            YOU SHOULD SEE                          RESOLUTION

Out of Range   The radio link between    A range test can be performed at any    To reduce the number of notifications
Alerts         the Communications        time by placing the Communications      about the Wristband being out of
               Clip and the              Clip on the Dock in the desired         range, the Wearer should carry the
               Wristband can be          recharging location and pressing one    Communications Clip when they
               reliably maintained at    side of the Wristband button. Do this   expect to move beyond the range that
               distances of up to 150    while wandering around the living       can reliably maintain a connection.
               feet in clear space.      space. A green LE D on the Wristband
                                                                                 If you still have questions, contact
                                         indicates a completed connection with
               A home’s construction                                             Customer Care.
                                         the Communications Clip. The number
               materials and
                                         of flashes (one to three) indicates
               interference from
                                         signal strength where three is the
               other devices can
                                         strongest. A red LE D indicates the
               reduce the distance
                                         Wristband is no longer communicating
               the Wristband can
                                         with the Clip.
               travel from the
               Clip and still retain a

               A break in the
               connection is reported
               on the Wristband by a
               red LE D.


     SYMPTOM    ITEMS TO CHECK             YOU SHOULD SEE                           RESOLUTION

     No Comms   The Communications         Atmospheric conditions, a home’s         To reduce the number of notifications
     Alerts     Clip requires a cellular   construction materials and               about the Communications Clip losing
                signal to send its         interference from other devices          connection with the cellular network,
                information to the         can reduce the signal transmission       considering adjusting the “Device not
                Emergency Response         between the Communications Clip and      Communicated” slider to the right
                Center.                    cell towers.                             (slider can be found under Contacts
                                                                                    section under System Notifications).
                                           Since this can be intermittent,
                                                                                    Be aware that the ability to notify
                                           Dashboard managers have the ability
                                                                                    emergency contacts in the event of a
                                           to adjust the time interval before the
                                                                                    panic or fall is not possible when the
                                           Emergency Response Center will send
                                                                                    Communications Clip is not receiving
                                           a notification to emergency contacts
                                                                                    a cellular signal.
                                           saying that the connection with the
                                           Communications Clip and the cell         If you still have questions, contact
                                           tower has been lost.                     Customer Care.


SYMPTOM           ITEMS TO CHECK           YOU SHOULD SEE                             RESOLUTION

Buddi             The web address is       You should see a prompt for user           Contact Customer Care. Proof of
Dashboard is          name (email address) and password.         identify and purchase will be required.
not available                              You can select Forgotten your
                                           Password to have a new password
                                           sent to the email address of the
                                           Dashboard Manager.

Location is not   Being inside large       You should see the last location where     To refresh a location, click on the
updating          structures (shopping     the Communications Clip had a view         Locate icon, then the Update
                  malls) or surrounded     of the sky. The last known location will   Location button. This sends a signal
                  by tall buildings may    be indicated on the map by a red dot.      to the Communications Clip and
                  obstruct a view of the   Clicking on highlight location will        requests an update. If you need help
                  sky. This can result     show details about the date and time       using Locate, contact Customer Care.
                  in the device not        this location was recorded.
                  updating location.

Activity not      The Wristband is the     You should see activity bars in blue       Check the Day time (expected rising
showing           device that monitors     for daytime activity and green for         time) and Night time (expected
activity          and reports activity.    nighttime activity.                        bedtime) settings. Click Set before
                                                                                      leaving the page.


     SYMPTOM         ITEMS TO CHECK           YOU SHOULD SEE                         RESOLUTION

     Emergency       The Alert Contacts       You should see both a valid email      Update the contact information,
     contacts        icon will show           address and an SMS number. (NOTE:      time and date, and Alert types to be
     receiving/      which contacts are       The SMS number must be for a phone     recorded. Be sure to click Update
     not receiving   associated with          capable of receiving text messages.)   before leaving the page. If you need
     Alerts          the Wearer. See                                                 help using Alert Contacts, contact
                     the notification                                                Customer Care.
                     parameters, such as
                     type of Alert, day and
                     time to send Alerts.

     Other Users     Which privileges users
     unable to see   are granted is defined
     features        by the Dashboard
                     Manager who sets up
                     User accounts.


SAFETY/ R EG U LATORY                                  damage and will often require extensive work to
                                                       restore the product to normal operation.
                                                  7.   Clean this product with a soft, damp cloth. Do
1. Read and understand all instructions and
                                                       not use chemicals or cleaning agents to clean
   save them for future reference.
                                                       this device.
2. Follow all warnings and instructions marked
                                                  8. Use only the power supply that came with this
   on the product.
                                                     unit. Using other power supplies may damage the
3. Do not install charging Dock near a bathtub,      unit.
   sink or shower.
                                                  9. Because this device operates on electricity, you
4. Operate this device using only the power          should have an alternate device in your home
   source that is indicated on the marking           that could operate without electricity in case the
   label. If you are unsure of the power supply      power in your home goes out.
   to your home, consult with your local power
                                                  10. To avoid interference to nearby appliances, do
                                                      not place the Dock or Communications Clip on or
5. Do not place this product on an unstable           near a TV, microwave oven, or VCR.
   cart, stand or table. This product may fall,
   causing serious damage to the product.

6. Adjust only those controls that are covered
   by the operating instructions. Improper
   adjustment of other controls may result in



     Read this information before using your device.      Your mobile personal emergency response device
                                                          is like a cellular telephone. When it is ON, it
     DR IVI NG SAFETY                                     receives and also sends out radio frequency
                                                          (R F) signals. Most modern electronic equipment
     Talking on the Communications Clip while             is shielded from R F energy. However, certain
     driving can distract the driver, result in extreme   electronic equipment may not be shielded
     danger and may be illegal in some states.            against the R F signals from your wireless device.
     Remember, safety comes first. Check the laws         Therefore, use of your device must be restricted in
     and regulations relating to use of the device in     certain situations.
     the areas where you drive. Always obey them. If
     you must use your device while driving, please:      PACE MAKE RS

     •   Give full attention to driving. Driving safely   The Health Industry Manufacturers Association
         is your first responsibility.                    recommends that a minimum separation of six
                                                          (6) inches be maintained between a device and
     •   Pull off the road and park before making or      a pacemaker to avoid potential interference
         answering a call.                                with the pacemaker. These recommendations
                                                          are consistent with the independent research
     An air bag inflates with great force. DO NOT         and recommendations of Wireless Technology
     place objects, including either installed or         Research. Never come closer than six (6) inches
     portable wireless equipment, in the area over        to a person with a heart pacemaker implant
     the air bag or in the air bag deployment area.       when using your device. Doing so could result in
     If in-vehicle wireless equipment is improperly       interference with the function of the pacemaker.
     installed and the air bag inflates, serious injury   Persons with pacemakers:
     could result.


•   ALWAYS keep the device more than six          •   Never use the A/C adaptor if it has a damaged
    (6) inches from your pacemaker when the           or worn cable or plug.
    device is turned on.
                                                  •   Always contact Customer Care if repair or
•   Do not carry the device in a breast pocket        replacement is required.
    or locate it on the safety belt of your car
    near your pace maker.                         •   Never alter the cord or plug on your A/C adaptor.
                                                      If the plug will not fit into the available outlet,
•   Use the ear opposite the pacemaker to             have a proper outlet installed by a qualified
    minimize the potential for interference.          electrician.

•   If you have any reason to suspect that
                                                  G E N E RAL SAFETY PR ECAUTIONS
    interference is taking place, turn your
    device OFF immediately.                       Your device is a high quality piece of equipment.
                                                  Before operating, read all instructions and
                                                  cautionary markings on the product, battery and
CHARG E R                                         A/C adaptor. Failure to follow the directions below
CHARG I NG SAFETY                                 could result in serious bodily injury and/or property
                                                  damage due to battery liquid leakage, fire or rupture.
•   The A/C adaptor designed for this unit
    requires the use of a standard 120 V AC       •   DO NOT use or store this equipment in a place
    power source for its operation.                   where it will be exposed to high temperatures,
                                                      such as near an open flame or heat-emitting
•   Never attempt to disassemble or repair the        equipment.
    A/C adaptor.


     •   DO NOT drop your device or subject it to         No changes shall be made to the equipment
         severe shock. When not using, return the         without the manufacturer's permission as this may
         Communications Clip to the Dock to avoid         void the user's authority to operate the equipment.
         possible damage due to mishandling.
                                                          For Wristband and Dock only:
     •   DO NOT expose this equipment to rain or          This equipment complies with FCC radiation
         spilled beverages.                               exposure limits set forth for an uncontrolled
                                                          environment. End users must follow the specific
     •   DO NOT use unauthorized accessories.             operating instructions for satisfying RF exposure
                                                          compliance. This transmitter must not be co-
     •   DO NOT disassemble the device or its             located or operating in conjunction with any other
         accessories. If service or repair is required,   antenna or transmitter.
         return unit to Care Innovations. If unit is
         disassembled, the risk of electric shock or      For Clip, Wristband and Dock:
         fire may result.                                 Changes or modifications not expressly approved
     FCC                                                  by the party responsible for compliance could void
                                                          the user's authority to operate the equipment.
     For Clip, Wristband and Dock:
                                                          For Clip only:
     This device complies with Part 15 of FCC
     Rules including interference that may cause          This equipment complies with FCC RF radiation
     undesired operation. Operation is subject to the     exposure limits set forth for an uncontrolled
     following two conditions: 1. This device may not     environment. SAR has been evaluated with a
     cause harmful interference, and 2. This device       maximum SAR value reported of 0.07W/kg @
     must accept any interference received,               0mm separation from body and 1.42W/Kg @ 7mm
     including interference that may cause undesired      separation from head. This transmitter must not
     operation.                                           be co-located or operating in conjunction with
                                                          any other antenna or transmitter.

 COM PLIANCE WITH OTH E R FCC                       •   Never willfully or maliciously interfere with any
 R EG U LATIONS                                         other radio communications.

 OPE RATI NG PROCE DU R ES                          •   Never refuse to yield the line when informed that
                                                        it is needed for an Emergency Response. Also,
 Never violate any of the following Rules and
                                                        never take over a line by stating falsely that it is
 Regulations of the FCC when using your
 device. Such violations are punishable by fine,        needed for an emergency.
 imprisonment or both.

 •   Never use obscene, indecent, or profane

 •   Never use your device to send false
     distress signals.

 •   Never wiretap or otherwise intercept a
     phone call, unless you have first obtained
     the consent of the parties participating in
     the call.

 •   Never make any anonymous calls to annoy,
     harass, or molest other people.

 •   Never charge another account without
     authorization, to avoid payment for service.


     ISED Canada                                      The CLIP has been designed to comply with safety
                                                      requirements for exposure to radio waves (SAR).
     IC Compliance Statement:                         SAR testing has been performed in accordance
                                                      with RSS-102, with the CLIP transmitting at its
     This device complies with Industry Canada        highest certified power level in all used frequency
     licence-exempt RSS standard(s). Operation        bands. The highest SAR value for the CLIP when
     is subject to the following two conditions:      tested was 0.07W/Kg @ 0mm separation from body
     (1) this device may not cause interference,      and 1.42W/Kg @ 7mm separation from head.
     and (2) this device must accept any              Please follow the instructions included in the user
     interference, including interference that        guide for product installation and use.
     may cause undesired operation of the
     device.                                          Le CLIP est conçu pour se conformer aux
                                                      exigences de sécurité pour l'exposition aux ondes
     Le présent appareil est conforme aux CNR         radio (SAR). Tests SAR a été effectué
     d'Industrie Canada applicables aux               conformément à la norme RSS-102, avec le CLIP à
     appareils radio exempts de licence.              son niveau de puissance maximum certifié dans
     L'exploitation est autorisée aux deux            toutes les bandes de fréquences utilisées. La
     conditions suivantes : (1) l'appareil ne doit    valeur SAR maximale pour le CLIP lorsqu'il est
     pas produire de brouillage, et (2)               testé était 0.07W/Kg @ 0mm de séparation du
     l'utilisateur de l'appareil doit accepter tout   corps et 1.42W / Kg @ 7mm de séparation de la
     brouillage radioélectrique subi, même si le      tête. S'il vous plaît suivez les instructions incluses
     brouillage est susceptible d'en                  dans le guide utilisateur pour l'installation du
     compromettre le fonctionnement.                  produit et son utilisation.

                                                      Changes or modifications to this unit not
                                                      expressly approved by the party responsible for
                                                      compliance could void the user’s authority to
                                                      operate the equipment."


                    COLOUR   FLASH PATTERN               EXPLANATION

                    GREEN    1 long flash, then          Charging on dock
                             a short flash every
                             5 seconds
                             1 to 3 short flashes,       Strength of connection between
                             indicates signal strength   the band and clip.
                             4 short flashes             Alarm successfully cancelled

                    AMBER    1 short flash every         Low battery
                             5 seconds
                             1 short flash every         Communications test in pro-
                             second                      gress (Clip only)
                    RED      Continuous fast flashes     Unable to transmit alert

                             3 short flashes             Communications test failed

                             2 short flashes every       Lost communications
                             5 seconds
                    BLUE     Continuous fast flashes     Fall or button alarm activated

                    PURPLE   1 solid flash               Entering flight mode


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